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For Us

The view outside the patio was breathtaking and that was the reason Krystal could not tear her gaze from there. Creamy white waved gently caressed the seashore time after time, while there, in the distant, the clear blue sky met with the deep blue sea water at the horizon. Two cups of hot chocolate

So peaceful in here.

Krystal turned her head when she heard the glass door behind her slide open.

‘Hey, there you’re,’ Kai approached her and took the seat at the empty chair next to the coffee table. ‘Don’t you feel cold?’

Krystal rubbed her arms and all of sudden the spring breezy felt colder.

‘You shouldn’t have mentioned that, now it felt cold,’ she pouted.

Kai laughed and he stood up to take off his cardigan and draped it onto Krystal’s shoulder.

‘Better?’ he asked. Krystal nodded. ‘Good.’ With that Kai sat back down to his chair.

‘Don’t you felt cold yourself?’ Krystal asked.

‘I’m wearing long sleeves sweatshirt, ok?’ Kai raised his arm to show his long sleeved arm.

‘But you’re wearing short,’ Krystal pointed his army knee length short.

‘It’s okay though,’ Kai shrugged.

Both of them fall silent, they were simply enjoyed each other presence, the moment that they usually share when they did not have anything to say.

‘Are you happy?’ Kai asked after sometimes of silence. Krystal nodded as she sipped her hot chocolate. ‘Are you still happy if we’re married?’

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