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My Miracle Chapter 12; Is Yonghwa Blackmailed?

Jonghyun was lazily watching random drama on TV when Jungshin arrived home with furrowed eyebrow upon seeing the state of his elder member. Jonghyun looked more terrible than before he left to Busan. Jungshin could not help but mentally asked to himself what happen between Jonghyun and Mari that night. Because, as far as Jungshin knew, Jonghyun was not the type to be over drowning by his emotion, Jonghyun was one of rare person he knew that had very easy going personality. And when it came to Mari, Jonghyun woudl change, he could be over sensitive and just like today, desperate and seemingly lost his soul somewhere.

‘Oh, you’re here, I thought you’re at Mari’s,’ Jungshin greeted as he entered the living room.

The latter just gave a weak smile and muttered some incoherent words Jungshin could not catch as Jungshin made his way into the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. The awkward silence ate both of them when Jungshin get back into the living room and took seat next to Jonghyun. The drama was still playing, but two men sitting before to the huge TV were watching it with no interest. For sure Jonghyun wanted to bombard his youngest member about the ones he missed the most but he knew he could not. He was the one who said to Jungshin, the chance he gave was not because he needed Jungshin’s help but rather to give both of them chance to clear up misunderstanding between them. But still, he was longing to know what his sister up to right now.

Jonghyun unconsciously sighed.

‘She said, she needs sometime,’ Jungshin said all of sudden, he must be aware that Jonghyun wanted to know about Mari.

Jonghyun turned his head to face Jungshin almost immediately but quickly turned away. He did not reply anything, just nodded slowly.

‘Don’t worry about her, she will come back here once she’s ready,’ Jungshin continued, and somehow that words were like assurance Jonghyun. It was like his burden lifted up from his shoulders all of sudden and his body felt light and mild.

Mari would not come back to States, which was all matter.

‘I know,’ Jonghyun replied with small voice.


Jungshin’s assurance changed Jonghyun’s mood completely. Smile never left his face; he did all the chores in the dorm. No more gloomy and moody face, just the happy dorky Jonghyun that was back in life. And the night after Jungshin told him Mari would come back to Seoul instead to States, was the last night Jonghyun slept over at Mari’s house. Because on the following night, he comeback to dorm. He did pay visit the house in a day just to clean the house and sweep the dust.

Wait, clean the house and sweep the dust? Yes he did that, something he hardly does in his own dorm. Well, he is not out his mind though, and people can change, cannot they?

And it was another cold night and exactly a week after Jungshin went to see Mari in Busan. CNBLUE boys gather together with their manager watching random movie that Bruce bought several days ago. Everyone’s attention was on the movie except Jungshin who busy with his phone.

“Guess where I’m”

New messages and a picture attached. Showing a girl with pair old washed jeans and white T-shirt stood by the seashore, she was smiled beautifully. It was not like in Busan beach; Jungshin furrowed and observed the picture carefully and smiled.

“I thought you’re still in Busan,”

“I’m asking you to guess, where I’m,” she replied back immediately.

Jungshin laughed and Yonghwa shoot him a glare. Yes, Yonghwa did not like any interruption when he was watching movie.

“Beautiful, I know where you are. Are you having fun there? Just enjoy your vacation but please keep in your mind that you’re TAKEN!”

“@.@ who are you? Is the random Jungshin turn into cheesy Jungshin right now?”

Jungshin laughed silently and Jonghyun glanced at him this time. Slight of jealousy surged into him, he kneew with whom Jungshin was happily texting and it was him who used to do that with her! Yes, Jungshin was texting with his girlfriend named Mari Lee, someone Jonghyun missed alot recently.

“Only because of you dear,” Jungshin texted back.

“…. Take your medicine before it’s too late 😛 your brain seemed not in the right place. I have to go, bye XD”

“Take care, I love you ❤ ❤ <3”

‘Bruce, how far do you think you can tolerate?’ Minhyuk asked their manager out of the blue.

‘Huh?’ Bruce, Junhyung, Jonghyun and Yonghwa turned their head in unison.

‘That!’ Minhyuk pointed out the TV screen when the movie shown an intimate scene.

Yonghwa shoot him a deathly glare and Yonghwa could swear, instead of afraid he saw Minhyuk’s evil smirk there, oh holy crap this boy.

‘Oh,’ Bruce shrugged. ‘Just don’t do it in here, I guess. We’re all known you guys are grown up man and so I’m sure you can behave well.’

Jonghyun smiled though a little confuse by the sudden topic they had share. Because so far there no conversation about this matter. And Yonghwa, once again, all he wanted to do just to strangle his drummer, what with the topic?! While Jungshin looked at one after another in complete bewilderment. That was the result for being out of the world Jungshin.


‘What the hell was that?!’ Yonghwa snapped when Minhyuk barged into his room after the movie session ended.

Minhyuk shrugged and casually lied down on the bed.

‘Just make sure how far I can go,’ he replied. Yonghwa’s eyes narrowed. ‘Day off tomorrow,’ Minhyuk said.

Yonghwa raised his eyebrow.

‘I need 24 hours of free time tomorrow,’ Minhyuk repeated.

‘Are you insane?!’

Tomorrow they were scheduled to have meeting with arranger and director, there no way in hell his members would absent.

‘Then let’s see what Bruce would do once he found out his kid ruined the dorm purity,’ with that Minhyuk got up and made his way into the door.

‘Alright! Alright! Do whatever you want tomorrow, happy?’

‘Not particularly,’ Minhyuk smiled and he seemed remember aboutsomething when he was about to open the door since he retreated back. ‘Which card do you usually use?’

‘What card?’ Yonghwa asked, confused.

‘Your credit card,’

‘Silver one, why?’

‘Nothing, I was just thinking that I need a little help for my date tomorrow,’

Yonghwa’s widened, he was seriously lost of word with Minhyuk’s behavior. Who would believe that the lovely drummer be able to act this way. Yonghwa sighed in defeat and tugged out his wallet, took some cash.

‘These eyes and mouth are not that cheap, you know that Yonghwa?’ Minhyuk shook his head.

‘Are you robbing me?!’

‘It’s worth 6th dates,’ Minhyuk’s replied sarcastically.

Yonghwa had no choice but—reluctantly—handed over his black card after Minhyuk refused to take the silver.

‘You’re going to regret this Kang Minhyuk,’ Yonghwa said with gritted teeth.

‘Oh I love you Yonghwa,’ Minhyuk happily waved the card and stepped out from his leader room.

Inside his room Yonghwa could not help but cursing himself.

‘What I gotten myself into?’ he asked himself and scratched his hair and threw himself onto the bed.


Jungshin momentarily quit arranging the groceries when his phone rang and he smiled knowing who’s on the line.


‘Hey, I thought you haven’t waked up yet,’ Jungshin glanced to see his hand watched, 9.45 AM.

‘I was just wake up,’ Mari chuckled.

‘Put me on video,’ asked Jungshin.

‘What? No,’

Mari refused, of course she was, and she was still in the bed with all her morning mess.

‘Why? I’ve seen your morning mess, and all, hurry; just put me on the video,’

‘Alright,’ Mari gave up and turned the video call, ‘happy?’

Jungshin laughed, the figure of someone he missed was there, cocooned in the white thick blanket and her long hair was tied up messily, not to mention her oily face, strangely she still looked beautiful on him. Well yeah, that was how love work.

‘You seem enjoying your holiday,’

Jungshin said as he continue arranging instant ramen on the kitchen cabinet.

‘Yeah I’m, it’s nice to have sometime for myself. What are you doing by the way,’

Mari asked because Jungshin figure was moving around from the camera.

‘Nothing, I just tidying the kitchen,’

‘You’re really diligent.’ Mari laughed.

‘Of course I’m, you sleepyhead, and by the way I forget to asked you something,’

‘What is it?’

Jungshin look at the camera and gazing intently into Mari’s eyes, ‘so, did my baby dreamed of me last night?’

Mari laughed hard.

‘Can you stop being cheesy?’

‘I miss you,’

Mari did not respond, just sit there quietly.

‘Dear…’ Jungshin called.

‘I come back today,’ Mari said slowly.


‘What with your reaction? Do you want me to stay here longer?’

‘What? No! So what time I need to pick you up?’

‘Don’t tell Jonghyun.’

Now it was Jungshin who turned silence.

‘Then I won’t go home.’

‘Alright, alright, I won’t tell him. So what time?’



‘See you later,’

‘I love you,’

And Jungshin sighed when Mari hung up the call without answering his confession, well he knew Mari needs time but he just could not help himself. And on the other side, he was pretty happy, she kept her promise to come back here, to Seoul and that is pretty good, great indeed.


‘So, Mari and Jungshin are together right now?’ Jinyi asked.

Jonghyun nodded and leaned his back on the wooden rail so he was facing Jinyi.

‘And it was you who set them up?’

‘Yeah… Do you think I’m a fool?’ Jonghyun laughed.

Jinyi shrugged and looked away.

‘Didn’t you think it’s good for you?’ Jonghyun asked.

‘What did you mean?’ Jinyi furrowed.

‘She is taken,’ Jonghyun shrugged.


‘So I like to see your jealousy face,’ Jonghyun teased.


‘Didn’t wanna admit it?’

‘Alright, I’m happy ‘cause I don’t need to worry anymore, so what?’

‘So I love you.’

‘I don’t know you where did you hit your head Collin but you surely need to get your head straight again.’ Jinyi laughed.  ‘Anyway, when will she comeback here?’

‘I don’t know,’ Jonghyun shrugged.

‘She does really dump you, doesn’t she?’

‘I’m the one who pushed her away, I deserve it.’ Jonghyun said bitterly.

Jinyi smiled, she knew her boyfriend still struggle with that matter but at least recently she found a life in his eyes. Maybe later, when Mari in here, she could help both of them to close again. Because Jinyi knew, how much Mari meant to Jonghyun. He would never life happily like before if he was not forgiven.


‘I miss you,’ Jungshin said as he attacked Mari with tight hug once both of them sitting in the Jungshin’s car.

‘Hey, what if somebody sees us,’ Mari broke the hug and looked around, hoping none caught them.

‘Let them be, I didn’t do something wrong,’ Jungshin reasoned.

‘Of course you didn’t do something wrong, but Boice especially your buin would freak out if found out you hug a woman.’ Mari explained as she fastened the seat-belt.

‘Do you think they prefer for me to hug a guy?’

‘Of course not!’ Mari almost yelled because of shock.

Jungshin laughed upon seeing his girlfriend’s reaction before he started the engine.

‘So, where I should drop you,’ Jungshin asked when they were about half way the drive.

‘Drop me at Dreamy, I promise to the girls to meet up today and I’ll stay at Shinhye’s in the mean time; just help me to bring my luggage into my home, will you?’

‘Anything for my dear,’

Mari rolled her eyes with her boyfriend’s cheesiness and Jungshin laughed.

‘By the way I’m hurt here,’ Jungshin said.

Mari tore her attention from outside the window.

‘What are you talking about?’ Mari questioned.

‘My girlfriend just comeback from vacation and instead spending time with me, she choose to meet her girls,’ and Jungshin pretended to sob.

‘You can join if you want,’ Mari laughed.

‘To be 5th wheels? No thanks, I have practice today.’

‘Then you complain for what?’

‘We also can’t meet tonight, what a loss,’

‘You’re like spoiled kid today,’

Jungshin laughed as he parked at the private parking lot behind the cafe.

‘Do I need to pick you up?’ Jungshin asked.

‘You’re not my driver,’ Mari replied.

‘I’m okay to be the one,’ Jungshin shrugged.

‘I’m okay, I’ll call you later.’


Jungshin leaned forward and kissed Mari’s forehead before letting her get out from his car.


Mari took a private room in the corner, place they usually took whether with the girls or with CNBLUE’s guys. There no sign of Shinhye, Jinyi or Krystal yet. Maybe they wer still on the way. Thus Mari went ahead to order her food first while waiting for the other come. And the duo actresses, Shinhye and Jinyi appeared not long after Mari’s order was arrived.

‘Mari!’ Shinhye cried. ‘Oh my god Mari, where have you been?’

Shinhye hugged Mari and Jinyi followed behind her.

‘I thought you’re will never come back,’ Jinyi said.

‘Sorry,’ Mari said apologetically.

‘Where’s Soojong?’

‘She said she’ll late, she’s still have scene to do,’ Shinhye explained.

Mari nodded and gestured the other tw to order their food which they did immediately—they made the order in hurry for some reasons.

‘So, what’s up?’ Shinhye leaned forward, asked brightly once the waiter retreated back to the pantry with their order.

‘What what’s up?’ Mari frowned.

‘Somebody had just to disappear and coming back with all glowing face, and I think she owes us an explanation, don’t you think so Jinyi?’ Shinhye said mischievously.

‘Yes I do, so how is it?’

‘Nah, another what?’ Mari asked, looked at Shinhye and Jinyi back and forth in complete confusion.

Shinhye covered her mouth with one hand in surprise and another one patted Jinyi’s back.

‘Oh my god! Yes you’re right Jinyi, how is it Mari? Come on, share with us,’

‘Seriously you two, what are you talking about?’

‘Ahh Mari, come on, no need too graphic, just… how great is he,’ Jinyi nagged.

Mari’s eyes widened upon realizing what the youngers was talking about.

‘Are you guys crazy?!’

‘Oh come on,’ and now both of Shinhye and Jinyi nagged her.

‘He’s there just a day and it isn’t like holiday or something,’ Mari’s trying to escape from the topic.

‘Mari, a day meant 24 hours and there MANY, like many things you can do during that time,’ Shinhye reasoned and emphasized the word of many.

‘He didn’t stay at Jonhyun’s house, did he? I don’t think he was, so, don’t insult our intelligent, just tell us what happen,’ this time it was Jinyi who said with serious tone.

‘Mari!’ Krystal cried and Mari sighed in relieved thinking of her saviour. ‘I miss you Mari,’ Krystal said as she approached Mari and hugged her.

‘Okay, Soojong take seat then Mari could start the story,’ Shinhye grabbed Krystal’s hand and force her to sit.

‘Oh what story?’ Krystal asked in confusion while Mari stared at Shinhye in disbelief. This girl is never give up, is not she?

Shinhye did not replay and she just winked. Krystal clapped her hands immediately and faced Mari with puppy eyes.

‘Not with Soojong,’ Mari said.

‘Why?’ Krystal asked.

‘Why not?’ Jinyi asked, ‘don’t be fooled with her, she did it too, you did it didn’t you?’ Jinyi asked to the youngest and the latter smiled shyly.

‘Did you see?’ Shinhye butted in.

‘Yes Mari just tells us how it feels, when he caresses your face, when he kisses you… aww…’ Krystal cupped her face with both palms, ‘Minhyuk, he’s always gentle,’ Krystal added with blushed all over her face.

Shinhye crossed her arm on her chest,

‘And do you reckon she’s inexperienced?’ Shinhye asked.

‘Mari, tell me…’ Krystal nagged.

‘Come on, just tell how hot he is,’ Jinyi joined the force to put Mari on pressure.

‘Alright! He’s great, happy?!

Shinhye, Jinyi and Krystal burst out into laughter as they clapped their hands and Jinyi slipped off from her chair.

‘I knew it!’ Krystal cried.

‘Well, that’s not disappointments, I mean, look at him, he is just hot as hell,’ Jinyi said in between her laugh.

‘That’s my point Jinyi,’ Shinhye also tried her best to compose her self to control her laugh.

While Mari looked at them in agape, they were praising her boyfriend hotness as if it is nothing while she was right in front of them!

‘You guys how come you—’

‘Don’t worry Mari, Yonghwa is still the hottest,’ Shinhye laughed.

Shinhye and the other two were still laughing when Dongwoon, the cafe owner come with a pink box in his hand.

‘Umm… sorry ladies to interrupt your time but here I deliver something for Shinhye,’ he said.

Shinhye looked up to the man,

‘For me?’ the man nodded and handed her a pink box. ‘From who?’ Shinhye asked.

‘Just open it I guess you know,’ Dongwoon smiled.

‘No, I mean, I just afraid it came from antis or something,’

‘Don’t worry about that, I make sure it is not something destructive,’ Dongwoon winked.

‘Oh, okay, thanks,’

‘You’re welcome, I leave you here, enjoy your evening,’

The chorus of ‘okay’ audibly heard as Dongwoon waved at them as he left.

‘Oh what is it?’ Jinyi asked as Shinhye unwrapped the box busily.

‘No idea,’ Shinhye replied.

‘Is it from Yonghwa?’ Mari asked,

‘It’s supposed to be,’ Jinyi replied.

And when finally Shinhye unwrapped the box and opened it, their jaw dropped upon seeing the stuff inside box. They looked at each other and Shinhye hastily took her phone, dialed the short cut number,




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