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My Miracle Chapter 3; The Answer

“She is my sister or my second mother. I can’t hide anything from her or even when I’m trying to do it, she will find out by herself.”

Lee Jonghyun nervously entered the coffee shop, he could not help but continuously cursed at Mari whenever he remembered their conversation this morning.

‘Pet, I forgot if I have photoshoot with FT guys this afternoon, drive Jinyi around will you?’

‘NO!!! I won’t, if you couldn’t come then tell her! I won’t go around today!’ Jonghyun quickly replied, he knew what game Mari was playing on him. I’m not that stupid.

‘Yah! Pet, do me a favour okay!? She was asking many times already.’

‘It’s your problem, not mine, if I’m driving I’ll make sure I won’t go alone.’ Jonghyun insisted.

‘I don’t care, you’ve my car so you better come, and I’ll text you the address then pick her up.’ Mari concluded and hung up the phone just like that.

‘Yah Mari! Mari!’ Jonghyun almost screamed when his voice met beep beep sound.

“Jinyi at Dreamy Coffee, pick her up and have fun  there 2 two movies tickets I hide on the dashboard, I’m sure you’ll find it, otherwise just go around, fyi, Jinyi is just like me, she likes beautiful scenery. Well Pet, happy dating, don’t screw up okay?
Ps: I don’t want to be an Auntie soon, so don’t go too far on your first date :P”

Jonghyun gritted his teeth to hold his anger, Mari had set him up. And he hurriedly calls Mari’s number which unreachable, he tried to call Mari’s office and her staff told him that their chief already on FT Island photo-shoot set.

‘So she doesn’t lie,’ Jonghyun mumbled.

Jonghyun rummaged his hair harshly before took his jacket and left the house.


Jonghyun spotted Jinyi at the coffee shop Yonghwa often spent his time, she was still as pretty as he could remember, and was she speaking with someone on the phone? Jonghyun decided to wait ‘till Jinyi put down her phone and he noticed that she sighed.

Jinyi waved her right hand as soon as she saw Jonghyun with her usual smile, the smile that drive Jonghyun crazy recently.

‘Hi, I’m sorry to make you waiting,’

Jinyi’s smile grew wider and she shook her head slowly;

‘It’s okay, not too late; anyway do you want order something or—’

‘I’m sorry,’ Jonghyun cut her across, and Jinyi furrowed. ‘Mari, she couldn’t come, there sudden working call.’

‘Ah, I thought you’ll say that you can’t accompany me today,’ Jinyi said and she looked relieve, somehow it surprised Jonghyun. ‘Mari just called me and say sorry.’

Jonghyun raised his eyebrows.


‘I try to call her but her phone is unreachable.’

Jinyi smiled again.

‘Mari left her phone at her office; she called me using her staff’s phone.’

Though Jonghyun did not believe what Jinyi said but he decided to drop the conversation, Jinyi did not lie to him but his Mari surely did to Jinyi. Poor innocent girl. Wait until I take revenge.

‘So, where do we go?’ Jonghyun asked.

‘I know you don’t like to go window shopping, so the choice is pass and we can’t go to musical store too ‘cause I don’t what to do there.’ Jonghyun smiled upon hearing Jinyi. ‘So I think what if we go to park or something?’

‘Amusement park?’

‘I don’t think so,’ Jinyi shook her head.

‘Why? You don’t like it?’

‘It’s too crowded, people might recognize you.’

‘You don’t want caught with me?’

Jinyi’s eyes widened. ‘Of course not! I just think it wouldn’t do good on you,’

‘I don’t care though,’

‘But I do, what if some nice, relaxing but quite place, do you any have idea?’

Jonghyun racked his brain awhile before nodded.


‘Wow… what a nice place, I didn’t know if there place like this in here,’ Jinyi exclaimed and pressed her both palms into prayer.

Jonghyun stood side by side with her, stared into distance, he took a deep breathe before saying;

‘It’s my first come here though,’

‘You’re first?’ Jinyi turned her head in surprise, ‘then who had told you about this place?’

‘Ahh I mean I come at day, I used to come here at night,’


Jonghyun nodded with his eyes still gazing in the distance, to see the beautiful view down there.

‘At night, especially when full moon, the view is incredibly amazing, whenever Mari visiting us, we’ll spent at least one night here just simply watching the stars all night along.’

‘So, Mari also knows this place? Anyway, I’m curious about one thing if I may,’

‘What is that?’

‘What you see in Mari, I mean as woman.’

Jonghyun looked at the girl who stood next to him in confusion, what does she mean?

‘What do you think about her? Okay, what is her charm,’

Jonghyun laughed and shook his head.

‘I don’t know,’ Jonghyun replied as he sat down at the bench near by. ‘I mean I’ve never or I think I’ve never see her as woman,’ Jinyi looked at him closely, ‘for me she is my sister or my second mother. I can’t hide anything from her or even when I’m trying to do it, she will find out by herself.’

‘She’s attractive woman, even from woman side, she very interesting. That’s why I’m so surprise with your closeness you have no feeling for her.’

Jonghyun instantly looked at Jinyi in his shock.

‘Yah Yoon Jinyi, do you expect me to date her or something?’
Jinyi smiled and shrugged.
Jonghyun waved his hand, ‘that’s creepy. Stop thinking like that.’

Jinyi laughed and teased, ‘but Jonghyun-ah, what if someone was behind Mari’s reason to stay here is you?’

‘Yah! I told you stop thinking that way! Anyway he’s somebody else, not me of course, she must be crazy if fall in love with me, and, why do we have to talk about her?’

Jinyi’s laughter grew louder upon seeing irritated Jonghyun, little did he know if Jinyi laughed in relieve. Her curiosity was answered and that was not displeasing one.



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