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My Miracle Chapter 15; “Couple Fight”

‘Is this really happening?’ Jonghyun sat on his table and crossed his hand on his chest.

‘What?’ Mari asked as she continued take everything out of Jonghyun’s closet and drawers and put into the boxes near by.

Jonghyun did not reply and cocked his head toward the boxes.

‘Oh,’ Mari understood at once. ‘I’ve to you know that, anyway Jinyi wouldn’t be like seeing any of those in your room.

‘Don’t bring Jinyi up,’

‘Oh come on, I’m a woman too, tho she said she’s okay, deep inside, she wasn’t. I know that feeling pretty well.’

‘Jinyi wouldn’t ‘cause she knows she can’t feel like that,’ Jonghyun blurted out.

Mari looked up to Jonghyun and he looked away, like a child who caught do wrongdoing.

‘Seemed she knows much than I thought she shouldn’t be,’ Mari said.

‘Jinyi knows what she needs to know, just about me, not you,’ Jonghyun explained.

Mari shrugged and continued to move her things while Jonghyun watched her from behind.

‘Take good care of Jinyi, okay, she deserved it.’ Mari said as she lifted up one box and Jonghyun snatched the box from her and brought it to Jungshin’s room.

‘Just put in here’ Mari told and Jonghyun did as he told, put the box on the edge of Jungshin’s bed and went out to take another box.

Jungshin’s room was not as large as Jonghyun’s and not to mention that his room was already filled up with his things, Mari sighed with the overcrowded space she faced.

‘Told you to keep yours in my room,’ Jonghyun said when look at Mari who observed the room.

‘It’s okay,’ Mari shrugged, ‘at least I don’t need to waste my time to clean the room before I sleep.’

Jonghyun’s glared and Mari laughed and in a split second, she ruffled the idol’s hair which he did not bother to tidy it back.


Jinyi arrived at CNBLUE’s dorm early today, no one seemed to be awake and of course her boyfriend was still in the deep sleep from his 5 AM of sleeping. Everyone knew that the guitar freak was a nocturnal person and that was for real, he rather slept in the morning instead of sleeping early and cut off the work and continue the work in the morning.

Jinyi sighed by sight before her and slowly she closed the door, decided for not entering the room and put the groceries on the fridge before she came back to her sleeping prince.

Jinyi started to clean the room as quite as possible, tried her best not to wake him up. Turned off the computer, put the guitars on its stands, threw all the dirty clothes that scattered all over the room into the laundry basket, and she moved into another closet, wanted to check if the clothes were well folded before it placing there because Jonghyun never bother to do that. If Minhyuk or Mari did not help him to fold his clothes he just simply put it unfold.

Curiosity ate the girl as she knew the closet beside his was the place Mari usually put her things, slowly Jinyi opened it only to find empty space there.

‘Mari moved her things week ago,’ sleepy voice heard from behind her make Jinyi jumped in surprise.

Jinyi spun around and Jonghyun pulled the blanket up and moved to another side of bed, faced the window.

‘Sorry,’ Jinyi said, half embrassed halp guilty.

‘It’s okay,’ Jongyun mumbled.

‘So this is clear why your room was like being bombard, I was about to ask you that?’ Jinyi stated.

‘She’s busy,’ Jonghyun replied with his voice muffled by the blanket.

‘It’s strange to see her closet is empty though,’ Jinyi said in low voice still standing beside Jonghyun’s bed.

It was true, the feeling was quite strange when she used to see Mari’s clothes or make up in this room but now, this room was just plain guy’s room, and only Jonghyun’s scent here and no other woman scent but  herself.

‘Are you alright?’ Jinyi asked before she realized what the thing she was talking about.

Jonghyun rolled his body to the other side, lied on his back and in a spur moment he stretched out his hand, grabbed and pulled Jinyi on the bed gained a yelp from her and she turned around to face her boyfriend.

‘What kind of question is that?’ Jonghyun asked as he tightening his hug on Jinyi’s waist. The girl did not reply instead she played and drew circles on Jonghyun’s chest.

‘I’m asking—’

‘I don’t know,’

Jonghyun furrowed but Jinyi was telling the truth, she had no idea with the question she asked because it was just…  slipped out.

‘I don’t know what I’m talking about, ‘cause I think it must be difficult for you?’ Jinyi continued.

Jonghyun looked at Jinyi right in her eyes.

‘You know, when I saw nothing there, it feels like she’s leaving you completely, I feel like, you lost your only hope.’ Jinyi added.

‘What are you talking about?’ Jonghyun asked he was more confuse than before,

‘I don’t know, its-its… complicated,’ Jinyi buried her face into Jonghyun’s chest and Jonghyun finally understand what his girlfriend meant.

‘How many times do I have to tell you, I lost my hope 3 years ago, and it would never ever turn to  the other way round like you think, even if it’s not you, I’ll be with someone else, someone else other that Mari, you got me?’ Jonghyun pulled her closer.

‘But you do love her, don’t you?’ Jinyi looked up to man that hugged her.

‘What kind of love did you mean? Because as you said, it’s complicated, but I guess as the time goes by, the love is the same with siblings’ love. She is someone I need to protect no matter what, even if I have to give up my dream.’

‘As your sister?’

Jonghyun nodded and kissed Jinyi’s hair.

‘There something about her that I can’t tell you why I act this way, but one thing for sure, it isn’t about man and woman’s love matter,’

Although Jinyi wanted to know about that matter but she knew she should not press him, he would not spill anything when he said he could not. It was when Jinyi realized that she kissed her Collin, slow and sweet, she wanted to tell him that she trusted him. That she did not mind to share place with somebody else in his heart, to tell him how much she loved him.

‘I love you,’ Jonghyun said as both of them broke the kiss.

Jinyi did not reply and give him soft peck before she got up.

‘Where are you going?’ Jonghyun asked.

‘I’ll cook you lunch,’ Jinyi replied.

‘Cook me pancake with maple jam,’ Jonghyun requested. ‘Just like pancake you eat for your breakfast today,’

Jinyi raised her eyebrow.

‘You tasted like maple jam honey,’ Jonghyun giggled.

‘Thank to someone who said he loves me yet let me eat my breakfast alone,’ Jinyi pouted.

‘Oh? Is that mean you want me to moving up?’ Jonghyun playfully asked.

‘What moving up?’

‘Okay, let’s live together then,’ Jonghyun brightly propose and quickly sat up.

‘And do you think I’ll be happily say “okay, Lets go”,’ Jinyi stuck out her tongue.

‘Of course, why not?’ Jonghyun shrugged with wide grin pestered on his face.

‘Cause I know what kind of pancake you wanna eat for your breakfast,’

Jonghyun laughed.

‘You’re smart honey, but, you do like it, don’t you?’

‘Pervert!’ Jinyi scoffed and made her way out of the room ignoring Jonghyun who called her “honey” for quite number of times.


‘So, I guess there something happening here,’ Jenna asked when Mari and she left alone at Mari’s office after meeting.

‘What do you want to know?’ Mari asked.

Now Mari accepted the fact that everyone wanted to know every little piece of gossip especially when the news involved any of CNBLUE guys.

Jenna shrugged; ‘Something to do with Jonghyun and Jungshin I guess,’

Mari smiled. Told you so.

‘Don’t smile at me like that, you know many Boice wanna kill you ‘cause of that.’

‘Cause of what?’

‘Don’t playing dumb, of course Jonghyun, and now I saw Jungshin on Jonghyun’s shoes?’ Jenna reached out for her tea and took sip the golden liquid.

‘We’re together now,’ Mari said, rather calmly, in fact she tried to surpress her smile.

Jenna almost choked her tea.

‘What did you say? Together with who?’


‘Are you for real?’


‘What about Jonghyun?’

‘What about him?’

‘What about him? All people think you guys are together,’

Mari laughed and dismissively waved her hand.

‘He’s my brother,’ Mari said.

‘Oh you think I’ll believe you? Ahh let’s talk later, I gotta go,’ Jenna stood up when she took glance her wrist watch. ‘Ah by the way, check your twitter timeline, you’ll see something interesting there especially if you said that you’re together with Jungshin now,’ Jenna winked before left the room.


Once Jenna left Mari’ office, Mari reached out her phone, curious about what Jenna told her previously. Mari chuckled upon reading her timeline, all about CNBLUE’s update. But her eyes opened widely where she caught some interesting photos that expanded proudly on her timeline.

Jungshin, Jonghyun, and Minhyuk’s selca with fans!

Oh my, Mari impatiently scrolled downs her timeline, and there many Jungshin’s photos there, what the… but before Mari could do anything, her door office cracked open and a head was peeped inside, Jungshin.

‘Hey,’ Jungshin came over and kissed her.

Mari sighed and Jungshin frowned when Mari responded his greeting kiss rather coldly.

‘Is something coming up?’ Jungshin observed his girlfriend face and Mari stared back.

It was ridiculous if she felt jealous or wanted to ask about those random girls but she could not help herself because the feeling was just grew out of nowhere.

Once again Mari sighed before she stood up and took her hand bag; and she was about stepped out from her room when Jungshin tugged her left arm and turned Mari’s around only to face him back.

‘You haven’t answer me, is something coming up?’

Mari looked at Jungshin before she replied quietly,

‘It’s nothing,’

Jungshin raised his eyebrow;

‘And you must have known how much I hate the word of nothing, ‘cause I know perfectly, nothing its mean something,’

‘And this is seriously nothing,’ Mari repeated.

Once again Jungshin made Mari stopped from walk.

‘Tell me what happen first then we go home,’

‘Oh come on, I was just tired with my meeting and all,’ Mari whined.

‘Just tell me whatever it is, I might not helping at all with your work but still, I just want  to know what bothering my dear,’ Jungshin said softly.

‘The concept for next edition is stressing me out,’ Mari lied but Jungshin did not fail to catch glimpse of Mari tightened her grip on her phone.

Jungshin looked at Mari’s face intently just to distract her when his free hand snatched Mari’s phone.

‘I know you’re lying,’ Jungshin whispered.

Mari’s eyes widened.

‘What the….’

Jungshin ignored Mari, he already touched the screen and he stared at it and Mari back and forth.

‘What is it?’ Jungshin asked.

Oh crap, I forgot to shut it, Mari inwardly cursed.

‘Did you just ask me what is that?’ Mari nervously laughed, ‘you know perfectly what it is and still asking me?’

‘Is all about this?’ Jungshin asked.

‘Look, I know what is that, I know you and I trust you. It’s not about you but its all about me okay,’

‘Let’s go home, we need to talk.’

With that Jungshin grabbed Mari’s hand walked fast toward the lift and down to the car park. Mari was about to protest being dragged out from the building when she saw Jonghyun walked casually toward his car—still Mari’s milky white mini cooper actually, because Jonghyun was almost never drove his own car.

‘Jonghyun,’ Mari called and the latter spun around almost immediately and found something strange with the couple, were they fight?

‘Will you go home?’ Mari asked and Jonghyun simply nodded, there something in Jungshin expression that made Jonghyun felt something wrong with them.

‘Will you take him with you,’ Mari motioning her head toward Jungshin, Jonghyun’s eyes narrowed and Mari added, ‘he’s bugging me,’

Jungshin glared at his girlfriend when Jonghyun looked at the two, amused.

‘Oh, couple fight, huh? Jonghyun laughed.

‘I’m sorry, we have to go,’ Jungshin said and opened the passenger’s door and pushed Mari to seat in before he rounded around and quickly started the engine.

Both of them shared silence moment all the way they drive and it was like year for them to finally reached Mari’s house.

‘So what’s the matter?’ Jungshin asked as soon as they are inside the living room.

Mari did not reply and instead threw herself on the couch and sunk in. Jungshin crunched down so Mari’s face was higher than him and gently took Mari’s both hand, made her sat straight.

‘You do trust me, don’t you?’ Mari nodded, ‘then—’

‘I know exactly what it is, and I know why you did that. It’s not like something you can’t do or mistake or something, it was just, you know—’

‘Jealousy,’ Jungshin cut Mari across and Mari’s face turned deep red. Yes she was jealous, for real and she face palmed for being immature.

Jungshin reached the embarrass girl into hug and Mari buried her face into his crook of his neck to save her for more embarrassment.

‘Thank you for showing me this feeling,’ Jungshin said.

‘You did nothing but selca, didn’t you?’ that question slipped out from her tongue even before she could stop and once she realized she mentally slapped herself, what kind of question she was asking?

Jungshin frown and about to release his hug only to find Mari tightening her hug on his wrist, she still embarrassed and did not dare to look at her boyfriend. Mari’s action made Jungshin burst into laughter, Jungshin’s signature laugh that she loved the most.  The unique sound when he let out laugh or how his laugh line would curve when he smiled. Mari could die for to see those smiles in her life.

‘I saw someone shoving her number into Yonghwa’s hand,’ Mari mumbled.

Jungshin let out long “ahh” still with holding Mari tight.

‘I swear dear, none of us keep their number, well,  we’re so surprise that we experiences those things too, but there nothing happen, Yonghwa get rid of it as soon as we’re inside the van, don’t say that you’re thinking otherwise,’

‘Who knows, they’re beautiful and young,’ Mari replied with small voice.

That words however surprised Jungshin and hastily he released his hug made Mari sit straight and looked at her eyes.

‘Are you really that insecure with your age?’ Jungshin asked with concern look as his both hands grabbed each of Mari’s shoulder.

Mari hung her head low, avoided Jungshin’s gaze. It felt so odd for her to feel this way, love, yes, the very poisonous four letters, the very damn L.O.V.E. What am I doing? What am I thinking? Mari cursed herself.

After a moment of silence Jungshin let out small chuckle and reached Mari back into hug again. Another side of his dearest he found out just today. Well, it was true that Mari was elder than him and thus far Mari had always act as her age, not to mention that she was a strong type and he thought, he knew why Jonghyun liked her so much because Mari was like a real version of Park Misun, very strong and not to mention as stone-headed person but, yes,  only recently he discovered many faces of the woman named Mari Lee, her blushing face, her concerning face, her loving face and now her jealousy face, what kind of face you’ll show me dear?

When it came to a matter like this, Mari always turned adorably cute with her unusual expressions, she was more like teenager instead of mature woman who happen to be magazine chief editor.

‘You may feel insecure but I assure you, it doesn’t matter for me. Do you think I’m in love without reason?’

‘People could love or hate without reason,’ Mari stated.

‘It’s true, but I prefer to have pretty good reason to love you,’

‘What is it?’

‘You’re the only one who make me feel safe, then I’ll do the same for you, I want to be the one for you to make you feel safe, whatever your matter is, I want to be there to erase your insecurities, are we clear,’

Mari nodded in his hug.

‘I love you,’

Jungshin almost sure that his heart was stop beating for second, it had been months they were together but never once, ONCE, Mari did return these three crucial words, I, LOVE, YOU.  She did never but today, out of the blue, these words came out from her lips, muffled by his chest but it still clear enough for Jungshin in to hear, strong enough to sent him into heaven and all he needed to do right now was trying his hard not to pinned her against the couch and kissed her senselessly.

‘That’s right, don’t holding back your feeling, let me know everything you feel Dear, if you mad, if frustrated you can start on me, tell me everything, promise me,’ Jungshin whispered.

*note: To those who wondering, I wrote this fanfic during Bluemoon South America ^^



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