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Stardust Chapter 13; “Mother”

Luhan opened the door, but instead of found plain and unscented room like usual, but today was not. Once he entered the condo, savory aroma hit his nostril and there only one explanation for this;


‘Oh hey Baby, you’re home?’ a cheerful voice that he did not know he missed so much until today echoed in the quiet house.

Luhan engulfed the lady in a hug which she returned warmly.

‘I didn’t know if you’ll visit,’ Luhan stated after they broke the hug.

‘Well, something came up, so here I’m,’ Mrs. Wu shrugged and back to her cooking.

‘You’re with Dad?’ Luhan asked.

He threw his bag on the kitchen counter where some of the ingredients were still there.

Michelle hummed and nodded before she lifted a spoon to Luhan, asked him to taste her cooking.

‘It’s nice,’ Luhan commented.

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