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My Miracle Chapter 8; Is He…?

Jonghyun went back home early today. He had no certain schedule recently and all he did just wander around without purpose. Playing his ‘girlfriends’ in the practice studio room or shut up himself to compose song or simply worked out. But today he didn’t do any of those options, he rather to go home, why? His screw up mind for some odd reasons he hated to admit. He missed his Me Ahri so much but his pride did not allowing him to, his pride told him to keep his anger still, for Jinyi did not have enough trust in him, for her suspected about his relationship with Mari was sort of friend with benefit.

But he let out disappointment when he opened Mari’s unit and the ones he looked for was nowhere in the house. He had no idea where she was for he knew Mari already left her office. In fact Mari preferred to bring all of her work to home rather than lingering in her office.

‘None is home too,’ he sighed deeply once he stepped in his dorm and found the situation was also the same. None seemed to be at home, Minhyuk for sure at drama location, Yonghwa? Maybe but about Jungshin he had no idea. Recently his maknae seemed change for the unknown reason—at least to him. Jungshin usually did something without reason though.

Jonghyun’s startled by a sudden music sound being heard from his leader’s room, he smiled in relieve for the thought not being left alone. With wide step he crossed the room and about to stormed in when he froze on the spot. There another voice inside Yonghwa’s room, not Shinhye’s but a very familiar one.

‘Seriously, you have to change the way you sing, it wouldn’t work, you know,’ the girl laughed.

Curious, Jonghyun stretched his neck to take a peek who was the girl inside the eldest’s room.

The girl was sitting on Yonghwa’s chair, in front of his computer and the man stood behind her, locking her with Yonghwa’s both hands that supported his weight on to the desk.

‘Rather than “I don’t want to know” it’s should be “I don’t wanna know” have you ever heard somebody sings “I don’t want to know?’ she said, again that familiar voice.

‘But you do like My Miracle,’ Yonghwa started to sing the part of the song that Mari always laugh at, whenever the song is sung.

“But I cannot explain how much I love you”

‘That’s my Pet’s song, and I always love any of his song anyway,’ the girl replied.
‘But you do like my Time is Over, don’t you?’

‘Hey, we’re here not to discuss which song I like, are we?’

Yonghwa laughed and sang back his new song; lovingly he gazed down to the girl who held the papers and locked in between her hands.

Even he did not know the face of the girl, Jonghyun was quite certain that she was Mari. The strangest thing here was just because Mari had to sit inside Yonghwa’s room. It was not because Mari was never been in one of CNBLUE’s room before, of course she was. But if she needed a room for her own then it must be his room. No other else.

He knew as everybody else did that Mari and Yonghwa were also close enough as friend, Mari used to help Yonghwa edit his English lyric but then again, they have never been worked inside Yonghwa’s room. Actually, if Jonghyun thinks straight, the scene he just walked into was nothing. Nothing.

He knew and acknowledged that but after Mari’s crying incident some days ago; he just could not help but kept suspicious to whoever who seemed close to Mari and those not exceptions for his own band members.

Was he to much? Was he thinking too far? Maybe.

Did not want to interrupt Yonghwa and Mari, Jonghyun quietly steeped back and closed the door, contemplanting about what he should do before he decided to drive around. Seoul was still busy as usual; people seemingly have tos of stuffs to do that was why there were too many vehicles on the street. What I’m thinking about? Jonghyun mentally chuckled. He continued to drive along the busy street and his mind back to Mari; she was definitely one very difficult woman.


Suddenly Jonghyun remembered their conversation when both of them drunk at Mari’s house in Kyoto three years ago.

‘Jonghyun, can I marry Jungshin?’ Mari asked in between her hiccups.

‘No,’ Jonghyun whispered, ‘don’t marry him, you better marry Mihyukie, he is able to take care of you, to protect you when I’m not around, Jungshin is a kid, silly kid that giving you trouble rather than comfort, ’

‘But I loooooove… Jungshin,’ Mari stuttered and laid her head upon the table.

‘You know Mari, love doesn’t exist when it comes to marriage thing…’ with those words Jonghyun followed Mari, laid his head upon the table and started snoring softly.

Reality snapped Jonghyun back and he instinctively pushed the brake all of sudden, causing the little car leapt a little bit. Lee Jonghyun almost made headline by causing massive accident for his sudden stop in the middle of the crowd down at Seoul busy boulevard. Once he regained his sense back, there one place he needed to visit. Looked around him and he restarted the engine.

‘Are you alright?’ asked the Auntie Song as the elder laid Jonghyun’s order on the table on front of the young man that seems lost his soul. Yes the place Jonghyun needed to visit urgently was Auntie Song’s shop.

Jonghyun raised his head and gave a small smile before he shook his head.

‘I’m fine,’

‘You seem not,’ the elder sneered.

Jonghyun disregarded that and began to attack his lovely food, yes, of course pork soup! Tasting nice food when his mind in the messiest state is the best way to distract them and that what Jonghyun does right now.

‘How many days you haven’t eaten?’

Jonghyun’s spoon suspended in the middle as he grinned before dug back to his food.

‘Eat slowly; none will snatch it from you,’

Jonghyun nodded. But still, his way of eating did not change.

‘Anyway, do Jungshin and Mari already settled—whatever had happen—between them?

And this question caught Jonghyun’s intention almost immediately, what happen with them?

‘Jungshin and Mari? What happen with them?’

The Ahjumma then told Jonghyun the story the day she met Mari who cried and Jungshin that furious after he gone to see her.

‘I don’t know what happen, but Mari hurriedly runaway to hide her tears, I asked Jungshin, he said he didn’t know but he’s quite furious after awhile he was gone to see Mari,’

Jonghyun blinked several times, to try to put everything together. Along these times the only time Mari cried was the time she said her crush already had someone in his mind, and if that day Mari was with Jungshin, was it possible? Jonghyun choked hard once he put the pieces inside his brain. He mentally slapped himself for not realizing that, how come? Oh no, how long? For Mari it was quite long already, because the conversation they’d shared happened in Japan 3 years ago, 3 YEARS AGO!

Jonghyun stood up and grabbed his jacket and ready to leave the place.

‘Lee Jonghyun, you haven’t finished your meal yet!’

‘Sorry Auntie, I’ll finish later, I have to go, it’s urgent,’ he replied and quickly gulped the water and run out the shop, he needed to talk to Mari, as soon as possible!

How could he was so stupid, how could he was being so ignorance, damn Mari and Jungshin!

‘Mari! Mari Lee!’ Jonghyun called out Mari’s name as he stormed in the dorm and made his way into Yonghwa’s room. He even called her by name not as usual as Mummy or his other pet names he specifically made for her.

He did not even care that his loud voice startled whoever who stay there for he was thinking there no one but Yonghwa and Mari.  Inside his room Yonghwa and Mari looked puzzled with Jonghyun’s sudden appearance and dragged the girl out from her chair.

‘I need to talk to you,’ he said to Mari and look up to Yonghwa who stand still stood frozen—or confuse. ‘Very sorry, I borrow her. There something we need to talk.’

With that he grabbed Mari by hand and stepped out from the room.

‘Lee Jonghyun what happen with you?!’

‘We need to talk,’ he replied shortly.

‘Then talk, why are you so rude to Yong?’

‘I told you I need to talk!’ actually he had no idea why he acted that way; he seemed furious, or jealous? It was when Mari pulled away from his grasp.

Jonghyun turned his head, surprise by Mari’s sudden act.

‘What’s wrong with you?! If you wanna talk then say it, no need to be rude to your brother.’

Jonghyun was about to replied when he suddenly caught Jungshin with his corner of his eyes. For a split second his body was stiffening, Lee Jungshin, that name…

‘I’m not sure you want me to spit everything I wanna talk to you here,’ he said quietly after he regain his sense and again, he grabbed Mari’s hand and ignoring the youngest member who gstood still in front of dinner table with confusion in his face.

‘Now what?!’ Asked Mari loudly once they were inside Mari’s house. Yes, Mari was finally got herself a house, two storey house with small garden.

‘The guy, your crush…’

Mari was surprise with the sudden topic Jonghyun brought up.

‘Is he … Jungshin?



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