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My Miracle; Chapter 6 Women are Definitely Confusing

‘Seriously Mari you’re scaring me now,’ said Jonghyun as he drove the car.

Frequently he glanced to Mari who was snuggling—or curling—at passenger seat with her back facing Jonghyun.

‘Just drive well, and don’t ask me to stop, I wanna cry today,’ said Mari among her silent sobbing.
‘That’s what I mean, I’ve never see you cry but today, can you tell me why are you crying?’

Mari did not reply, but Jonghyun knew that Mari was still crying silently. They shared silence moment since then, only Mari’s silent sobbing which heard inside the milky white mini cooper.

‘Well, will you keep crying inside the car or get out?’ Jonghyun asked, only then Mari realized he already parked the car under the big tree.

Mari stirred up and looked around; it was the place she used to come and spent the night together with Jonghyun but she had never come here under the sun. Mari opened the car door and she saw Jonghyun already stretched his both hands then sat down on the beach near the low wall at the edge of the hill.

Jonghyun looked up to Mari, her face was red and her eyes are puffy but she didn’t say anything just sat next to him.

‘The view look nicer at night,’ said Mari.

Jonghyun spoke nothing, he seemed fed up to try to ask what exactly happening.

‘I think the time is over,’ finally Mari said in flat voice.

Jonghyun turned his head but Mari looked straight, into the distant.

‘He said I’m merely his friend, his friend that he doesn’t wanna see me to get hurt, but he didn’t realize he hurt me already.’

Jonghyun turned his body completely and fully faced Mari although she kept herself straight on her own.

‘Are you saying that you already confess to him?’ Jonghyun asked in disbelief.

Mari shrugged and stood up, tears dropped and boiled hot in her cheeks once again.

‘Sorry Mari, I’ve no idea about something like this, you meet wrong person today, you’d meet Yonghwa instead not me,’ Jonghyun said in low voice.

‘Silly,’ Mari laughed and walked back and ruffled Jonghyun’s hair before added,’your idea to bring me here is pretty nice though. ‘Don’t worry; I’ll just cry for today, tomorrow you’ll see the old Mari and I think, for me is enough to have you alone.’

‘Thanks, but I don’t like you to say such a thing, you loved by many people not only me,’

Mari shrugged and sat back down on her previous position, ‘you said you need help, what it is?’

Jonghyun shook his head, ‘on the second thought I guess I better asked Jungshin for that,’

And Mari’s stomach felt like turn over upon hearing the name.


Dorm was pretty quite when Jungshin arrived, seemingly everybody were gone for schedule already, but obviously not Jonghyun. He let out a deep breath thinking of Jonghyun and Mari. The couple that always made him uneasy whenever he thought about them, just by one call from Jonghyun, Mari left him and he still could not get rid the image of how Jonghyun hugged Mari at the street today. That was so Jonghyun, he would never care especially the rule of being nice and protecting his image as idol, and hugging a girl at public area was one of the thing that Jonghyun would do without thinking twice. Especially if the one was as close as family. Was Mari merely a family to Jonghyun like he always claimed?

It did not mean that he would not do the same way for the sake of protecting his image though, but according to Yonghwa, Jonghyun had crush on Jinyi, then…

Argh… this is so depressing!

Another summary, Jonghyun’s mother often said that she’s so thankful because Mari helped her to take care of her only son. Annoyed by his own thought Jungshin unconsciously fallen asleep. The best way to get rid something unpleasant for sure.


‘Lee Jonghyun, I told you I’m okay, I’m fine, and this won’t bring me down,’ Mari repeated the sentence for dozen times already but Jonghyun seemed hard to believe. ‘I won’t do silly thing, okay, I promise.’

‘Seriously? I can stay—’

‘Then what about Jinyi?’

‘I can call her, told her if I’m busy,’

‘No Pet, don’t let my problem to take you back from what you supposed to take, Jinyi is now waiting for you, just go, I’ll be fine.’ Mari shook her head.

‘Your pro—’

‘My problem is your problem, yes I know that,’ Mari cut the younger. ‘You can always comeback here after the date okay? Now go…’ Mari pushed Jonghyun out of her apartment, ‘bye… happy dating…’

Jonghyun reluctantly left, he glanced back several times and Mari was still there, leaned against the doors with smile on her face—though her eyes were still puffy—and waved to him. And Mari didn’t left until Jonghyun vanish from her sight.

With Jonghyun gone, Mari sighed by her loneliness. She had never felt lonely before because of her books were waiting for her to be read and writen but these days, especially once she decided to move to Korea, she seemed too busy to touch her book. And this time too, instead of reading her numerous books Mari sat in front of her piano and started playing My Miracle, the song that stuck inside her head recently. Thanks to Jonghyun that composed the song.


‘You’ve never call me first,’ Jinyi protested once they parked at Han River bank.

‘Umm… I’m bit busy today,’ Jonghyun made up an excuse.

‘Not only today, but have you remember when do you call me first?’ Jinyi pouted.

Jonghyun couldn’t believe his eyes, how come this girl pouted cutely? And he almost sure that his heart now was about to jump out of his chest.

‘I guess, I didn’t used to call you Jinyi, its sounds strange to me that’s why I don’t know what to say if I call you first,’ Jonghyun chuckled and scratched his head.

Jinyi laughed, loud, but in Jonghyun’s ear Jinyi as if serenaded him, gahh what happen with me, this girl just laughed and what the special thing about somebody’s laughing?

‘We’re the same then, its sounds funny to me whenever I called you Jonghyun,’ and Jinyi roared with laughter once again.

‘Is my name funny to you?’

Jinyi shook her head and still laughing.

‘What if I call you Collin? I think its better,’

‘But I’m definitely not Collin,’

‘And I’m absolutely not Ahri,’

Both of them look at each other and burst out into laughter.

‘Okay let’s pretend we’re Ahri and Collin,’ said Jinyi cheerfully.

‘What if my feeling to you wasn’t pretense?’ that word slipped out from Jonghyun’s mouth without even Jonghyun ever realize it. And once he did, he only found Jinyi look at him blankly.

Both of them stunned by the sudden and unexpected revelation, and after shared an awkward moment Jinyi finally broke the awkwardness.

‘I’m hungry, shall we find something to eat?’

‘Umm… well yeah good idea…’

Jinyi did not change; she is still the same as Jinyi before. Did she think it just something slipped out and not for serious one? Ahhh why she just like Mari? I’ve never able to read their mind?

Women are definitely confusing!



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