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Novel; 兰Lán Bab 1

兰Lán Daftar Isi

‘Ran, tolong sekalian bawakan bread ke luar ya, Kishen bilang bread-nya habis,’ pinta Helen. Keduanya sedang menurunkan piring-piring kotor di meja steward.

Okay!’ jawab Ran seraya meninggalkan meja steward dengan terburu-buru menuju cold kitchen, meraih empat  plastik bread ketika keluar ke restoran, tidak mempedulikan Auntie Patt yang sibuk mentertawakannya. Auntie Patt memang begitu, beliau selalu bisa memberi ruang dirinya sendiri untuk mentertawakan setiap waiter dan waitress yang sedang berperang memenuhi tuntutan dari ribuan tamu hotel yang sarapan. Katanya sih, staf restoran itu lucu kalau super sibuk begitu.

Ya, setiap pagi di Spice Brasserie—biasanya hanya disebut Spice—pasti super sibuk bahkan untuk kategori sepi, low season, masih ada setidaknya seribu orang yang sarapan setiap pagi. Sebagai restoran utama New Park Hotel, bekerja di Spice benar-benar membutuhkan tenaga ekstra, tidak ada waktu untuk bersantai. Terlebih jika kamu mendapat giliran morning crew. Hanya ada satu kata, perang! Cocok dengan namanya, Spice, hot, panas, sepanas tensi pekerjaannya eaaaa.

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Prince of Happiness, Finale “Last Destination”

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Shilo woke up when he heard somebody cried above his sleeping place. He looked around but nothing to be found.

‘What was that?’ Prince asked and Shilo just realized if all of his friends already woke up.

He shook his head and looked up to the place where BB was sleeping, he gasped. BB was not there!

‘Where’s BB?’ he asked and the other five quickly looked up to the BB’s sleeping space and looked at each other once they found nothing there.

BB is missing! Their watch is missing!!!

Mono however, he leaped up from their hiding place and frightened at once as he saw a group of human came and approached them. Where’s BB? Mono’s brain was unable to think to escape but stood frozen.

The sound that woken them up must be this little girl’s crying, he thought as the girl was almost running to get to their hiding place before the other did.

‘Look!’ she cried and pointed down to the shock Prince, Ciblue, Shilo, and Nyami.

‘Oh my …’ the old woman squealed as she was kneeling down and reached Ciblue and Nyami all in once and hugged them tightly.

‘I told you granny, they will come back!’ the little girl exclaimed.

Before they figured out what was happening, Shilo, Prince, and Mono were dragged in to the house.

The old woman put Ciblue and Nyami down in front of the old cat that was still in a deep sleep peacefully at the fancy square pillow.

Ciblue stared at the old cat, trying to remember who she was but failed until Nyami approached her and cried out loud.

‘MUM …!’

Ciblue startled and was examining her closely.

The old cat opened her eyes weakly, looking somewhat irritated because somebody disturbed her sleeping time. She stirred up and jumped when saw Nyami that flew into her hug just by a second. Tears started dripping off Nyami’s eyes. It was like miracle that he could see his mother again.

‘Do you forget Mummy?’ Nyami asked Ciblue who was standing there still and no expression in his face but confusion once Nyami broke his hug with his mother.

The old cat spun around and with tears dripping all over her face she hugged Ciblue tightly.

‘I – I h – ha … ve never i – ima … gine I’ll see you he – re again,’ she said in between her tears.

Meanwhile Four were looking at each other without saying anything; they were witnessing a tearful reunion from mother with both of her sons and it made each of them thinking their own family.

‘They remind me with my mother,’ Prince whispered to Shilo.

‘Then go home,’ Shilo suggested as he stretched his head out to have better view of his surroundings.

‘I will,’ the little frog delighted.

And that was how Saturday morning became so bright, aside of the reunion among Ciblue, Nyami and their mother, The Little Farm’s owner also finally found who actually neglected the little kitten.

It was The Little Farm’s new caretaker. She did not want to help the baby kitten so she thought the best way was left them somewhere and told her master if both of the kittens were disappear or dead.

As for Prince, Mono, Shilo and BB, they had stay for two days before they said goodbye and set off to their new journey. Ciblue and Nyami convinced them for not leaving, but Four had their own place, yes, The Old Collapsed Shack, their friend’s last legacy.


‘Wait! It’s not our way home,’ BB said as he was scanning their way.

‘It’s not,’ Prince who sat on top of Shilo’s shell replied cheerfully.

‘Where are we going?’ Mono asked.

‘Don’t worry; we’re on the right way.’ Prince said.

The other three look at each other.

‘You don’t plan something silly, do you?’ Mono asked.

Price stuck out his tongue.

A moment later four of them arrived at the wonderful garden with large fish pond and beautiful white lotus floating here and there.
‘Where are we?’ BB asked.

‘For sure it isn’t Old Collapsed Shack,’ Prince replied as he slipped down from Shilo’s shell.

And before Mono, Shilo, or BB spoke there were couple of frogs approached them hastily and bowing deep towards Prince.

‘Welcome home, Master,’ they said; making Mono, Shilo and BB looked at each other instantly.


‘Well, I‘ve my guest with me and I want you to serve them properly.

I don’t want to hear any complaint, understand?’ Prince commanded with his usual authority tone.

‘Yes Master!’ they replied before leapt up and leaving them.

‘Master,’ BB whispered to Mono which the later chuckled.

‘Are you their master here?’ Shilo asked.

‘I told you I’m prince, but none of you believe me,’ Prince smirked, ‘ a… nd welcome to my palace, a Happy Virus Palace,’ Prince spread his both hands and bowed toward their – still – confuse friends.

‘Welcome to Happy Virus Palace, Sir,’ the first frog who greeted them earlier bowed, he came back again and this time he brought friends and all of them bowed deeply.

‘Well, I’ll see you later,’ Prince excused as he made his way through the greenery alley with his two servants.

Meanwhile the other servants were waiting for Mono, Shilo, and BB to move, but they stayed still. Apparently it seemed hard for them to compose what had just happened into their mind.

‘If you please Sir, this way,’ one of the servants finally said.

‘Ugh … eh … ahh … yeah, thank you,’

As they were all marched they heard somebody shouting, yes he was. Prince was shouting out loud and waving his both hands.


~the end~

PS: thank you for reading, see you all in my other stories ^^

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Prince of Happiness “Little Farm”

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Six set off for their journey with a happy smile. As their plan they started off to visit the The Green, the nearest place from them now.

‘Wow … the air feels different, it’s refreshing,’ Nyami said as they reached rural side of the town.

The other laughed and agreed, ruralise air is bit different with the town they once live.

‘I supposed I prefer to live here rather than back to the Old Collapsed Shack,’ Prince cheerfully said as he leaped here and there.
‘Well, all we need to do just to go that uphill, there The Green is,’ BB pointed toward a big building up there.

The other five followed BB’s wing, Ciblue and Nyami looked nervous as both of them staring at the building. It was true they didn’t know yet whether their mother was there or not, but still, nervousness ate them both.

‘Cheer up, soon we’ll know what is in the place,’ Mono patted both Ciblue and Nyami and the cat was just smiling toward each other.

Apparently as Dove ever said before, The Green is purely cattle. Once they sneaked into the gate they were open mouthed in surprise; as far as they could see was greenery and cows everywhere, on the one side there was one big building that they saw from downhill, probably it was the place for those cows to sleep.
But before they could relieve from their amazement, a big pit bull was barking frantically as he was running approaching Six.

Without second thought they run up back leaving the place. Mono grabbed Shilo as he ran and Prince quickly leaped into Ciblue’sback, holding on to Ciblue’s fur for his dearest life.

‘Ohm … w – ha – at what was that?’ Nyami asked as he was trying to reach his breath back.

Mono patted and he put Shilo down,

‘The dog was very scary,’ Prince said, still trembling as he slipped down from Ciblue’s back.

‘He was,’ Mono agreed.

Nyami didn’t say anything but his face was still as pale as sheet.

‘Definitely The Green isn’t your home,’ BB told Ciblue as he perched on Mono’s left shoulder.

Not only Ciblue but also all of them nodded in agreement.

‘Can we go to The Little Farm right away?’ Ciblue asked, apparently their recent scary experience was still lingering in Ciblue’s mind.

BB shook his head, ‘that’s unnecessary, ‘cause if we’re about to go to The Little Farm we’ll cross the other place, the Big House.’


Six arrived in the square building that quite strange for them. Unlike The Green, the Big House was completely big building until none of Six could explain. The building was occupied by – maybe – thousands of hens.

What these hens do in the big building like this? They live in small seal which is packed from down to above; somehow the view was scaring Six.

‘What kind of place is it?’ Ciblue asked.

‘No idea,’ Mono shook his head, while the other just kept staring upside down with amazement and confusion.

After a while they were inside the strange building and had a little chat with some occupants, Six left the place.

‘I can’t imagine if I live in that place,’ Prince said as they were set down to the road.

‘Actually it is just as same as once I lived at the shelter,’ Nyami responded flatly.

‘At least you weren’t being used by them and your space was quite enough to move; but those hens? I don’t think they even have enough space to sleep,’ BB told.

Nyami nodded weakly.

‘I don’t know why human could be so cruel, they’ve treated us like something unworthy, what they are thinking by placing thousands hens like that,’ Mono shook his head.


It took another hour for them to reach another hill; the sun was about to set. The golden red light was dazzling the late afternoon.

‘Can we rest awhile?’ Shilo asked when they passed a big tree.

The other five turned to him and Shilo was already resting; shielding from the sun shine by the tree shadows.

‘How far we should go?’ Nyami asked.

Mono shrugged as he lied beside Shilo.

‘It’s not far, the house is already sighted,’ BB replied as he pointed to the distant.

BB was the last one who took rest since he was always flying firstly ahead the other five. He then rested and perched on the lowest branch. Among Six, BB had become the fastest during their journey. It was understandably since he was also the leader.

The branch seemed too small for him because it began to swing ups and downs repeatedly and he uses as if it’s swing instead.

It was already night when they arrived at their destination. And The Little Farm was completely different with the previous two places. Located in a quite valley and surrounded by hedgerow, a small cottage stood up right in front of the wooden gate, The Little Farm seemed doubtful to be one of the places Six were looking for.

‘Are you sure we’re at the right place?’ Prince asked to BB that flying low.

BB perched at the low hedges after took a peek inside the cottage.

‘According to the Dove, it is,’ he nodded.

‘Let’s come in then,’ Mono suggested.

Six hesitantly stepped in through the wooden gate, it was quite. They could see inside the cottage through the low window nearby. The house seemed cozy and the light was beautiful.

‘Where do we go?’ Prince whispered as no one approached them like once it did at Big House.

Mono did not reply and BB was just flying around observing the place.

‘I think we better find a place to rest, we’re too tired,’ BB told.
Five of them looked at each other.

‘I found a nice place for us to rest,’ he went on saying and without

Five’s approval, BB led his friends to the place he recommended.
The place was under an old oak tree which the roots were growing outside. It was definitely a cozy place for them and definitely it covered them from whoever that might come around.

‘You’re a best observer,’ Nyami was praising as he snuggled to the Ciblue.

‘No one’s better,’ Ciblue mumbled.

‘You know I’m the best,’ BB laughed as he was flying up and found himself a comfortable branch.

‘Well, good night mates …’ Prince said among his yawn.

And about a second later, there was no other than sound of soft snores being heard in the one of small curve of an old oak tree’s root.


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Prince of Happiness “Reunited”

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‘Sorry,’ Nyami said with an apologetic face when they finally reached their temporary shelter.

Mono and Prince were the last who arrived. And four of them were examining Mono closely. He had bruised on his front and back due to sandwiched by the bar and door earlier. His nose was also bleeding as well as his right hand.

Mono waved his hand.

‘It’s nothing, as long as we could save you all, all worth,’ Mono smiled and mumbled. ‘If only we’re also able to save Old Captain,’

‘It’s okay, we had tried our best back then,’ Prince reassured.

Shilo nodded and Mono replied with bitter smile. Apparently he was still regretting himself for unable to save his old friend.


Ciblue woke up on the next morning with confusion. He needed a bit more time to be fully awake and realized where he was. Ciblue scanned his surroundings.

Next to him, Nyami was curling near to Mono, Shilo was sleeping under the broken table and Prince was sleeping beside him, meanwhile his crown lied down next to his leg.

Ciblue was smiling silently. He missed the moment, being with his friends and now with his brother as well.

What a blessed…

‘Ahh are you wake up?’ Prince greeted Ciblue in between his yawn.
Ciblue smiled but did not elaborate. He was just looking around his surroundings. He loves being here; being with his friends and his happiness is beyond anything since now he reunites with his long lost brother that he almost lost his hope to meet.

‘Wooaah … everyone is wake up,’ Mono said in between his wide yawn – just like Prince earlier.

‘Not at all,’ BB sleepily said as he pointed towards Shilo who was still sleeping; looks like their adventure yesterday drained out his energy.

Mono followed BB’s finger and smiled when he saw Shilo was still hiding his head; he kicked Shilo’s shell softly but Ciblue stopped him.

‘Don’t do that, let him sleep,’ he said.

Mono laughed;

‘Hey, why are you quite? Say something. Your brother is our family so we consider you too,’ Prince told Nyami as he was only looking around and listening to anyone who was speaking.

‘Ahh I haven’t introduced you guys properly,’ Ciblue said, ‘well, meet my brother, Nyami and Nyami he is Prince,’ Prince smiled widely as Ciblue pointed to him. ‘Then he is our big brother Mono –’

‘Hello,’ Mono greeted with huge grin on his face.

‘– he is our best spy, BB –’

BB laughed as he said hello to Nyami.

‘– last one he’s Shilo, the turtle, and they’re trying to help us to find Mummy.’

Nyami just nodded and “oh-ing” with Ciblue’s explanation.

‘Is it possible to find her?’ Nyami asked.

‘Nothing is impossible,’ Prince cheerfully replied. ‘We have to try every possibility, don’t we?’

Nyami nodded and smiled.

‘We don’t say that we’ll surely find her but we’ll try,’ BB told as he began unfolded their map that full of summaries.

Nyami however, squealed seeing the map BB explained to him about what their purpose and plan in order to find their mother.

‘How come you have any of this?’ Nyami asked in awe.

‘We’ve many friends,’ BB smiled.


Six decided to set off by the next morning and spending the whole day today simply shared each other stories and rest.

‘I think, we’ Prince pointed to himself and Ciblue. ‘Met long after you left,’ Prince began.

Ciblue paused licking his white fur and nodded in agreement.
‘Well yeah, that’s a horrible day,’ Nyami said.

‘How do you end up on the Animal Shelter by the way?’ Shilo curiously asked.

‘I run away,’ Nyami shortly replied. ‘The one who took me was a cruel person –’

Mono chuckled, his guessing about Nyami apparently was right.

‘– I don’t know why but they just like playing around with me but didn’t pay attention on my food or anything. Only their mother who loved me, I mean she was taking good care of me but unfortunately she was quite busy. Actually only her that gave me food, the rest of the family, none,’ he waved his hand weakly.

‘Before she went to work in the morning, she would prepare food for me first and did the same after she was going back from work in the night. Practically I ate twice a day, morning and night. Then one day, she didn’t home also for the next day and the day after, I heard she had an accident but I didn’t know where she was. Day after day none had fed me, the rest of the family was busy by their own then I just … left.’ Nyami shrugged.

‘And you get caught by the uniform guys?’ Ciblue asked.

‘What did you mean?’ Nyami asked in confusion.

‘The guy in Animal Shelter, Animal Control Officer,’ BB explained.

‘Oh …’ Nyami nodded. ‘I was looking for food when they came out of nowhere and took me on the cage.’

‘It’s an old story, for now just think about our journey tomorrow, we’ll have fun!’ Prince happily exclaimed.

‘Why are you always excited if we’re about to move?’ BB asked.

‘Cause I’ll discovered new things. Who will expect that we’ll have such an exciting stories when we saved Ciblue yesterday?’

The other five laughed.

‘That’s my only reason why I left my palace –’

‘Gah… prince’s story again,’ BB said as he flew away uninterested with Prince’s story.

And the laughter grew bigger.

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Prince of Happiness “It is the Time”

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Although at first the distance between theirs and Ciblue’s shelter was quite far, but today it felt like they just needed to jump by one leap to reach it.

As expected the shelter was a bit quite, BB sneaked in to spy and give information to the others to start the plan. Silently BB approached Ciblue who was curling up in front of his door.

‘Ssst …’ BB tried to call Ciblue.

Ciblue stirred up and BB was ready to remind him not to make any noise, BB did not need it though, because Ciblue was fully aware about that.

‘We’re lucky today,’ Ciblue whispered, ‘all the keepers are gone, only women, means that much easier to run away.’

‘But still, I need to go and check first,’ BB said.

Ciblue nodded and BB was soundlessly flying around the shelter to make sure that their plan will work properly.

‘Things seem work as our plan,’ BB reported after a few minutes.

‘Ciblue and Nyami still at their cage and ready to leave, there are only four keepers and all of them are women one at the front desk, one at the back and two doing cleaning the empty cage.’

‘So what if we’re doing this now?’ Prince suggested.

The other three nodded.

‘Well I think, I’ll just stand by in front with Shilo, it’s better to release them in quite ways rather than making chaos right from the start,’ Prince said and the other three agreed.

Four started moving, Mono and BB walked to the side of the shelter while Prince and Shilo were going straight to the hedge in front of the shelter to find the best place to spy the whole situation.

Mono silently sneaked in from the open ajar the shelter’s side door. It was quite; just voice of pouring water from the distance was heard. There was nothing to be scared about since the room seemed completely quiet.

‘I don’t like if everything goes too smooth, it scares me,’ Mono whispered and BB chuckled upon hearing Mono’s little complaint.

BB too, he was expecting something exciting rather than something that went well in every part. But it was unlikely because both of them reached Ciblue and Nyami in safe and quite condition.

Seeing their savior, both Ciblue and Nyami gasped, it had been their dream to get away from this place and now it was about to be real.
Mono was carefully and soundlessly trying to open the cage, it was Ciblue first, and without any difficulty he broke the door’s lock.

‘Thanks,’ Ciblue happily whispered.

Mono grinned and moved to the other door; yes, he was about to break Nyami’s door cage but all of a sudden BB warned him that one of the keepers was about to come.

‘You guys, hide! They’re coming,’ BB warned and was flying up to the ceiling, hiding and spying at the same time from above.

‘Wait for us,’ Mono whispered to Nyami when he grabbed Ciblue and hid themselves behind the wooden cabinet but still focusing his eyes over Nyami’s cage.

Meanwhile the keeper seemed did not realize that one of the cages’ doors was broken and their pet disappeared until one of them came out from the side shelter’s door. She was frowning finding something strange with Ciblue’s cage. She was tilting her head, carefully she walked closer and observing, to her surprise, Ciblue’s door was broken!

Mono and Ciblue held up their breath and was guessing what might happen next.

‘We’re getting caught,’ Ciblue whispered and Mono stiffening when she observed Nyami.

And everything went fast, Mono decided to take act before everything was too late.

Mono ran to give Nyami space to escape when the keeper opened Nyami’s door as well as he yelled loudly instructing both Ciblue and Nyami to run.

‘Run!!!’ Mono yelled.

And without waiting both Ciblue and Nyami ran away leaving the keeper in shock,

‘What the … Hey the cats … the cats …!’She yelled as she was running after Ciblue and Nyami who were split apart on the crossing aisle cages.

Another scream been heard from her fellow, apparently BB already informed Prince and Shilo to act as Mono got in to trouble.

‘Whoa … frog! How come there is frog on my desk,’ she yelped and pulled back from her chair, ‘go and catch it,’ she ordered to her friend who was staring to the floor.

‘What are you waiting for Jenna, get this frog away from me,’ the receptionist almost screamed but Jenna was still staring down to the floor.

‘Jesus Christ Mari, look!’ Jenna exclaimed and pointed to the floor.

‘No, you get this frog first; I prefer to have deal with snake rather than frog,’

‘The cat! The cat …’ the other keeper approached them, patting, as she bend down with one hand on her knee and the other was clutched on her chest.

‘What happen with the cat?’ Jenna asked without taking her eyes from the floor before her.

‘Gray and White were run away,’ she replied after regain her breath.

‘What!?’ Jenna and Mari exclaimed in chorus.

Prince and Shilo were using this opportunity to slip away. Their mission to distract the keepers was accomplished and they had confirmed that Ciblue and Nyami had successfully escaped. Before the two of them reached the door, another scream and sound of something falling was heard from the back of the shelter.

‘Girls help! Monkey! Help me to catch the monkey!’

Prince and Mono were looking at each other, in a second Prince quickly jumped from Shilo’s shell, ran forward and yelled to Shilo to wait for them at their meeting point.

The three other keepers look at their friend in shock, she had been battling to catch a monkey and both of them already messed up the space.

Ciblue’s water and food bowl were already rolling out of the cage causing wetness and biscuits were splattering in every direction.

‘What do we have now? Dr. Doolittle’s movie?’ asked one of the keepers in her amazement. The two cats were gone; she saw turtle, frog, and now monkey.

‘Yeah that’s funny! What are you waiting for? Help me!’ she yelled, irritated because her friend only was watching and doing nothing.

With that, Mono found his chance to escape by biting her left hand that kept Ciblue’s broken cage door shut with Mono was sandwiched between the door and the bar.

‘Aaarghhhhh ….’ She screamed in pain and instantly released her grip to the small door and Mono quickly slipped out and ran away.

‘Lena are you okay!?’ All of her friends cried.

‘First aid!’ Jenna yelled as she ran after Mono.

‘Mono, here!’ Prince called and Mono grabbed Prince as he ran fast into the direction that Prince commanded.

Meanwhile Jenna who ran after Mono was attacked by BB. He was frantically pecking at Jenna’s hat causing her groaned in pain.

‘What the … Blimey, now is blue bird too!?’ Jenna groaned in disbelief when she figured out who was attacking her.

That was how chaos happen in Animal Shelter that day, the four of the keepers had to accept Gray and White’s escape and now they had to deal with cleaning the whole place since the place looked like being bombarded.

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Prince of Happiness “The Day”

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‘When do we do the plan?’ Mono asked once Prince woke up that morning.

‘Oh so you’ve decided to come with us?’ Prince exclaimed with excitement.

Mono shrugged.

‘Let’s see when we can start our invasion,’ BB smiled. ‘I guess I have to meet Ciblue now, to tell our plan so he can make preparation.’

‘Good point,’ Shilo agreed.


‘Stop dreaming,’ Nyami said once he – once again – found his brother sitting with nothing but seemed to wait for something.

‘I don’t,’ Ciblue defensively replied.

‘Liar,’ Nyami snorted.

But Ciblue did not respond. And his eyes were on alert by something; he smelt something familiar but he was not sure.

Is it possible …

Ciblue was still thinking when a small scroll fell and hit his head.

‘Ups, sorry, it didn’t hurt I hope,’ a whisper that shocking Ciblue to the maximum level.

‘BB!!!’ Ciblue suddenly cried once he regained his sense.

‘Hey stupid!’ BB flew and hid when the keeper hurriedly approached Ciblue since they heard noise from the cages behind.

Ciblue realized his mistake and nervously snuggled to cover the scroll that was dropped by BB before.

The keeper grunted a little because he found nothing and after checking Ciblue’s cage to make sure it was no problem, he left.

Deciding that the situation was safe enough for him to get out, BB was flying back into Ciblue’s cage.

‘Learn the map and we’ll come back tomorrow morning, make sure you’re well prepared,’ BB told.

‘What do you mean?’ Ciblue confusingly asked.

‘We’ll come to rescue you of course, otherwise you wanna stay here?’

‘No I won’t!’ Ciblue quickly replied, ‘but BB … Umm, I won’t leave my brother alone here,’ Ciblue pointed toward the big gray cat who occupies the cage right beside Ciblue’s. ‘Can you set him free too?’

BB fell silent; he did not know what to say. Rescuing another one maybe would change their plan, but he observed it a little and nodded, ‘I think we can, and it means our time will be very limited, because there is one more that we will save. I need to tell the others about this first, I’ll come back shortly.’

And BB flew out of the shelter.

‘Did you see? My friends are about to rescue us! I told you, I told you they will come, you just don’t believe.’ Ciblue spoke nonstop with excitement.

Though Nyami did not reply, his face lighted up with new color. He had never dream to have chance to get away from the cage he had been locked up for so long. And now the dream is about to come true, but is this for real?


‘Ciblue met his brother? Are you sure?’ Prince asked in disbelief when BB recounted the story at the Animal Shelter.

‘So, we’ll set them free?’ Mono mumbled.

‘Do we need to change our plan?’ Shilo asked.

‘I don’t think so, but we need a little more time since we’ll rescue the two of them. Their cage is just side by side by the way.’ BB explained.

‘But will Mono be able to open the door before the keeper realized?’ Prince asked.

‘You said, tomorrow there will be only four keepers at most who will stay at the shelter,’ Mono reconfirmed.

BB nodded.

‘I think all we need is distraction for them so Mono can open both doors without worry, ahh … I’ll do it then,’ Shilo volunteered himself.

‘What are you talking about?’ Prince asked Shilo.

‘I’ll just appear in front of them. They must be surprise and Mono will have time to unlock the cage,’

‘Then what if they caught you up?’

‘We’ll do it together!’ Prince suddenly said, ‘both of you save Ciblue and Nyami. Shilo and I will take care the keeper; what do you think?’

There was silent pause among them, all of them were thinking about Prince’s idea.

‘Okay, let’s do the plan.’ Mono concluded.

And BB flew away as soon as the decision had been made to come back to the shelter and told Ciblue and Nyami about their new plan.

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Prince of Happiness “Hesitancy”

yifan gif59

It had been days since Ciblue had been caught up in the Animal Shelter and what Nyami said was true, here he did not need to go and find food to eat. This place was also better and cleaner than the Collapse Old Shack

But Ciblue misses Four, his new family, what are they doing now?
Why they have not come yet to rescue him?

Do they come back to the Collapsed Old Shack?

Do they forget him already?

Although living in the Animal Shelter was nice but Ciblue was still restless, whenever he ate or slept, Four was always in his mind.

‘Take the fact, we’re locked up here, we’ve no chance to go anywhere else but here. Here is our home now. I don’t understand why you’re insisting to go away,’ Nyami said, he seemed to sense Ciblue’s feeling was still eager to escape.

‘No, I don’t and I won’t! My place is not here, I wanna go to find Mummy!’ Ciblue stubbornly refused.

‘Mummy dumped us! Didn’t you remember it!?’ Nyami raised his voice.

‘She didn’t! You’d say she didn’t, it was our master. I know somebody else did it.’

‘Did your friends tell you this?’ Ciblue nodded, ‘Then where are they now? They’ve left you alone, you still don’t get it?’

‘No they won’t,’ Ciblue murmured.


Days stretched into weeks and nothing changed with Ciblue and Nyami. Ciblue still insisted that he had to go away while Nyami stayed with his opinion that this place was their home now.

Time after time Ciblue kept trying to get away and it was number of times when he was fail and Nyami was cornering him with his opinion, about Ciblue’s belief and of course about Four,

Ciblue started to think the same, why did Four take long time to rescue him? He was pretty sure that Prince knew where he had gone. The possibility that Four also left him made Ciblue uneasy, although they were just met short time but he felt their togetherness was stronger than he ever thought they would be, but now for the first time Ciblue was wondering himself whether he set his expectation too high.


Meanwhile, Prince, Shilo, and BB were trying to convince Mono that they were able to rescue their new friend.

‘Ciblue is our friend; we don’t need another Old Captain.’ BB one day said, persuading his friend.

‘Believe us, we can do this.’ Shilo persuaded on the other day.

But Mono was still on his decision; his trauma about losing Old Captain was still haunted him. Mono’s fear of losing another friend in the same place and same way made him to choose to be stubborn.

‘Ciblue must be thinking that we’ve left him,’ Prince said that afternoon.

‘That’s good; at least he isn’t hoping in vain.’ Mono scornfully replied.

‘Why you don’t have confident in us? We can do this!?’

‘Once we tried and failed, we lost our friend,’ Mono shook his head.

‘Dog and Cat was placed in different section,’ BB waved his papers and joined the conversation.

‘So?’ Mono asked, still uninterested.

‘So our chance to save Ciblue is bigger.’ Then BB started to explain their plan which Mono had never been in before.

That night, Mono was struggling with his own mind; one of his sides was telling that he could save Ciblue. And the other side his fear was still controlling him.

What if they try and fail again? But what if he sits still here but he actually can help the other three to save Ciblue?

‘You come or not, we going to go and get Ciblue back here.’ Prince announced their decision before he slept that night.

Mono did not replay but stayed still, staring outside of their shelter. The night came bright as the full moon was appearing beautifully above there, suddenly a flash of Ciblue picture was formed in front of Mono’s eyes. Ciblue used to spending all night along just by simply gazing at the full moon in the sky. Once he said that full moon could reduce his sickness of missing his mother and brother.

Mono let out a heavy breath, should he come with the other three to save Ciblue?

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Prince of Happiness “Coincidence”

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Ciblue looked at Prince in awe; his new friend seemed pretty happy after finding a place to have fun. He wondered when the last time he can be happy like this.

Ciblue tried to get closer to the pond but saw the water waving smoothly; fear attacked him, yet the little cat still wanted to follow his friend who leap here and there among those lotus leaves happily.

Ciblue’s amazement left him unaware with his surroundings. He was too busy looking at his friend until he felt big hands grabbed his body, lifted him up and put him into the small cage.

Once he was aware with what was going on, he was already locked up, he screamed, kicked the cage, tried to get away but he remained still, locked up.

Somehow before his cage was moved away, Ciblue caught a glimpse of Prince running after him, vaguely he heard his friend screaming too.

Ciblue’s fear increase time after time, the van stopped by several times and several cages had been put up. He looked around and he saw many cats, the old, young and also there is a mother and her kids which suddenly reminding him with his mother.

He was about to find his mother, but now he ended up in the small cage and probably he would die soon just like the Old Captain.

Tears formed and boiled his cheeks, he did not try to wipe it though. He let it flew; he cried silently thinking of his mother and brother, Nyami.

Will Nyami find a loving and caring master?

His hope to find and get back together with his family was vanished away along with the van that kept on moving to an unknown destination.

It seemed like years before the van eventually stopped moving, the door opened and Ciblue could see the light, but it was not the one he used to see. It was definitely not the sunshine but he did not know what it is.

From distance he could heard the dog barked, for a split second he thought that his friends came and rescued him. But then he remembered the Old Captain’s story; he smiled bitterly.

How is this possible that they find him here? Although he was pretty sure Prince knew that he had been caught.

One by one every cat had been released. Now they were placed in the bigger and clean place with wire bars to split one into another room.

Ciblue alarmed with his surrounding, his goal was to runaway as soon as he had chance and there he was, the worker about to release Ciblue and he gave enough space for the cat to runaway.

Ciblue run as fast as he could, he just wanted to get the door and found away to come back to his friends. And it just a matter of time before he was caught back and slammed into the empty cage harshly. Ciblue screamed noisily and kicking the bars randomly.

‘Can you please keep silent? I need a sleep,’ a voice from the cage next to him sounded familiar in Ciblue’s ears.

Ciblue spun around to find the source, there lying a big gray cat curled in the corner.

‘Do you love being here?’ Ciblue asked.

‘Here is nice place, you’ve nice place to sleep, food to eat, what else that you need?’ the cat asked back, still didn’t bother to wake up.

‘No it isn’t, they will kill you!!!’ Ciblue raised his voice.

‘Then you will die in peace,’ he replied, there was something in his voice, like … desperation?

‘Do I know you? You seem familiar to me,’ Ciblue furrowed while observing the cat.

Ciblue was pretty sure that he ever met with this cat, but where? Then he felt his stomach was turning over; his heart was beating fast.

Was it him?

Was it really him!?

What a coincidence!

‘A … re yo … u … Nyami?’ Ciblue asked slowly and fearfully.

The cat stirred up quickly and unknowingly hit his head with the bars as he abruptly sat up.

The cat was stunned upon seeing who was in front of him holding the bars with each of his hand.

‘Is that you!? It isn’t dream, is it? It’s really you, Ciblue!? Blimey I’ve never dreamt to meet you again!’ Nyami cried and started kicking the bars excitedly.

The keeper was trying to silence them, but he failed. Ciblue and Nyami were too excited with their unbelievable fate.

The unexpected meeting boasted Ciblue’s confidence about getting out from their locked place. His mind suddenly believed that his friends would come and rescue him and of course he would not just wait for that day to come but he would try his best to get away by himself.


‘What are you talking about?’ Nyami asked when Ciblue explained about his plan to run away.

‘We can do this, Nyami. Who would expect that we’d meet up here? It’s fate! Fate leads me here and we’ll find Mummy together.’ Ciblue persuaded.


Ciblue nodded and he explained about Four and their brilliant plan before he ended up in the same place with his brother.

Nyami shook his head, slowly he said, ‘I can’t say that it’s nice place but we can have our needs here, place to sleep, food to eat, and occasionally there are people who take us to walk –’

‘But we don’t have freedom here; we can’t go everywhere we like. We can’t –’

‘You’ll change your mind once you know how nice living here,’ Nyami concluded.

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Prince of Happiness “The Same Place”

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BB’s heart was beating fast when he recognized the place where the van was parked. It was the same place where the Old Captain died. The horrific place that brought nightmare to the Four and Ciblue will add once more on their list.

‘This can’t be happened anymore,’ BB murmured.

The other three were restless while waiting for BB’s returned. Although Ciblue was their new friend, but still they felt loss with his disappearance, more over the ones who took him was the one they had bad memories with.

No one spoke or moved but kept gazing up to the sky above them, waiting for BB to show up, but he was nowhere to be seen.

‘I guess I will look after BB,’ Mono suddenly said.

‘Where you’ll go?’ Shilo asked.

Mono shrugged, revealing that he had no certain plan.

‘It’s best to wait for BB first here, we don’t know where BB goes, we need to get together once BB arrives to make a right plan,’ Prince suggested.

‘I think Prince is right,’ Shilo agreed.

Mono however wanted to oppose the idea but he knew what Prince said was true, they needed to get together to make the right plan.
The right plan.

Meanwhile, Prince and Shilo understood pretty clearly why Mono was impatient with BB’s disappearance. Mono once had nightmare with Animal Control Officer who took Old Captain and sent him into animal shelter. And now he was about to have another, it was true

Old Captain was their friend, but Mono was the closest one. He needed time to forgive and quit blaming himself with their failure to rescue the old herding.

It felt like a year when finally BB was flying low and perched in front of the three. By looking at his face, Three acknowledged the news he brought was an unpleasant one.

‘Where –’

‘He’s at the same place the late Old Captain had locked before.’ BB cut Prince across.

Prince held back his shocking voice, Shilo hid his head at once, and Mono was staring blankly at BB.

‘Will we rescue him?’ BB asked.

‘He’s young, he won’t ended up like poor Captain,’ Mono said in flat voice and curled himself to sleep.

‘Hey, how come you said that?’ Prince shook Mono’s shoulder. ‘We have to rescue him!’

‘Don’t worry, they won’t kill the small cat,’ Mono’s voice was muffled but still clear enough for the other three to hear it.

Prince was about to retort but Shilo gave him a sign to not to do so and silently asked the other two to left instead.


Mono still had no interest to join in their plan to rescue Ciblue yet he did not suggest anything to comeback or something. On the other hand, Prince sensed Mono’s fear over Ciblue’s matter. Several times Prince had found Mono sitting alone and staring at the sky above for he knew his friend actually concerned about Ciblue.

‘We can do this,’ Prince one day said.

When – once again – Prince found Mono sitting all by himself in front of their shelter, looking at the distant at nothingness.

Mono turned his head and found Prince was already sitting next to him.

‘Don’t worry. Ciblue’s still young, many people will adopt him. He isn’t Old Captain,’ Mono said.

‘Liar,’ Prince murmured.

Both of them shared silence for sometimes.

‘We’ve plan, and we need you to come with us, this time we’ll be success and we’ll find Ciblue’s mother.’ Prince explained.

Mono did not reply but continue gazing up to the sky.

Fanart by Min.a