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My Miracle Chapter 13; Made Up

The boys just agreed to take break and evaluate their Come On playing because Minhyuk once lost his beat and Yonghwa lost his pitch. Each of them put aside their instrument aside and Minhyuk grabbed water bottle as he made his way out from his beloved drum set. It was the time Yonghwa’s phone rang, the owner smiled widely acknowledged who’s on the line. He put his phone on the floor as he himself lying down but instead of lovely voice who greeted him, it was horrible screeched that not only startled him but also the other three.


Four of them looking at each other in shock and terrified as Yonghwa sat up abruptly and grabbed his phone, tried to respond but the call already cut off.

‘Park Shinhye! Hello Shinhye, Park Shinhye!’

But there was nothing, Shinhye already cut the call in anger because she felt humiliated in front of her friends.

Once again Yonghwa looked around for help but his members were also as shock as he himself.

‘What was that?’ Yonghwa asked.

The trio shook their heads, Yonghwa helplessly sighed.

‘Okay, enough for today, we’ll have another chance to evaluate, if you guys still on the mood to practice then you lead,’ Yonghwa told Jonghyun and the latter just nodded. ‘I have to go, I have to know what happen,’ Yonghwa said and he quickly grabbed his jacket and his key car before stormed out of the practice room.

It took some moments for the trio to recollect their brain after the shock and once they did it, they start laughing endlessly.

‘Pervert bastard, what did Yongyong do to Shinhye that made her so furious?’ Jonghyun asked.

Jungshin shook his head.

‘No idea.’ Minhyuk replied.

Jungshin was about to spit another word when his cell phone rang. New message, Mari, his girlfriend and Jungshin smiled.

“Can you pick me up at Dreamy, there changed plan :(”

At the same time Minhyuk’s phone also rang and he picked up the call outside the practice room leaving Jonghyun and Jungshin alone.

‘Jonghyun,’ Jungshin called, hesitated whether he will continue or not.


Jungshin did not say anything instead he just stared at Jonghyun who busy with his guitar.

‘What?’ Jonghyun finally turned his head to face the youngest member when Jungshin kept his silence.

‘Ermm… Mari,’ Jonghyun suddenly felt his body stiffening, what happen with her? ‘She came back here today.’ And Jonghyun’s body relaxed almost instantly by Jungshin’s revelation. ‘I know you guys have one or some issues, will you talk to her?’

Jonghyun sat still.

‘You need to clear things up, whatever it is,’

‘Will she wants to see me?’

Jungshin raised eyebrows, confused.

‘The real matter is not me, but Mari. If she wants to see me, of course I’ll.’ Jonghyun explained softly.

‘Alright,’ Jungshin nodded, ‘I’ll talk to her first, if she’s agreed, and I call you. I have to go now, its looks like we have to end today’s session.’

Jonghyun smiled and nodded; somehow he was thankful with Jungshin’s existence. The moment he could not afford and clueless about how to make up with Mari, Jungshin came as their bridge. He was happy, indeed. Mari finally found her love life and he, himself was pretty happy with his blossoming love with Jinyi. But why he felt as if there a big hole in his heart?


Yonghwa was impatiently driving to Shinhye’s house, after made a call to her manager (since Shinhye refused to pick up his call) and make sure that the one he was looking for is in her house. It seemed a year worthdrive from studio to his girlfriend’s house and another year to wait for Shinhye’s mother to open the door.

‘You kid, what with the fight now?’ asked Shinhye’s mother straightforwardly once she saw Yonghwa right in front of her.

Shinhye’s family was quite familiar with Yonghwa since both of them were dating for years and both of the family already treat them as part of their own family.

Yonghwa shook his head as reply and Mrs. Park gave him question look. Yonghwa make a quick explanation about the call and how clueless he was. To his surprise Mrs. Park laughed upon hearing Yonghwa’s desperate explanation.

‘Auntie,’ Yonghwa whined.

‘Sorry,’ still laughed Mrs. Park told where her daughter was. ‘She’s up in her room, if you need any help I’m down here,’

‘Thank you Auntie,’ Yonghwa made a quick bow and walked fast to upstairs.

Knock, knock, knock

‘Baby, it me Yongh—’

‘Go to hell!!! Don’t ever come here again I hate you!’ Shinhye responded with furious scream. Yonghwa raised his eyebrows; this must be serious one, but what?

‘Park Shinhye, open the damn door before I break it!’ Yonghwa yelled.

While Mrs. Park shook his head in amusement with exchange shouting from her daughter and Yonghwa.

‘Park Shinhye, I swear I’ll break the damn door if you don’t wanna open it!’

‘I don’t care! Do what ever you wanna do, bastard!’

Nah that word again, bastard, that’s enough. Yonghwa was about to break the door with his shoulder when suddenly the door swung open and in the split second pillows, teddy bears, Simpson’s family flew all over him without mercy, and when those all gone from Shinhye room and scattered outside, books and anything near Shinhye took turn to fly.

One thick book hit his forehead as he walked closer to the furious girl. Honestly Yonghwa had no idea, how come the girl that looked so lovely could be so fierce when she was mad. Mental note never came to her worst side ever again.

‘Enough!’ Yonghwa said firmly but Shinhye did not, she kept throwing anything by her reach. ‘I said enough!’ he shouted.

‘Don’t you dare Jung Yonghwa!’ Shinhye screamed when Yonghwa tried to hold her.

‘What happen with you? Alright! Do whatever you want but later! Now tell me what happen, what make you this mad, tell me what mistake I did.’

‘Tell you?!’ Shinhye asked with high pitch voice. ‘Are you saying that you know nothing and you’re innocent?!’

‘Seriously Shinhye what happen?’ Yonghwa’s voice softened, it was no use if he also raised his voice. It just drove Shinhye even crazier.

‘You’re really Yonghwa!’ and Shinhye pushed Yonghwa out from her room and shut the door in front of him.

Yonghwa yelled but Shinhye did not give a damn. ‘Baby, open the door, can we talk please, Baby I’m sorry if I did mistake but I swear I can give you an explanation.’

But once again no reply from the girl, her room remain shut and so her mouth. Feeling defeated Yonghwa walked down and met his future mother-in law that grinned at him.

‘Are you sure you have no idea what mistake did you do?’ Mrs. Park asked.

Yonghwa shook his head and plopped on the couch, his left hand rubbed his temple.

‘Today she happily said to meet her girls, you know, Mari, Jinyi and Soojong. But it just few minutes later she came back with furious face, I asked why and she was replied, “asked your son in law”,’ Mrs. Park shrugged.

‘Mari? Auntie said Mari? Mari Lee?’ Yonghwa confirmed.

‘Yeah who’s else?’ Mrs. Park asked back, a little confuse. ‘Shinhye said she just came back from States,’ Yonghwa let out small “oh” knew that Shinhye did cover about Mari’s matter a bit. ‘And will stay here for sometime,’

‘Eh, she’ll stay here?’

‘But with Shinhye’s state right now, I doubt she will.’

‘Yeah right,’

‘By the way, will you stay here or come back tomorrow?’

‘I’ll stay Auntie, I’m busy tomorrow, and I’ve to clear things up today.’ Yonghwa said in desperate voice.

‘Alright, just think how to get her attention then talk; I’ll prepare dinner for you,’

‘Thank you,’


‘So what happen? Shinhye seemed really furious,’ Jungshin asked Mari on their drive back home.

Mari laughed upon remembered Shinhye’s red-angry-face and Jungshin joined her burst out into laughter when she recounted the whole story.

‘I can see how Shinhye mad at Yonghwa, but are you sure it wasn’t from anybody else, umm you know from fans or antis?’

‘Dongwoon said he knew the one who sent it and I don’t see if Dongwoon is crazy enough to let random gift passed him,’

‘Yeah make sense,’ Jungshin shrugged. ‘That’s why Shinhye called him pervert bastard,’ and Jungshin laughed harder again.

Getting nearer from Mari’s flat building Jungshin can sense the woman’s body that sitting beside him is stiffening.

‘Its okay, Jonghyun wouldn’t be at your home, he’s still at the studio.’ Jungshin reassured his nervous girlfriend.  ‘Or you prefer to stay at hotel?’

‘It’s okay,’ Mari shook her head.

‘Sure?’ Jungshin reconfirmed as they were about pulled off the driveway.

Mari nodded.

They shared silence on the way to the doorstep, Mari’s heart start pounding violently against her chest remembering her fight with Jonghyun that night, how come, how come they had fight like that? After Jonghyun did so much for her. Mindlessy she looked over the surrounding checked it up whether there Jonghyun’s car parked nearby.

The spacious house was stay the same, nothing had change, it still smell like last time she left, except it was clean, no dust, at all.

‘Once you left, Jonghyun never leaved this place. He never slept in dorm and once I get back from Busan, he just came here to clean the house. He make sure whenever you get back here, it’s clean.’ Jungshin explained as if he read Mari’s mind.

‘He—he cleaned all of this?’

Jungshin nodded and he pulled Mari by hand only to make her sitting on his lap.

‘Can you do me a favour?’ he asked.

Mari looked at Jungshin right in his eyes.

‘Will you talk to him? To Jonghyun Please?’ Mari sat still. ‘I swear he didn’t ask me to, instead, he willing to avoid any of meeting possibilities with you. Whatever he had done to you, he was regretting it.’

‘He didn’t do something wrong to me,’ Mari said in small voice.

‘Then talk to him, clear things up, huh?’

‘I don’t know,’

‘You won’t runaway if he’s here, will you?’

Mari turned her head once again,

‘I’m sorry, I told Jonghyun, I’ll call him after I talk to you,’ Jungshin explained as his other hand fished out his phone quickly sent his a message.

‘Only if you’re here,’ Mari mumbled.

Jungshin smiled lovingly as he caressed Mari’s cheek, ‘as much as I want to stay, I can’t, you guys need privacy, I’m sure he won’t hurt my dear,’

Just then the door cracked open and one clumsy figure stepped in, Mari got up abruptly.

‘Oh I didn’t expect you’re here this fast,’ Jungshin said, surprised.

No one knew that Jonghyun followed Jungshin right he excused to pick up Mari and patiently waited for the call outside the door.

‘Well I think I have to go now,’ Jungshin stood up and kissed Mari forehead, ‘call me later okay?’

‘Don’t go,’ Mari tugged Jungshin’s t-shirt, not wanting to be left alone only with Jonghyun.

‘It’s okay,’ Jungshin smiled and patted the back of her head softly.

However, witnessing how affectionate Jungshin toward Mari, Jonghyun could not help himself but felt hundred of needles stabbed him. He used to be the one Mari’s shoulder to lean on, her source of bravery, he ear to listen and her trash bin to throw everything in her heart but now? Somebody else had replaced him. And he just gave Jungshin weak smile as the younger smiled and passed him by.

Once Jungshin disappeared, an awkward silence ate Mari and Jonghyun alive. Mari stood still in front of the couch while Jonghyun frozen by the door. After few moments passed and hardly knowing what to do, Jonghyun took initiative to approach Mari.

Jonghyun cleared throat as he said; ‘You look good, and thank you didn’t tell anything to Mum,’

‘Um… yeah, I don’t think I have to tell anything to Mum too,’ Mari meekly replied.

Silence again. Both of Mari and Jonghyun just did staring contest and without uttering a word.

‘Congrats by the way,’ Jonghyun said out of nowhere. Mari looked up to him with question look. ‘For you and Jungshin,’


‘He’s a good guy; he can take care of you very well,’

Mari did not reply anything.

‘Look, Mari, I’m very sorry for what happen that night,’ Mari shook her head. ‘I never meant to say such thing, I just… I just want you be brave to find your happiness, I didn’t mean—’

‘It’s okay,’ Mari cut Jonghyun’s across. ‘And actually I should thank to you, if it’s not because of our fight that night, I won’t realize how my life looked like without you. Thank you,’


‘You know I love Jungshin, right from the start, even before I know he was Jungshin, I guess I already fall for him and you know my story. I’m willing to give it try, not because of you, but it’s all about me. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t to be harsh to you, I shouldn’t just… left. But I know you wouldn’t let me to go anywhere if I tell you I wanna go somewhere.’

‘And I should be careful with my word, sorry.’

‘I think it’s very first time we’re exchanged too many sorry,’ Mari said and Jonghyun laughed.

For the first time since he stepped in the room, he felt relaxed. His body was light and his mind was mild.

‘So… am I forgiven now?’ Jonghyun asked carefully.

‘There nothing to forgive Jonghyun,’ Mari shook her head.

‘You’re still mad at me, aren’t you?’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘You still won’t forgive me,’

‘Won’t forgive and nothing to forgive about is two different words,’

‘For me these are the same,’

Mari observed the pale face in front of her, this guy never changed, and this guy was just a kid for her.

‘Alright, you’re forgiven,’ finally Mari said and smiled.

A wide smile crept in Jonghyun’s face as his move forward quickly to pull Mari into tight hug. How much he missed this woman, the scent of her, her smile and her everything.

‘One last question did you really plan to go back to State?’ this question bugged him all this time and obviously he needed an answer.

Mari nodded as both of them breaking free the hug and Mari saw Jonghyun’s face hardened but before her pet could argue, she explained the detail.

‘I planned to go back after I completed this edition, if you asking me why, as I told you that night, I want to give my life back to you,’ Mari held her hand to stop Jonghyun to argue, ‘I have to go back there but, I’ll make sure nothing will happen to me. You know, I’ll keep myself safe for Jungshin, for you, for Mum, for Dad, for Sisters and for everyone who love me here. And when I’m already to get through any of those, I’ll get back here as Mari Johnson,’

‘You didn’t want to be Lee anymore?’ Jonghyun’s voice trembled and terrified.

Mari shook her head.

‘I’ll always be Mari Lee, but if that happen, I could be Mari Johnson too, isn’t that nice?’

‘Oh Mari!’ Jonghyun hugged Mari even tighter this time.

‘Pet… ah I—I c—can—n’t breath,’

‘It’s nice to hear you calling me Pet again,’ Jonghyun laughed and freed her.

‘I’m sorry though,’

‘Told you no need to be sorry,’

‘And… now tell me, the whole story,’

Mari looked at Jonghyun with question look.

‘You and Jungshin, was he great?’ Jonghyun added with mischievous grin.

Mari’s eyes widened, oh Dear God why all of people were curious about that?

‘Lee Jonghyun!’

‘Oh come on Mari, I know you’re not that innocent,’

‘You shut up!’

Jonghyun laughed. The tension between them vanished completely, they were back to where their usual self. Thank to Jungshin.


‘Shinhye its Mum,’ Mrs. Park knocked Shinhye’s door.

Surprisingly Shinhye opened the door almost immediately and Yonghwa also stepped in as soon as the door cracked open. Shock by Yonghwa’s sudden appearance, Shinhye slammed the door under her mother nose.

‘Are you crazy, slamming the door in front of your mother!’ Yonghwa yelled.

Shinhye ignored him and open the door, her mother was already left her room and headed back to downstairs.

‘Mum,’ Shinhye called, Mrs. Park stopped walking and turned her head, ‘I’m sorry,’ Mrs. Park smiled and waved her hand, ‘but how come you stand on his side? He humiliated me!’

‘Just talk and solve the matter, I don’t wanna hear any shouting or yelling, okay?’

‘Mum,’ Shinhye whined and closed the door back, her face hardened upon seeing Yonghwa stood behind her. ‘You!’ Shinhye accused and pointed his finger to her boyfriend; ‘Get out from my room, now!’

‘Not before we talk and you let me know the reason behind your strange behave right now,’ Yonghwa calmly replied as he sat down at the edge of Shinhye’s bed.

‘Still playing dumb huh?’

‘You better telling me right now then I can leave immediately or I’ll stay here ‘till you tell me.’

Shinhye hissed and she walked across the room to take pink box and threw it directly into Yonghwa, making the content scattered around. Yonghwa’s jaw dropped and his eyes were about to pop out its socket. His eyes travelled from the stuff on the floor to Shinhye, backward and forward and Shinhye’s face was red, mixture from anger and embarrassment.

‘Wow,’ that’s the only word he could utter.

Yonghwa was so amaze, yes he was. Even in his wildest dream he was never ever thinking about those stuffs.

Sex toys. Name it and those were now scattered on Shinhye’s floor.

‘How do you get all of these?’ Yonghwa asked. Shinhye’s eyes widened in disbelief, she was about to snap when Yonghwa said in tired voice; ‘No more yelling please, I’m tired fighting with you, just tell me the whole story and where did you get any of these, so I can find the answer,’

Shinhye’s sighed and finally told all of the story back in Dreamy and Yonghwa listen to it intently.

‘I guess I know who set me up,’ Yonghwa said when Shinhye finished her story.

‘Set you up?’

Yonghwa nodded; ‘If Dongwoon involved, then the only possibility is Minhyuk and Soojong, both of them.’

Shinhye looked at her boyfriend with confuse look. And Yonghwa answer it by explaining the whole story how Minhyuk blackmailed him.

‘I don’t know how they did it, but surely it was theirs,’

‘I’m going to kill you for real Jung Yonghwa,’ Shinhye gritted teeth.

‘So, it’s clear right now? We’re okay right because I have to go home now,’ Shinhye did not respond. Yonghwa was about to open the door when some crazy ideas flashed in his head.

‘Baby, since technically those are mine, I think it good idea if we try it sometimes,’ Yonghwa said mischievously.

And flying pillow hit Yonghwa’s head in matter of second.

Ps: I wrote this during the Heirs’ filming. At that time there none of these casts confirmed to be in relationship. This is why, ok?



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