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Memory Chapter 22; There is a Person only We Know

Elva, Noriko and Qingqing shouted on top of their lung when the roller coaster began to move. Three of them were at amusement park for their girls hang out. At first, Qingqing refused to come but with constant nag from both Elva and Noriko, the girl finally gave up and let herself dragged by the two.

Qingqing almost did not remember when the last time she went to amusement park, perhaps when she was young? For sure it was when that bastard was still her father. She shook away the thought of him. It’s time for having fun, just don’t ruin the moment with an ugly memories of certain person.

‘Let’s go for another ride,’ Qingqing proposed.

Elva and Noriko looked at each other before shouted.

‘Roller Coaster!’

‘Oh my God,’ Elva clutched her chest once they got off from the ride. Their faces were slightly pale but the happy feeling radiated and everyone did not fail to see that, especially from Qingqing’s face.

‘Let’s get some drink, I’m about to puke,’ Noriko said.

‘If you want to puke then go to restroom, tsk,’ Elva told.

Noriko glared to her best friend while the latter merely shrugged.

‘How is it?’ Elva asked to Qingqing.

Three of them were sitting at the ice cream stall by now and despite her still pale looking, Noriko dug her ice cream as if she did not eat any for a long time.

‘Slow down,’ Qingqing patted the girl next to her before replied to Elva. ‘Fun,’

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