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My Miracle; Chapter 5 First Tears

Mari was ready to leave her office when herphone rang, it was Jungshin.

‘I’m at Auntie Song, will you come here?’

‘Okay, you treat,’ Mari shortly replied and tried her best to hide her excitement in her voice.

Jungshin laughed and replied; ‘As you wish.’

Here he was Lee Jungshin right now; he could not bear his curiosity anymore. Yonghwa’s revelation about Jonghyun and Jinyi was quite bothering his mind. Did Mari know about Jinyi?

‘Hey,’ Mari tapped Jungshin’s shoulder and he startled at once. He was too immersed with his own mind so that he did not realize if Mari was already next to him.

‘What are you thinking about?’ Mari curiously asked.

‘Nothing,’ Jungshin shook his head.

‘Liar,’ Mari chuckled and she turned her heels and pulled an empty chair across the table.

Jungshin raised his head, staring Mari directly into her big dark brown eyes, what a beautiful, he swallowed.

‘Look,’ he began, ‘I know you stay here because of somebody else, but does he know about your feeling?’

Mari tilted her head, looked at Jungshin curiously; ‘Why are you suddenly asking me this?’

‘We’re friend, aren’t we?’

Mari did not reply but gazing Jungshin back.

‘What if he has somebody else?’ Jungshin carefully asked and Mari froze on her chair. ‘Mari, I don’t like this, but I think we’re close enough for me to tell you all of this, you better come back, I don’t think you need any job here.’

‘So you have somebody else?’ Mari murmured to herself, disappointing.


‘Nothing,’ Mari hesitate for a second but then she asked; ‘What do you see in me?’


Mari swallowed it’s now or never; ‘I mean what am I to you?’
Jungshin eyes widened in surprise, it seemed that he did not expect this kind of questions came out from Mari. You’re the one who make me uneasy, of course the sentence just rang out inside Jungshin’s head, how come he revealed his true feeling when suddenly flashed of Jonghyun’s face forming in his eyes.

‘Friend?’ Jungshin at last replied and he felt as if a brick fallen from his throat down to his stomach. ‘A best friend that doesn’t like to see you’re gets hurt.’ He added.

Mari’s lips formed a curve of smile as her hope flew away.

‘So I think I don’t need to be worry, ‘cause I have friend like you,’ Mari smiled.


‘I’m hungry, have you order me something? Ahh.. why are none’s around?’ Mari ignored Jungshin by changed topic.

Jungshin stared at the girl in front of him, he sensed refusal in her face and he knew, for now he had to drop this matter.

‘I’ll go to get the order,’ Jungshin said and stood up.

Mari’s cell phone rang and Jungshin swallowed hard when he heard Mari called “Pet”, well it was obviously Jonghyun.

‘Yes Pet,’

‘Where are you?’ Jonghyun asked.

‘I’m at Auntie Song’s shop, why?’

‘I need your help; I’ll pick you up there.’ And Jonghyun hung up the phone before Mari could explain with who she was right now.

Mari observed the small restaurant and found Jungshin laughed with the other servers. CNBLUE guys and Mari were often come to have meal, that’s why they were familiar with everyone. Mari kept her eyes on Jungshin’s back figure, wondered herself how or when she started seeing that guy more than a friend. But Mari had no idea; she did not know when Jungshin unlocked her heart that she locked it up for nearly in her lifetime. Mari felt her eyes warmed, she could not believe she was about to cry just because of a guy, and that guy was Lee Jungshin!

Mari stood up and approached Jungshin;

‘Sorry I have to go,’

‘Does Jonghyun asked you out?’ Jungshin asked; another pain for him but he still manage to smile.

‘Sorry,’ Mari nodded and tapped Jungshin’s shoulder then hurriedly left the place without looking back as tears slowly form in both of her eyes.

‘Oh Mari, why are you so hurry?’ Auntie Song asked in surprise when Mari about to bump into her.

‘Ah sorry Auntie, I didn’t see you.’ Mari bowed, ‘I’m sorry I’ve to go,’ once again she hurriedly turned her back and stormed out of the shop to hide her tears.


Mari disregarded Auntie Song’s call, right now all she could think was to get away from Jungshin so he did not see her tears.


Auntie Song walked further in to her restaurant with Mari was still in her mind, she was sure that one of her regular customer was crying, but why? As long as she knew, Mari always cheerfully smile for everything, and inside, she found Jungshin testing the dumpling new recipe from their chef.

‘Why does Mari so hurry?’ she asked Jungshin.

‘Her pet needs her,’ Jungshin shrugged.


Jungshin nodded;

‘Ah this one taste good but a bit salty,’ he told the chef.

‘You two didn’t quarrel or something did you?’ Auntie Song asked Jungshin once again.

Jungshin turned his head and frowned.

‘Quarrel? No we didn’t,’

‘Then why did she cry?’ she murmured to herself but clear enough for Jungshin to hear it.


Meanwhile, Jonghyun just parked his car when he saw Mari opened the shop’s door and walked away hurriedly.

‘Mari!’ Jonghyun called Mari from the car but Mari did not respond she just kept walking to the opposite direction.

Jonghyun raised his eyebrow, confuse with Mari’s behavior thus he hurriedly got off the car and run after her.

‘Mari!’ Jonghyun called louder as he approached the girl, but still, Mari did not reply. ‘Mari!’ Jonghyun grabbed Mari left arm to prevent her for getting away, ‘I call you but…’ Jonghyun unable to continue his word when realize something strange had happen, he turned Mari around and surprised to see Mari in tears. ‘Mari what happen!?’

Mari did not reply instead she kept her head hung low and sobbed louder.

Jonghyun meanwhile, he did not know what to do since it is the first time he saw Mari cried, hence, he simply hugged her.



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