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There is a Way only We Know

Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Lu were sitting across each other in the Mrs. Lu’s office mini living room, both of them had serious look on their faces, discussing something. Mrs. Chen and Noriko discharged this evening, but Mrs. Lu asked Mrs. Chen to stay for awhile, as for Noriko, she practically dragged Kris to get her out of the building as soon as the doctor gave her green light to leave. I can die if I stay any longer here; she said when Kris suggested waiting for her mother.

‘I don’t know what to say,’ Mrs. Chen leaned back to the head rest and closed her eyes. Her head throbbed a little, she was not fully recovered yet and she discovered something that never crossed her mind before. ‘How bad is she?’

Mrs. Lu sighed and she too, leaned back to the head rest before replied; ‘She’s getting better I think,’

Silence befallen over the small office, the two ladies inside the room was in their own thought.

‘What you’re gonna do?’ Mrs. Lu asked.

‘I need aspirin,’ Mrs. Chen nonchalantly spoke only to gain laughter from her friend.

‘Your medicine is better than aspirin. All in all, I think you should talk to Noriko too but first of all, find out what you gonna do about this,’

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PS: I’m back! LOL and to while I’m gone, I didn’t exactly hiatus from writing. For Indonesian reader you can visit my page at Storial I have some new stories there. See you there 🙂



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