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My Miracle Chapter 14; “We’re Official Now”

The days was just passing and rolling by like used to be, time kept running without anyone asking for, from seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days which then it turned into weeks. Just like that, nothing special except now Jungshin and Mari were together.

It was just another day when Mari promised to the boys to cook them lunch since she felt like years for five of them did not have much time together because of Yonghwa and Minhyuk’s drama. The dorm was quite when Mari entering the house only welcomed by ocean of shoes in front of the door. Mari made a mental note to buy them shoes selves in their next shopping, whether with Jungshin or Jonghyun.

Mari took off her jacket and unconsciously made her way into Jonghyun’s room—her room—since she still has half an hour before she should start to cook for their lunch. Being chief editor gave her a lot of advantage in term of freedom. Yes, Mari was coming back as The FNC chief editor as soon as she was back to Seoul, although Jungshin quite opposed the idea. To him, Mari was better staying at home and be full time writer as she used to.

Once Mari opened the door she frozen on the spot, it took moments for her to compose herself and closed the door as quietly as possible with still blank mind. Where did she suppose to go? What if they know she caught them up? Mari felt her face heat up because of embarrassment. She needed water, yes water. And wasted no time she made long step into the kitchen just then she found Jungshin opened his room door groggily. Without second thought Mari approached and pushed him aside, stormed in to his room and buried her face into his pillow. Jungshin’s scent hit her immediately, the scent she love the most, manly yet soft like baby.

Moment later Mari felt the mattress dipped and fingers run through her hair, stroke it delicately.

‘What happen?’ Jungshin asked.

How could Mari answer him? Just by thinking what she saw enough to burn her face, she cursed inside for being careless. How could she forget that her pet was a grown up man and for heaven sake he has girlfriend too!

Slowly Mari encouraged herself to lift up her head and sat up; her face was still in deep red, although Jungshin found it adorable.

‘What happen? And why does your face all… red?’ Jungshin asked once again.

Mari face palmed herself in shame. Gently Jungshin removed the palms from her face and gazed down intently to those dark brown iris, what beautiful, he swallowed.

‘Wh-h-y you didn’t tell me if Jonghyun is home?’ Mari asked nervously and once again she could feel the heat travelled all over her face.

Jungshin blinked several time to digest Mari’s question and he remembered that Jinyi was coming over, could it be she was….  Jungshin burst out into laughter only to receive a smack on his arm, the irritated look from his girlfriend made Jungshin laughed harder.

‘What did you see?’ he asked in between his laughter. Mari shoots him a death glare, ‘oh come on, as if we never did it,’

‘Lee Jungshin!!!’ Mari screamed without sound.

Jungshin giggled and stretched out his hands and pulled Mari into hug.

‘I forgot to tell you, that room is no longer yours, I’ll move your things here once I have time,’ Mari looked up to him, questioned without a word. ‘You didn’t forget that you’re mine now, did you? And do you reckon I’ll let you sleep on the other guy’s room?’

‘The other guy’s room is my pet room, bro….ther.’ Mari retorted—and blushed by the word of “you’re mine now”.

‘Whatever, and if you notice, the pet is still a mature guy,’

‘Oh is it the jealousy Jungshin?’ Mari was breaking free from the hug.

‘It is,’

‘Oh I’m so scary,’

‘I could be scarier than this and I bet you wouldn’t wanna know,’ Jungshin leaned forward so close, too close for their noses almost touching each other. ‘And so I guess, it is the right time for us to start to cook lunch before Yongyong and Minhyuk arrived,’

‘Do you think I can face them?’

‘Did they notice you?’ Jungshin asked back as he brushed the orange lips in front of him delicately.

‘I don’t think so,’ Mari shook her head.

‘Then let’s get out before I can’t stop myself,’ Jungshin chuckled and pulled away from the kiss.

Mari sat still, and Jungshin needed to drag his girlfriend out of his room.


‘Oh what are you cook Mum, it’s smell tasty,’ a familiar voice greeted both of Mari and Jungshin and for Mari, just by heard the voice; her face began to change colour once again.

‘Just regular lunch,’ Jungshin shrugged before Mari could reply.

‘Wow what things you couldn’t do Mari?’ Jinyi chirped behind as she looked down to the table.

There indeed many dishes for their lunch today, what a feast.

‘It’s like we’re having luncheon,’ Jonghyun commented.

‘We’re I guess, Shinhye and Soojong will come too,’ Jinyi told.

‘Are they?’ and Jinyi nodded ad replied to her boyfriend.

‘Its looks like they didn’t notice if you caught them up,’ Jungshin whispered in Mari’s ear.

All Mari could do was laughed—in relieve—and before Jonghyun could ask; couples of people came in, Yonghwa with Shinhye and Minhyuk with Krystal.

‘Oh you guys come together?’ Jinyi asked.

‘Practically I came and fetch them three,’ Yonghwa said as he plopped himself to the couch.

‘Oh you guys done with your blackmailing fight?’ Jonghyun teased.

‘You shut up!’ Shinhye exclaimed.

‘Oh chill out lady,’ Jonghyun laughed.

So, after Yonghwa made up with Shinhye that night, Yonghwa confronted Minhyuk right away and both of them were bugging each other for many days. Especially when Minhyuk revealed the whole story how they did that and how Dongwoon get involved.

‘That’s wild,’ Jungshin commented couples nights ago when Minhyuk started his story.

‘I know that’s why I need Dongwoon to help me out, he knew those things very well,’ Minhyuk nodded.

‘He’s the expert,’ Jonghyun laughed.

‘So…. it was all Dongwoon who bought those damn things?’ Yonghwa confirmed.

‘Except the lingeries,’ Minhyuk said.

‘Lingeri…es?’  Jungshin asked. More than one?

‘We bought two,’ Minhyuk nodded. And both of Jonghyun and Jungshin were “oh-ing” in unison. ‘Black leather and cheetah print,’ Minhyuk explained further just to make Jonghyun and Jungshin spat out their beer while Yonghwa’s face turned into deep red, embarrassed.

‘Soojong has good eyes on that stuff,’ Minhyuk added.

‘I’m sure she’s,’ Jonghyun shrugged.

‘But that still crazy,’ Yonghwa groaned.


It was very rare occasion where six of them gather together for lunch, since their business always got them in a way from nice chance to spend the time together like today.

‘Well, before we start this, I’ve one thing to announce,’ Jungshin said as he held up his white wine glass and his other free hand reached out Mari’s hand. ‘We’re officially together now,’ he smiled.

‘Ahhh…. ok then, cheers for our new couple,’ Shinhye cried and the other followed her enthusiastically while Mari could not help herself but blushed.

The sun seemed ready to give a new light for Mari’s life, a boyfriend, a brother and friends. For she herself never once imagined that the day like this would ever come.



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