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My Miracle Chapter 16; “CNBLUE”

It stills seven in the morning, and of course none was alive in CNBLUE’s dorm. The curtain was still closed, provided a slit of sunlight that escaped through a slit of the thick curtain. It was as he expected but Bruce could not help himself but sighed as he drew the curtain away, opened up the window and smiled as the fresh air hit him. One thing that he was proud about recently; the fact that the dorm was like proper home. Of course, then why their girlfriends came here for?  It unlike they made their girlfriend as maid but let’s be frank and accept the fact that the boys were not the typical of tidy one, well at least for Yonghwa and Jonghyun. The Busan duo was helpless in those things so the unfortunate luck went to Shinhye and Jinyi.

Bruce made his way to Jonghyun’s room, it was dark once he open the door but still he was able to figure out who was sleeping there and he frowned and stepped back, closing the door silently. And made his way to the youngest room instead

‘Wake up,’ he shook Jungshin’s shoulder gently.

Jungshin shifted and turned to the other side of bed, did not budge to wake up.

‘Jungshin, wake up,’ Bruce shook his shoulder harder.

Jungshin sleepily opened his eyes and groaned.

‘What is it? It’s too early, and we don’t have any schedule either,’ Jungshin pulled up his blanket.

‘It’s not about schedule but its about CNBLUE, so sleepyhead, if you care enough with your band, wake up right now ‘cause we need to talk, it’s urgent,’ Bruce said with full of authority in his voice.

 Jungshin shoot up and rubbed his sleepy eyes;

‘What happen?’

‘We’ll talk,’ Bruce said as he closed the door behind him.

And when Jungshin made his way into living room, Minhyuk was walking in front of him with glass of water in his left hand and Bruce dragged Yonghwa out of his room.

‘What happen? You better have a good reason for dragged me out of my bed this early, I was just sleep at 5,’ Yonghwa groaned and sank down on the couch and Minhyuk sat down beside the leader.

‘Help me to wake up Jonghyun,’ Bruce ordered instead of replying Yonghwa’s question.

The trio glanced at each other.

‘Why didn’t you wake him up by yourself?’ Minhyuk asked.

‘Help me to wake him up,’ Bruce motioned to Jungshin who still stood up at the hallway.

And without another word Jungshin stepped back into Jonghyun’s room. He knew there something inside his room since their manager asked another to wake Jonghyun up instead of he did it by himself. Jungshin sighed when he came nearer. Jungshin shook Jonghyun’s shoulder lightly and the latter stirred bit but did not move, Jungshin shook harder just then Jonghyun’s eyes shoot open and glared to the younger once he found out who disturbed his sleep.

But then he blinked to try to register as Jungshin mouthed, “Bruce is here and we’ll have talk right now,”

‘Come on,’ Jungshin mouthed again.

Carefully Jonghyun shifted and got out, fixed the blanket and glanced around to find his slipper but unfortunately the pair was nowhere to be found.

Yonghwa and Minhyuk raised their eyebrows an instant upon seeing Jonghyun’s state, old washed jeans, crumple DQ2 t-shirt, messy hair—of course, he just woke up—and walking with nothing but shock on not to mention his wide yawn. It was extraordinary for Jonghyun and Yonghwa and Minhyuk had every right to be surprise since they know Jonghyun’s sleeping uniform was boxer only. So had the sight of Jonghyun with fully and ‘proper’ cloth was definitely surprising.

‘Are you—?’

‘Save it,’ Bruce cut Yonghwa across. ‘Here I bring you something interesting,’

Yonghwa confusingly took the brown envelope that Bruce handed him over.

‘What is this?’ Yonghwa asked, all of sudden his sleepiness vanished into thin air.

Bruce motioned to Yonghwa to open it and the latter obeyed.

‘President Han will hold a meeting with staff, it’s for your upcoming album,’ Bruce explained.

‘I don’t get it,’ Minhyuk said, ‘none of us informed, right?’ he looked around to another member and Jungshin and Jonghyun nodded while Yonghwa busily read the files.

‘Just read the papers,’ Bruce instructured and the other three joined Yonghwa to read the papers. ‘Harshly speaking, he cheated your back,’

Yonghwa frowned upon seeing the date the meeting will be held.

‘The meeting will supposed to be…. no way in hell,’

‘Yes,’ Bruce nodded, ‘When you’re on your schedule so you’re going to miss it,’

‘Which mean; they will pushed us to agree whatever the result they made since only three of us on the meeting and they hope we’re three won’t stand against them.’ Jungshin clarified.


‘No way, it’s ridiculous,’ Jonghyun said.

‘—that’s what their intention.’ And Bruce turned to face Jonghyun, ‘young man, if it’s otherwise then I wouldn’t trouble myself to risk my life to get fired and stormed in your dorm this early.’

Yonghwa sighed.

‘Well, discuss this matter and this was the farthest things I could do for you, don’t tell me if I just care about myself,’ Bruce said and reminded Yonghwa about their argument some time ago when Yonghwa confronted him and accused him only care about himself.

Yonghwa grinned.

‘Thank you,’ Yonghwa said.

‘Well I have to get back before they caught me,’ Bruce said as he stood up and headed to the door with they boys behind him.

Teddy was about to close the door when he remember something; ‘You,’ Teddy pointed toward Jonghyun.


‘You behave,’

‘Ah, don’t worry about that, nothing will happen,’ Jonghyun laughed.

‘You better be,’

Jonghyun kept on laughing.

‘Mari caught you kissing tho,’ Jungshin whispered on Jonghyun’s ear and the elder shoot him glare.


Jungshin shrugged.

‘I warn you Lee Jungshin, if you’re planning something silly like what Minhyuk did, I’ll kill you right here right now!’

‘Oh that’s so scary, but, I’ve many meaningful things to do instead of blackmailing couple who his sister caught them kissing.’

‘That’s good if you realize it,’

‘But, I wonder how their two’s reaction if find out about that,’

Jonghyun stopped walking and in split second he tugged Jungshin’s right arm and flipped him onto the floor with loud thud. Yonghwa and Minhyuk stood in shock the same state with Jungshin that now lied on the floor.

‘Lee Jonghyun!’

‘That’s a little lesson for you, never ever blackmailing me,’ Jonghyun crouched beside Jungshin’s head who still grunted in pain.

‘You two! It’s still bloody morning and you were already picked up the fight?! We have problem here,’ Yonghwa raised his voice.

‘Sorry, it’s just a little lesson for this stupid kid,’ the guitarist grinned and Jungshin also got up and sank down to the couch nearby.

‘This stupid kid is your sister boyfriend if you forget that,’ retorted the younger.

‘She’s not here,’ snickered the elder.

‘Can you two please stop fighting?’ Minhyuk pleaded as Yonghwa gave up and simply rubbed his eyes, frustrated with the stupid snickers.

‘Can we start?’ Yonghwa asked when Jonghyun and Jungshin were already fall silent.

‘Sorry,’ Jonghyun and Jungshin said in unison.

The fact was, although Yonghwa was just asked whether they could start discussing, the reality four of them was stay quite.

‘I guess we should stick with our plan,’ Minhyuk broke the silence.

The rest nodded for agreement.

‘I’ll try to adjust my schedule, you guys tell me immediately when any of you get informed. And…. don’t betray me,’ Yonghwa said. ‘As long as I have your back, I don’t scare of anything,’ Yonghwa added.

‘Okay no compromise,’ Jonghyun said.

‘It’s about take it or leave it,’ it was Jungshin who said.

‘If you can’t make it, and we can’t handle the situation, the better is not giving our conclusion. They still need us however.’ Minhyuk suggested and the rest was just agreed. With that discussion adjourned.


That night Mari groaned in frustration with Jonghyun’s head on her lap and she was busy with he work while the other three playing game in the living room. Then why was Jonghyun did not join them?

Because he was furious, he just called his mother in Busan, told her that he was being bullied by the other three, childish? For sure but that was CNBLUE. So actually Boice been fooled by their look. Who said Yonghwa was mature? Not until they saw how he tickled Jonghyun when the latter refuse to pay his bet for the fourth times.

Or maybe Kim Woobin would regret his choice when he told his fans during his fanmeet that he gladly picked Jonghyun as ideal type for his sister because who would expect the Judo boy unplugged the TV wire abruptly when he lost again for the fifth times? Only earned flying pillows, punched and tickled from the other.

So let’s recounted what happen before Jonghyun being kid for his sister.

The living room was a mess.

The chaos and noise drown Scorpions’ who sang White Dove.

Because, unfortunately there no white dove at the living room that night and now it was Mari’s turned to get furious. Her job was frustrating and the chaos was definitely would not help, at all.

‘You four! Can you stop making noise?! I’m bloody working here!’

But the boys did not give damn and kept fighting 1 vs 4, yes Yonghwa, Jungshin and Minhyuk vs Jonghyun. The trio was furious at the white boy when he unplugged the TV wire so that the game forcefully lost.

‘I’m gonna kill you!!!!’ Jonghyun shouted at the three as they continue the punch, tackle and pillow fight him.

‘Lee Jonghyun can you shut the fuck up!’ Mari yelled out of frustration, the boys were more like spoiled kids.

‘Mum I’m being bullied here and you’re on their side?’ Jonghyun shouted back.

‘Don’t be childish, can you?!’


‘Can you find something useful to do?’ Mari retorted in irritating voice.

‘Everyone is bullying me here, I’m calling Mum!’ Jonghyun announced and he fished out his cell phone.

‘You’ve just called,’ Minhyuk sneered.

‘Grow up will you?’ Mari said.

‘Why are you so grumpy? Are you on your period? I don’t think so its early month,’ Jonghyun shouted to Mari.

‘Watched you language, I hear you Lee Jonghyun!’ Jungshin said as he restarted the game once again.

‘Arghhh you guys are no fun!’ and Jonghyun run into Mari’s room and shut himself there.

The house was peaceful for while, without bickering and anything, just the sound of three guys were playing game and paper flipped in and out as Mari resume her work.

It was just while, the keyword was awhile and Jonghyun poked out his head through Mari shoulder, he seemed uncomfortable being alone in the bed room.

‘What are you doing Mum,’

Mari did not replay; she was just continue sorting out the photos and set it up into design board.

‘Woahh, its cool, I didn’t know if I’m that handsome,’ nah the narcissist Jonghyun was back and Mari just snorted.

Upon seeing those photos, Jonghyun immediately took seat on the single sofa before Mari and busily scanned his photo.

‘Why didn’t your team who did that Mum?’

‘It’s yours, I have to do this by myself,’ Mari replied without looking at Jonghyun.

‘Nah, that’s just right Mum, mine should be have your personal touch,’ the younger grinned.

The time just flied without five of them realized, only nearly three in the morning when Jungshin realized his surrounding and Minhyuk and Yonghwa also decided to quit playing and settle themselves to sleep on the carpeted floor.

Jungshin sighed upon seeing Mari and Jonghyun were sleeping on the couch. Jonghyun using Mari’s lap as pillow while the elder rested her head on the back rest couch. Jungshin stood there for moment, trying to figure out to move his girlfriend without woke them up, but it’s not likely. Looked like he had to wake up Mari.

‘Dear, wake up,’ Jungshin shook Mari’s shoulder.

‘Wake up Dear, let’s move you to the bed, you’ll sick if you sleep like this,’ Jungshin whispered when Mari stirred and opened her eyes slowly and sleepily.

Mari carefully placed Jonghyun’s head onto the pillow while Jungshin draped blanket over his body.


The meeting room filled by squeals, and adoration from Mari’s team. Everyone threw praises here and there.

‘Oh my God! Look how handsome Yonghwa is!’

‘But look here, Jungshin looked damn hot! H.O.T’

They kept saying those things without notice reddish colour in their boss’ face.

What I wanna strangle them to death, Mari inwardly cursed.

Mari felt the meeting was too long for her to bear those compliments of how good-looking CNBLUE was. The young boss could not help but felt jealousy when her staff ogling her boyfriend body. Well that’s the risk to deal when dating public figure. Mari sighed.

‘Penny for your thought?’ a voice snapped Mari from her train of thought.

It was Jenna and she was just realizing that only two of them who left in the meeting room. Mari groaned and rested her head on the back rest without replying her best friend question.

‘You’ve been dazing off Mari,’

‘Have I?’

Jenna sighed and sipped her coffee.

‘I don’t know but it’s so annoying,’ Mari sighed.

Jenna turned her head questioningly.

‘I hate people ogling at Jungshin,’ Mari stated.

Jenna bursted into laughter and looked at her friend amusingly.

‘You really love him, don’t you?’

‘I look stupid, do I?’

‘No, you don’t, that’s just showing how much you love him and how you don’t wanna share him in any ways,’ Jenna shook her head.

‘It’s not my self,’

‘Falling in love changed people my dear friend,’



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