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My Miracle Chapter 4; Didn’t They…?

Didn’t they…?

Mari said or asked Jonghyun nothing when he fetched her on the next day and both of them shared a silence along the way they drive from Mari’s apartment into her office.

‘Will you guys at home for dinner?’ Mari asked when she’s about to leave the car, finally they arrived in the FNC building.
‘I think so, why?’
‘We’ll do grocery shop first before home tonight; you have no schedule, haven’t you?’ Jonghyun nodded. ‘Okay, so as usual,’ and Mari stepped out from her car and deliberately stopped and turned around. ‘Forget to ask; today you don’t have another date, do you?’
‘Mari!’ Jonghyun blushed and Mari roared with laughter.
‘Enjoy your day Pet,’ she winked.

Jonghyun stared at the back figure that slowly left him, he mindslessly smiled to himself and before he could stop, his mouth opened to call her.

‘Yes?’ Mari stopped her track and turned around.
‘Are you really happy if I’m seeing someone?’

The female raised her eyes and walked back to her car, right next to driver’s seat window,

‘What kind of question is that?’ Jonghyun shrugged, ‘of course I’m happy, very indeed, ahh my pet is growing up now, I shouldn’t call you Pet anymore,’ Mari laughed and ruffled his hair much to the younger’s annoyance before once again left his side and headed up to the building.

This time Jonghyun simply stared at her back figure until dissapeare behind the closed door. He then leaned back to the headrest, Mari, the most special person with special reason to his life and he has been reluctant about his decision to move on or not. Why does man and woman’s relationship have to be this complicated?


It was around 6 in the evening when Mari and Jonghyun finally reached CNBLUE’s dorm with JOnghyun’s hand full of grocery bags.

‘Wah, what is this?’ Minhyuk exclaimed upon seeing Jonghyun brought inside their daily supplies.
‘Good then, we don’t need to do grocery shopping for some days or maybe a week,’ Yonghwa laughed.
‘Oh why?’ Jonghyun dumbly asked as he passed the stuff into Minhyuk and Jungshin for them to bring in to the kitchen.
‘Mum just came and filled up the refry,’ Minhyuk replied from kitchen.
‘Oh my God, the refry is full now,’ Mari chuckled.
‘Is there not enough space already?’ Jungshin asked much to Mari surprise, clearly she did not expect that Jungshin was still lingering in the kitchen.
Mari shook her head; ‘Let see, I think I still can manage to arrange these, wahh you guys don’t need to be starving then,’
‘We’re still if you aren’t come and cook for us,’ Jonghyun said.
‘Lee Jonghyun, you have to learn how to cook, you need to eat so you have to cook it by yourself,’ Mari lectured the youngr as she arranged some frozen food on the fridge.
‘No I won’t, if you won’t I’ll just call delivery service. Easy and fast,’
‘Oh let me do it,’ Jungshin gave sudden offer when Mari struggles to put some frozen food into high shelves above—the fridge was the big one and Mari used to call it chiller instead—her. ‘This one too?’ Jungshin asked and Mari nodded and passed Jungshin another pack to arrange there.
‘Is still has space?’ Mari asked.

Jungshin nodded and Mari passed him the last frozen mix veggie pack.

Jonghyun approached them and commented; ‘you know, you two looked like a new-wed couple arranging your new house—’ and his comment was cut of when Mari hit his head frozen mix veggie pack immediately, lucky for her, none notice her blushing face.
‘Ow! It’s hurt!’
‘Good if you still sense it, wanna some more?’ Mari retorted and about to leave kitchen when Jonghyun asked once again,
‘Where’re you goin’?’
‘Going home? Where else I should be?’
‘Cook me supper first,’
‘We’ve just eat!?’
‘I wanna eat, Mari… Mari… I wanna eat,’

With Jonghyun pulled off his whined and puppy eyes, Mari gave in and turned back around to the kitchen.

‘Yong what do you want?’
‘Anything,’ Yonghwa replied, he was still busy with his guitar.
‘And you?’ Mari turned to Jungshin who was still in the kitchen and folding the grocery bags.
‘Same with they’re two, anything you cook it’s fine,’ Jungshin smiled.
‘Mari, why didn’t you ask me? It’s me, who ask you to cook supper,’ Jonghyun protested.

Mari did not reply and simply shoot the boy behind her with fierce glare and Jonghyun hugged her tightly at once.

‘Ahh okay, you’re always the best sister to me, ah no, my second mother hehe…’
‘Lee Jonghyun! I can’t cook if you keep holding me,’
‘Thanks Mum,’ he grinned and released Mari before planted a kiss on her cheek.
‘Silly,’ Mari mumbled.

Little did Mari know Jungshin witnessed everything between her and Jonghyun. Mari, although she was one of the most stone-headed people he ever knew but when it came to Jonghyun, she would completely change. She did everything what Jonghyun asked, maybe at first she would refuse but in the end she ended up doing what she was told.

Jungshin was also keep thinking about Mari’s real reason why she took FNC boss’ offer to be the FNC’s magazine chief editor. She did not answer his question that day, but with her closeness to Jonghyun, nothing was impossible. But then, both Yonghwa and Minhyuk seemed enjoy as if nothing happened between the guitarist and their best friend.

Who was the one Mari wanted to be close with? That question lingered in Jungshin’s head for days and now it seemed resurfaced again.


It’s been weeks since Mari working as Chief Editor and since that day Jonghyun turned to be her private driver, kiddo driver actually with all his silly and childish act. People in the company started to be wonder with their relationship which—no need to ask—Jonghyun never pay attention with.

Same for Yonghwa, whenever he questioned by those question he simply replied, “what are you expect from the child?” referring their relationship no more than silly kid’s act.

‘But sometimes I’m wondering too,’ Minhyuk said out of the blue when they hang out at the Dreamy Coffee with Jungshin and Yonghwa, Jonghyun was nowhere near them and he must be with Mari or Jinyi at the moment.
‘Wondering about what?’ Jungshin asked as he sipped his latte.
‘Mari and Jonghyun,’
‘With those all creepy rumors? Blimey, are you got into gossip poisoned too?’ Yonghwa laughed.
Minhyuk shook his head vigorously; ‘Of course not! But even if there something between them, it wouldn’t be surprise though,’
Yonghwa’s laugh grew loud; ‘Ahh you guys are really, both of them never be, have you ever see sister and brother are dating?’
‘They aren’t sibling,’ Jungshin replied.
‘True,’ Yonghwa nodded, ‘but then they’re mother and kid.’
‘Anyway, you’re look pretty sure with this,’

Yonghwa nodded.

‘Care to explain?’
‘Jonghyun, he’s about to chasing after Jinyi, ’

Couples of eyes widened in surprise.

‘Jinyi? Are you sure?’ Minhyuk confirmed.
‘He told me everything yesterday…’

Yonghwa’s explanation came vaguely to Jungshin, his mind was traveling away from their conversation, Jinyi? Jonghyun has crush on Jinyi? Then what about Mari? Didn’t they…?



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