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My Miracle Chapter 11; Couple(s)

‘Oh my God! Jungshin, what bring you’re here? Come on in, come,’ Mrs. Lee greeted in surprise upon seeing Jungshin stood at her door steps.

‘How are you Auntie?’ Jungshin politely asked.

‘I’m fine, great.’ Mrs. Lee excitedly replied.  ‘Ahh it’s still surprising that you’re come here out of the blue. Are you on work?’ Jungshin nodded. ‘I see, come on in and please make yourself comfortable, what do you want to drink?’

‘Anything is fine Auntie,’ Jungshin replied as he sat down; Mrs. Lee nodded and made her way in to the kitchen.

‘Where’s Uncle?’ Jungshin asked when Mrs. Lee handed down a cup of tea. ‘Thank you,’

‘He’s out with his friends, so, how’s everyone?’

‘Everyone is fine, Yonghwa and Minhyuk are busy with their drama, Jonghyun is busy as tutor and judge and as for me, everyday is a holiday,’ Jungshin smiled widely.

‘Eh, but you’ve said you on work today?’

Jungshin caught off guard but he covered it with his mischievous smile as usual.

‘Only one job a week is kind of holiday Auntie, don’t you think so?’

Mrs. Lee laughed and nodded. Yes, she was fully understood how busy they were and like Jungshin said, one work in a week was indeed like a holiday.

‘Ah by the way Jungshin, it’s good of you to come?’ Jungshin looked at Mrs. Lee with question look.  ‘I mean do me favour to take Mari’s out; she’s working too hard since she came here,’

Jungshin’s body stiffen, so it was true that she was hiding here.

‘Take her out?’ Jungshin repeated Mrs. Lee’s word.

‘Yes, go on sight seeing or date or something, make her out from her room, she’s working nonstop ever since she arrived here, she’s just out with me to buy groceries, is her job really demanding?’

‘Yeah, since the magazine is sold worldwide and she’s working with many and busy artists, so I guess so,’

Mrs. Lee nodded; ‘Ah I see…  Well enjoy the tea; it’s from Jonghyun’s Dad friend, chrysanthemum tea. Anyway take her for dinner or something tonight, will you?’

‘Alright Auntie,’

‘Great! She’s upstairs, her room is just next to Jonghyun’s. I didn’t call her to surprise her,’ Mrs. Lee smiled.

Jungshin stood up and bowed before made his way into Mari’s room. And just now he could not help but mentally slapped himself for the fact he had no idea about how close both Mari and Jonghyun was. Being together with Jonghyun for almost 6 or 7 years and knew Mari for about 3 years, not even once he knew that Mari had her own room in this house and her room was just next to Jonghyun!

What an ignorant Jungshin!

An oldies music been heard from outside the room, and Jungshin smiled instantly, whoever inside the room, Jungshin was pretty sure it was Mari, since Yesterday Once More played. Reluctantly he knocked the door in front of him.

‘Yes, come on in Mum, it’s unlocked,’ she replied.

Another prove Mari’s voice!


Mari stood up abruptly, how on earth this could be happening? How Jungshin discovered that she was here?

‘Hey, may I come in?’ Jungshin asked; as Mari stood frozen.

‘What are you doing here?’ Mari asked stiffly.

Jungshin smiled, he was already expecting this. Mari would not be happy seeing him or any of the guys found her.

‘I have something to talk to you,’

‘How do you know I’m here?’ Mari asked again.

‘It’s no matter how did I know, can we talk?’

‘Not here,’

‘I don’t think we’ll have the talk here either, can we go for dinner or something?’

‘We go out to talk,’ Mari finalised and grabbed her coat.

Jungshin sighed; it was indeed a real challenge for him to make Mari friendlier to him when he knew he interrupted her life. Mari was one of the most difficult people and maybe that was Mari’s charm and he fell for that.

‘It’s going to be difficult,’ Jungshin muttered as Mari walked pass him without a word.


‘It’s not the place I expected,’ Mari said firmly when Jungshin opened his room door and led Mari in.

Jungshin sighed as he closed the door behind him.

‘I need a private place,’ Jungshin replied shortly, ‘have a sit,’

But Mari remained standing still and scanned the whole room; it was a suite room, no doubt about that.

‘Spacing out?’ Jungshin’s voice slapped Mari back into reality. ‘I know you have some issue with Jonghyun, but I’m not going to talk about that, that’s none of my business. I’m asking you here because I want to talk about us, about me and you,’

Mari spun around almost immediately with question look. However Jungshin revelation was far beyond her imagination, she thought Jungshin will persuade her to come back to Seoul or something like that.

‘We have nothing to talk,’ Mari stated.

‘Of course we have, we have so many things to talk, to clear everything, and to admit something,’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Sit down please,’ Jungshin gestured Mari to sit and she turned around instead, her back facing him.

Jungshin sighed. This would not be easy. Not at all.

‘I’m sorry,’ Jungshin said softly.

He stood up silently and sneaked his arms around Mari’s wrist. Mari was frozen on the spot, flashed of certain figure formed before into her eyes as she chanted inside that it was Jungshin who hugged her. It was Jungshin, Lee Jungshin, no one else. It took seconds for Mari to calm her racing heartbeat down and she was quite sure that Jungshin could feel it.

He was Jungshin, he won’t hurt me.

‘Sorry for what?’ finally Mari could manage to ask.

‘For everything, I shouldn’t make my own assumption; I shouldn’t let this misunderstanding grow. I should ask you instead of believing what I see. I’m sorry,’

‘Seriously I have no idea what are you talking about,’

Slowly Jungshin turned Mari to face him, he did not say anything, and instead he leaned forward. Mari froze as she felt warmth and softness in her lips, instinctively she pushed him away.

‘Don’t push me away,’ Jungshin whispered as he trapped her with his both arms.

There nothing Mari could comprehend, her fear was suddenly disappearing.  It was strange of course but that was it, all in her eyes was just Jungshin, the man she loved for more than 3 years silently and secretly.


Jinyi woke up with strange feeling; there was some weight on her chest causing her breathing hard. Slowly she opened her eyes and surprised herself. Her Collin was sleeping soundlessly, and the weigh was his arm on her. Carefully, she lifted it up freeing herself, then facing the beautiful creature next to her, his smooth and perfect complexion, (well, there pimples too, but he was still beautiful), his long lashes, his messy hair and all.

‘Good morning,’ a soft greet greeted Jinyi and startled her, her Collin greeted her with—still—closed eyes. ‘How long you will keep your eyes on me? I know I’m too handsome but don’t make it too obvious,’

Jinyi’s eyes widened and slapped his arm lightly,


Jonghyun grinned and pulled Jinyi into tight hug;

‘You know I’m saying the truth.’

‘The truth? What truth? Too handsome? Too obvious?’ Jinyi laughed as Jonghyun rolled his body and lying on his back and brought Jinyi with him so she was lying on top of him.

‘Lets have some more sleep; you don’t have any schedule today, do you?’

‘Yes, I don’t have, but are you sure we’ll sleep like this?’

Jonghyun did not reply but already shut his eyes and smiling.

‘Lee Jonghyun! Seriously, I’m heavy you know,’

‘Not as heavy as I thought before, you seem losing weight, are you on diet?’

Jinyi remained quite, yeah true that she lose weight recently, but not because of diet but because of the guy lying underneath her.

‘Not really dieting, it’s just, natural,’

‘Natural? Hmm…. Thank you and sorry then.’

Jinyi starred at the man underneath her—he was speaking with eyes closed—with confusion.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Natural, means the cause of your losing weight is from here,’ Jonghyun pointed Jingyi’s head, still with eyes closed, ‘and the only thing that bothering you is your work, but I know your work is going well, besides you don’t have much work recently. So work reason is passed, and then the right answer is,’ Jonghyun opened his eyes. ‘Me, am I right?’

Jinyi blushed madly; she could feel the heat from all over her face and now even travelled into her ears. With Jonghyun so close to her, it was just worsening the whole thing.

‘W—who are you?’ she wanted to snapped but it came out stuttered, she was mentally slapped herself for being stutter in front of her Collin.

Jonghyun smiled and showed off his dimples,

‘I’m Im Meahri’s Collin, and honestly, I also wanted to be Kim Yoonjin’s Jonghyun. But I know I don’t deserve it.’

‘Who said you don’t deserve?!’ Jinyi exclaimed as she slipped off from Jonghyun’s body and sat up, looked directly into her Collin’s eyes. What is he talking about?

‘Jinyi-ah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t waste your time for me, it’s not worth.’

“It’s not worth,” that was Mari said that night, Mari…

‘Don’t say that you regret everything that happens between us,’ Jinyi’s voice was trembling due to her fear. She was sure; she could not bear if Jonghyun said otherwise.

‘I’ve never regret every single time I share with you, never, but it’s all about me, you know me, and you know the reason.’

‘I don’t mind to share,’ Jinyi said firmly. Yes, she decided it yesterday.

Jonghyun starred at his Meahri, and slowly got up, so they are now sitting next to each other.

‘What did you say?’

‘I don’t mind to share,’ she repeated her word. ‘Once you told me, as much as us you want her to be more than what she is to you all this time, but both of you can’t, because she is prefer the state both of you currently in. Its mean, it’s all about you. And I don’t care with that.’

Jonghyun’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘Do you realize what are you talking about? Are you insane?’

‘I’m not—’

‘It’s not fair to you!’

‘Then make it fair!’ Jinyi yelled in frustration, why is Jonghyun has to be so stubborn?

‘Jinyi,’ Jonghyun’s voice softened. ‘Look, I’m sorry that I’m using you—’

‘You’re unbelievable Lee Jonghyun, you’ve just said you’ve never regret every single time you’ve shared with me, but now you’re sorry?!!’ Jinyi stood up abruptly; her face reddened because of anger.

‘Jinyi, I didn’t after your body! It’s—’ Jonghyun said as he was also stood up, both of them seem forget if they’re still in the bed.

‘I can’t believe that you picked up the fight in the bloody morning after we spent whole time yesterday,’ Jinyi hissed, she jumped from her bed and grabbed her night robe and stormed out from her room.

She knew from the start that the man she fallen into is far from romantic state, but hello, does it necessary to start a fight right after they wake up? It has been along since their last meet, and all he said is sorry? S O R R Y ?

Jinyi walked fast into the door, she did not care about where she was going, anywhere near that jerk! She was about to open the door when all of sudden she was pulling backward by her wrist. Jinyi squealed in surprise, those hands holding her tightly from the back.

‘Hands off me!’ Jinyi screamed in anger.

‘I’m sorry, really am sorry,’ Jonghyun whispered.

‘You’re not!’ retorted Jinyi, still trying to escape.

‘Meahri, sorry to ruin the mood—’

‘You always did it anyway you’re sorry for what?!’

‘Forgive me,’ Jonghyun begged.

‘Then don’t deny me,’

Jonghyun froze.

‘Let go of me! I’m done with you,’ Jinyi cursed herself by falling in love with such a stubborn guy like Jonghyun but it seemed nothing because everything he did only to make her fallen deeper, yes, she was helpless.

Jonghyun stood still with his both hands locked Jinyi by her waist.

‘I said let go of me!’

‘No,’ he replied weakly, ’if there somebody has to go, it supposed to be me,’ with that jonghyun freeing the girl waist.

‘My feeling is my matter Collin,’ Jinyi suddenly said, still with her back facing Jonghyun. ‘I’ve never asked you to do anything with that, just stay there and let me do whatever I wanna do,’ she turned her back only to find Jonghyun was already  turned around.

Jonghyun did not respond or for sure, he did not know how to respond. What he should do when somebody confessed to him that way? And this girl was none than Yoon Jinyi, a woman he loved with all his heart.

‘I told you it’s not fair for you,’ Jonghyun said in small voice.

‘I didn’t ask for fairness because I know you can’t provide me one, or you refused me because you don’t wanna be together with a slut?’

Jonghyun’s eyes widened and he spun around almost immediately, slut?

‘Yoon Jinyi!’

‘I’m a slut, am I not?’


‘What am I not slut for dragging a guy to my house, spent the whole day and night in bed—’

‘Kim Yoonjin stops it!’ Jonghyun yelled. How could she say such thing?

Jinyi blinked several times to jerk her tears away, trying to steady herself but it was no use when Jonghyun reached her into hug.

‘I’m sorry to pushed you that way,’

‘You didn’t,’ Jinyi said in between her sobs.

‘Really am sorry,’

‘Don’t refuse me anymore; it’s so hard for me just to stay away and watching you from distance. Just let me stay by your side.’ Jonghyun kept silence. ‘I told you, you’re never sorry,’ Jinyi tried to breaking free but Jonghyun quickly tightening his hold.

‘Alright,’ Jonghyun said after silence between them. In the end he gave up, he did not know he was lucky or what, because his feeling right now was indescribably. ‘Alright, do whatever you want,’

‘That’s my Collin,’ Jinyi smiled brightly and landed a soft peck on her Collin’s cheek.

Somehow the change of Jinyi’s air surprised Jonghyun, how come she changed that fast?

Both of them broke apart from the hug and Jinyi’s mouth hung low, she looked up to her boyfriend from head to toe, yes, they were come back to boy and girlfriend state right now.

‘Finally, I know the reason why your fans are pervert,’ Jinyi nodded while Jonghyun looked at her with confuse face, Jinyi smiled mischievously and tickled his bare waist which realize him what Jinyi was talking about.

‘But you must be grateful, because ONLY you that able to see me in this state,’ he teased her seductively as he emphasize the word of ONLY. Jonghyun once again wrapped his arm on his precious Im Meahri, ‘and never, ever had you daring to called yourself a slut!’ warned him.

‘Only you didn’t push me away,’ Jinyi squealed when Jonghyun lifted her off the ground


‘Hey, good morning,’ Jungshin smiled as he lowered down his cell-phone he used to take picture of the beautiful woman stood next to him.

‘Good morning,’ she smiled and approached him, joined Jungshin to enjoy the morning view. ‘Why you didn’t wake me up?’

Jungshin smiled wide and continue to take some pictures before answering the question;

‘I know you didn’t like if there people disturb your sleep, by the way, I ordered room service for our breakfast, ‘cause I don’t know when you’ll wake up.’ With that, Jungshin made his way into the fridge and prepared the breakfast, warming milk bit and unwrap the assorted fruits and salad.

‘Its okay, let me prepared,’ Mari offered to set the breakfast.

‘No, just sit down, it didn’t take longer,’ he refused.

What a beautiful morning, it was like miracle for Mari to experience something like today, and a what beautiful word of“our breakfast” was. She had never dream about this day would come into her life, never, even in her wildest dream. But right now, he was there; Jungshin was there, with his back faced Mari while he prepared breakfast for both of them; he looked gorgeous, like the usual himself.

‘Breakfast is ready,’ he said happily as he set the try on the table.

And there they were, breakfast in silence and stole a glance to each other, smiled, and burst out into laughter to whoever who caught staring.

‘Will you come with me?’ Jungshin asked out of the blue. Mari looked up to him. ‘I mean, will you come with me to come back to Seoul.’ Jungshin cleared up.

Here we go again,

‘It’s not about Jonghyun,’ Jungshin said after a moment and probably because Mari kept quite. ‘It’s all about us,’ he continued. ‘Or do you want us to stay in the long distance term? I heard you planned to go back to State. And I have to say I’m not happy with it,’ Jungshin chuckled.

Mari looked away, truth was, Jungshin’s sudden appearance yesterday was still like a dream to her and what happen next was too overwhelmed to believe. And for sure, Mari had no preparation for any of these. As Jungshin said yesterday, “let your heart speaking and not your brain”. Right now, she had no idea how to develop their new relationship. Jungshin was true, even she herself, she found it hard to be in long distance relationship, but if she came with Jungshin, that was mean Jonghyun… She could not face him, no, not yet. It was not because she had not forgive him or had not dropped their fight that night, it just something complicated about their relationship.

‘I’ve never think about that,’ Mari told the truth.

Jungshin frowned;

‘About us,’ Mari clarified and bowed.

Jungshin took deep breath and when he was speaking his voice become serious, soft but serious; ‘if you’re still can’t face him, I wont tell him if you’re already comeback. And about your work, I heard you resigned already and I don’t think it necessary for you to work either.’

‘And do you think that even possible?’

Jungshin looked at Mari with question look.

‘I mean I comeback to Seoul without Jonghyun’s acknowledgement,’

Jungshin smiled and shrugged.

‘I can find you new home,’

‘And how we meet?’

‘I’ve tons of excuses, let not to worry you about that. You know how free I’m recently, maybe later I’ll be busy but for now I’m playing around as much as I like ‘till I get tired and I miss my stage. It seems ages since my last stage though.’ Jungshin laughed.

Mari laughed and shook her head.

‘It’s not necessary, to find me a new house, and I can’t hid forever from him though but I need some more time, will you wait for me?’

Jungshin stood up and hugged Mari from the side.

‘Take your time as much as you need,’


Meanwhile at CNBLUE’s dorm Yonghwa and Shinhye had their bicker as usual. Yonghwa was busy with his guitar after made Shinhye busy in the kitchen to prepare spaghetti for him.

‘So, right now Jungshin was in Busan?’ Shinhye asked.

Yonghwa who was busy tuning his guitar nodded, then he realized that Shinshye did not know since she was standing with her back facing him.

‘Yeah, that’s what Jonghyun said; he said it was him who sent Jungshin there.’ Yonghwa explained.

‘Both of them are unbelievable,’ Shinhye chuckled.


‘Mari and Jungshin, whose going to think that they’re fall into each other?’

‘Just like you’ve fallen for me,’ Yonghwa whispered on Shinhye’s right ear, made Shinhye jumped by surprise.

‘Bloody hell Yonghwa!’

Eversince he was right behind her?

But Yonghwa did not give a damn with his irritated girlfriend. He sneaked his arms into Shinhye’s wrist and rested his chin into her shoulder.

‘Hey, I’m cooking here,’ Shinhye said.


‘So if you please let go of me, and I can quickly finish this to feed the choding kid behind me,’

‘I rather like to have you as my lunch, do you have any idea how much I’m craving for this?’


‘Yeah thank you, you know me so well,’ Yonghwa smiled evilly and he started what he was saying. Starting with her shoulder, his lips were travelling everywhere.

‘Yah! Jung Yonghwa! We’re at the kitchen and I’m freaking cooking here! Don’t you dare to do anything, let go of me!’ Shinhye yelled.

Surprise by the sudden outburst, Yonghwa pulled out his arms almost immediately.

‘Good boy,’ Shinhye muttered and flashed her death glares to her pervy boyfriend behind her.

Unfortunately, Yonghwa was too hot to left what he had started just there. He turned Shinhye around to face him with one hand while the other stretched out to turn off the stove, stopping the—almost done—Bolognese sauce to be cooked. Yonghwa smirked when he saw Shinhye’s eyes widened in surprise and confusion. Before she could spit out anymore question, Yonghwa’s lips were already landed on hers. Made her eyes opened wider, if it’s possible to be wider from her previous open eyes. Instinctively Shinhye pushed Yonghwa away, only to find him tightening his grip and pinned her against the kitchen counter.

Shinhye had every right to pushed Yonghwa away because right now they were about to making out in the middle of the bright sunny noon and they were in the bloody kitchen! People may walked in them, it was okay if another members, but what if the manager? Or the worst, the CEO? She had to wear mask to face them! But as if Yonghwa care about that.

Shinhye was about to enjoy the kiss when the dreadful voice interrupts them.

‘Whoa, whoa what the hell are you doing making out in the open space?! Get a room two of you, there minors here!’

Shinhye frozen on the spot while Yonghwa spun around almost immediately only to find Minhyuk was standing there, terrified. His both hands holding grocery bags seemed he was just back from buying groceries. Beside Miinhyuk, was standing beautiful Krystal who looked at him with embarrassing face. She was blushing and she looked unsure whether she was standing in the right place or not and she gave Yonghwa a small and stiff bow and did not even bother to greet him orally.

While Shinhye had no bravery to look at the younger’s, she buried her face on her boyfriend broad chest and pinching him continuously.

‘I’m. Going. To. Kill. You.’ Shinhye emphasized every word with one deep pinch that Yonghwa sure, it would leave mark on his flesh.

Yonghwa grinned to the furious youngers as he grabbed the embarrassing Shinhye into his room and slammed the door behind him.

Minhyuk sighed and threw all the bags on the dining table, ignored the content scattered around all over the table. It took a moment ‘till he realized his girlfriend did not join him to sort out the groceries.

‘What?’ Minhyuk asked upon seeing Krystal stood still in awkward state.

‘Uh, Umm… I…’

‘And why are you stuttering?’

Krystal cleared her throat before finally speak properly.

‘Minhyuk, I think I better to get going.’

‘Going? Where are you going?’ Minhyuk furrowed. ‘You won’t going anywhere—’

Unintentionally Krystal glanced to the room once Yonghwa and Shinhye disappeared and she blushed and embarrassed. Minhyuk did not fail to catch that and eventually he quit to opposing Krystal idea.

‘—we’re agree to cook lunch.’ He finished his word with small voice then sighed. ‘I’ll make sure he’ll pay the price.’ Minhyuk muttered to himself.

‘What did you say?’

‘Umm nothing,’ Minhyuk squared his shoulders. ‘Sorry Soojung for ruining our date, I should check before I asked you to come,’

‘Its okay, we can cook some other time,’ Krystal smiled and give a soft peck on Minhyuk’s cheek.

‘I drive you home,’ offered Minhyuk.

Krystal shook her head;

‘Hailed me a cab is okay, I know you’re tired.’


Krystal was right; he was deadly tired, that also one of the reason she suggested them to have lunch date at his dorm after five times he always cancelled their date. That was why he was really furious to Yonghwa today.


Minhyuk was busy with his game when the love birds came out from the room behind him as he took a glance by the sound of cracking door. The jerk, oh no, his leader named Jung Yonghwa was grinning like an idiot while Shinhye did not even bother to greet her pet. Well if Mari had Jonghyun as her pet then Minhyuk was actually Shinhye’s. But not today, because Shinhye was still pretend that he was not there, looked like that she was still embarrassed. Who wouldn’t by the way?

‘I didn’t know if you two were quite type, I thought you always screamed your lungs out,’ Minhyuk sneered  when Yonghwa stepped back into the living room.

‘Huh?’ again the toothy grin that may killed many EA’s appeared or most likely, he shown it up. ‘Well I have pretty good self control I guess,’ Yonghwa continued and he slipped his both hand on his jeans pocket, towering behind the drummer and watching what game he had playing.

‘As if fucking in the freaking bright noon day is one of a good self control,’ Minhyuk chuckled, exited from his game and turn off the computer.

‘Oh, where’s Soojung? I thought she’s here,’ oh crap Yonghwa had set the fire to burn himself.

‘Was,’ corrected Minhyuk, ‘thanks to someone that was ruining our perfect date.’

‘Hey, you’re meeting her everyday and you’re still complaining?’

‘We meet there for work, and it’s unlike that we can do everything we want there!’

‘Hoa. Chill mate,’

Yonghwa did not know how furious Minhyuk was after his 6th date was also ended on the trash bin.

‘By the way, how far do you think Bruce could tolerate?’ Minhyuk asked out of the blue.

‘Tolerate what?’

Minhyuk shrugged, ‘if he finds out what you’ve just did,’

‘He won’t, none knows by the way,’ Yonghwa shook his head, had no clue where Minhyuk would heading.

‘I have eyes and mouth,’ Minhyuk smirked evilly.

Yonghwa’s eyes widened in surprise; ‘You aren’t going to think…’

Minhyuk shrugged and walked away into his room.

‘Kang Minhyuk! How dare you! I’m the older here!’

‘Sorry, you aren’t in the position you can use your position,’ Minhyuk playfully smirked.

‘As if you’ve never did it!’

‘For your information, I’ve N. E. V. E. R did that in here!’

‘Are you blackmailing me?’



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