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My Miracle; Chapter 9 “Half Truth”

Mari was surprise with the sudden topic Jonghyun brought up.

‘Is he… Jungshin?’

‘What with the sudden question?’

‘Is he Jungshin?’ Jonghyun insisted.

‘There no point of whomever I’m in love with. I told you that day, I’ll be the old Mari and enough for me only to have you in my side,’

‘Is he Jungshin?’ Jonghyun did not give up.

Mari stared at him. She knew he will never give up until he got what he wanted. Mari threw her hands over her head before finally answer the question.

‘What if my answer is yes?’

‘And this is stupid,’ Mari raised her eyebrows, ‘did Jungshin tell you he is seeing someone?’

Jungshin never told her anything about his girlfriend, never.

‘No, he asked me, what if my crush already has somebody in his mind,’ Mari shook her head.

That’s the truth.

Jonghyun’s eyes widened.

‘What the hell…’

‘It meant nothing, I move on and all the things turn as it supposed to be, whether I love Jungshin or not that’s no matter right now.’

‘Mari, he’s seeing nobody!’ Jonghyun raised his voice.


‘So it’s stupid! You guys may have misunderstanding—‘

‘I told you its nothing! He has or not it has nothing to do with me.’

‘Mari, you know I can’t be here for you forever,’ Jonghyun’s voice softened.

‘Then let go of me, you don’t have to be like this,’


‘You did nothing wrong to me Jonghyun, don’t burden yourself with me, you have your own life. Don’t ruin your life because of me. It’s not worth.’

‘Are you angry at me?’ Jonghyun asked with small voice.

Mari looked at his brother before her; he looked frustrated and scared at the same time.

‘Why should I angry with you?’

‘‘Cause I broke my promise, ‘cause I’m chasing Jinyi right now. I can stop all of this—’

‘Are you crazy?! What are you thinking—?’

‘Then don’t be like this! He’s there! Jungshin is there, but why didn’t you go and tell him the truth?’

‘I told you it’s over! Don’t you hear me! Just please, leave me alone, it’s my life, you don’t need—’

‘And your life is given by me!’ Jonghyun frustrately yelled, why does Mari so stubborn?

Everything seemed to stop at the moment Jonghyun yelled. There only his voice inside the room, it echoed in the spacious living room. No one spoke, no one moved, both of Jonghyun and Mari stood frozen.

‘Right,’ after a moment finally Mari broke the silence between them.

‘My life is given by you—’

‘Mari, I—’

Mari held up her right hand to silence the guy stood next to her.

‘—I’ll give it back to you, so, you’re free, you don’t owe me anything. In fact, I was the one who owe you very much.’

With those words, Mari left the living room, leaving Jonghyun who still tried to digest what Mari had said. And once he regained his sense, Mari already locked herself in her room.

‘Mari! Mari I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it! Sorry…’ Jonghyun pouched Mari’s room door endlessly.

But there no answer, how could Mari answer it when she was surrendering into tears. Only this time she realized; she could not hide behind Jonghyun’s back anymore. Jonghyun had his own life and surely she should not be in the picture. She could not ruin her brother’s life, not with his happy life with his new girlfriend.

‘Mari, please open the door,’ Jonghyun kept begging in his desperate voice. ‘I’m sorry, I really am sorry.’

Jonghyun kept begging and Mari was crying in her bed, that night no one of them had slept. Mari with her own sudden decision and Jonghyun with his regret had said such a word to his sister. Jonghyun would really love to stay in his couch and waiting for his sister wake up if only he did not have schedule today.

Yes, he had yet another meeting with other Kpopstarhunt 3 team, yeah, he was one of the judge and tutor as well. And this morning the judges have meeting which he did not will to come. If only possible, he wanted to skip it, all he wanted to do right now was talking to Mari badly, say that he was sorry, that he never meant with everything he had said. But it was unlikely. His meeting need to be attended and Mari seemed does not want to come out from her room anytime soon. Reluctantly, Jonghyun got up from the couch and prepared breakfast for Mari.

‘Mari, I prepare breakfast for you already, eat them before you go to office. Mar…’ he bite his bottom lip before continue pleading. ‘Mari, I really, really am sorry. I never meant with everything I said last night. You have to know that I love you my sister, you’re everything to me. It seems that you’re still angry at me, when you feeling up to, I’ll come again, you can do whatever you want to me but please let me talk to you, don’t ignore me. I have to go now; I’ll see you in the office,’

Once Mari heard Jonghyun stepped away from her room door and the sound of front door being opened and closed, she cried harder. Didi she heard everything Jonghyun said? Of course because she did not even sleep in the first place, in fact, for whole night, she did not sleep. And now she felt so alone, both in her heart and in reality.


Jonghyun sighed in relieve when finally the 3 hours meeting had done. It was past lunch when Jonghyun arrived in Mari’s office but he greeted by the empty room. Mari’s desk was clean, something unpleasant rushed up to his mind almost immediately.

‘Oh Chief said today she’s feeling unwell so she’s absent,’ Jenna, Mari’s Vice, explained when Jonghyun asked Mari’s whereabouts.

‘Thank you Jenna,’ Jonghyun turned his heels and rushed back to Mari’s house.

Another silence welcomed Jonghyun once the man opens Mari’s apartment door. That spacious flat is quite, very indeed.

Once again Jonghyun heaved a deep sigh as he threw himself on the couch. Mari should be outside to find fresh air after last night outburst. Last night…, Jonghyun could not help but cursed at himself for being culprit. In fact he did not know how their talk became fight and end up that way.

He lazily glanced to the paper bag sitting on the table, the lunch he bought for Maria but alas, she was nowhere to be found. Reluctantly he stood up and headed to the dining room to keep the food on the fridge. His body stiffened when he saw light blue envelope lied on the dining table, right on the place where he placed breakfast earlier in the morning. He stared at the paper for good few moments before he took it.

Jonghyun drove his car panicky, where was she going?


‘Where is she? Where is Mari?’

Jenna looks puzzled when Jonghyun bombard her with questions once she let him in to her office.

‘I don’t know—’

‘Stop lying! Tell me where is she?!’

Jenna was about to burst in anger but she tried held it back by seeing the dark face the young man stood next to her. It was desperation, fear, and frustration.

‘Jonghyun ssi,’ her voice softened and Jonghyun rummaged his hair and threw himself on the sofa, wrapping his face with his both palms.

‘Is something going on with Chief? Earlier today she called me that she’s feeling unwell and I told her to rest, that’s all. She, maybe, going out for some fresh air,’

Jonghyun didn’t response and both of them fall silence.

‘No,’ finally he said weakly as he shook his head and Jenna looked up to him in confusion, ‘she’s run away,’

‘What did you mean?’

‘Tell me if you heard anything about her, particularly about her work here, please,’

Jenna hardly knowing how to say or do as Jonghyun, once again pleading with sincerity and she couldn’t help but let herself mentally asked what’s going on between her Chief and the idol. She has never seen Jonghyun in very panic state like he is today. And about the couple, as Mari’s friend, all she knows is both of them are close friend, and it was often that both of them saying they are foster brother and sister. But prove about that? She doesn’t know and never ask it either.

Jenna met Mari three years ago when she desperately wanted Yonghwa’s autograph and Mari was the one who helped her. Both of them became friend since then and when Mari deciding to stay and took the chance as The FNC Magazine Editor in Chief, Mari took Jenna under her wings for some reasons, Jenna is very good in Korean and Japanese (no surprise since Jenna is BOICE in the first place), Jenna could be her very perfect bridge when Mari has to work with Korean team and also Jenna is journalist.

Jenna heaved deep sigh for she just find out there something happen—that probably more than close friend—between her best friend and one of her favorite idol.


Jonghyun is screw up, he is definitely screwed up! What you have done Lee Jonghyun? He took out the blue envelope which his Noona’s latter being kept. He starred at the very familiar handwriting on his hand.

Dear my Pet,
I don’t know where I have to start ‘cause I have so many things to say sorry.
Sorry that you’ve stuck with my sucking life, I’m very sorry for that. Don’t blaming yourself, I’ll be fine and I hope you’ll have a happy life. You deserve it.
I love to see your smile, and that smile already encourages me for so long. Please stay like Jonghyun that I ever know, the ordinary Jonghyun who loves nagging and being cared than caring.
I love you,

Your worthless sister,

Tears trailed down into his cheeks but he just let it flow. What was the point to wiping it up? The things would never fix back no matter he cried or hold it back. Slowly, he put it back the latter into it’s envelop and sinking low on the couch.


‘Is Jonghyun still gloomy?’ Shinhye asked to Minhyuk who was busying himself reading the script.

The latter was just nod as reply.

‘Mari texted me yesterday, said sorry ‘cause she cancelled our girl-day-out,’

Minhyuk raised his head in surprise;

‘Mari sent you a text?’ Shinhye nodded, ‘but she didn’t say where she is or what is her plan?’

‘I was busy filming, we talk in hurry. I don’t even know that she’s fight with Jonghyunie or something,’ Shinhye shook her head while explaining.

Minhyuk heaved a deep sigh.

‘Jonghyunie Hyung will be crazy if Mari didn’t com back,’

‘I thought, Jonghyunie Oppa is seeing Jinyi Eonnie,’ Kristal appeared suddenly and handed over juice can to Minhyuk and Shinhye.

‘So?’ Minhyuk asked, apparently confuse with what his girlfriend saying.

‘So, why is he scared to death with Mari Eonnie disappearance?’

‘Because they’re close there that close,’ Minhyuk replied.



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