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There is a Feeling only We Know

Noriko surrounded by her fellow classmates when she appeared with headband attached at the back of her head and some bruises on her arms. She was interrogated, obviously, since no one of them would expect Noriko encountered with the thing called violence.

‘How did that happen?’ asked one of the classmates.

‘Have you report to the police?’ asked the other.

‘Of course she did, it’s been days you idiot,’ the other stated.

The argument continued while Noriko could only looked at her classmate one to another in amusement. They were too f—

‘I’m sorry guys, I need to borrow your friend,’ Kris placed his left hand on to Noriko’s shoulder.

The voice of disappointment audibly heard in the crowded classroom—around Noriko’s seat specifically—but since it was Kris who asked they did not dare to openly refused, they still had tons o questions though.

‘Thanks,’ Noriko tip toed and whispered to Kris’ ear.

‘Hm?’ Kris raised his eyebrow and asked.

Noriko did not reply and merely grinned as she followed her boyfriend.

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Two more chapters before we say goodbye to Kris and Noriko!!!



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