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My Miracle Chapter 2; Crushes


Mari’s condo was up in 26 floors with single room but large space so that she could modify to be whatever she wanted. As writer, Mari’s most of treasure was just revolving around the books which Jonghyun constantly complained about.

‘Noona are you about to open a book store?’ Jonghyun asked because whenever he opened the boxes what he could find just book and books.

‘I’m a writer, remember? And you don’t expect me to have bunch of books?’

‘But these are too many,’ added Jungshin, ‘do you read all of these?’

‘I do.’ Replied Mari and she kept on her eyes and hands to put up the book on the shelves.

‘Ohh I hate books.’ Jungshin whined.

Mari laughed, of course, she knew very well that Jungshin hated book, though sometimes he read manga but actually he barely read it and enjoyed the drawing only. It was silent pause among them but the sound of books who sorted in some different piles.

‘Anyway where is Jonghyunie Hyung? I haven’t heard him complaining or fooling around.’ Suddenly Minhyuk asked and four of them seemed to realize with Jonghyun’s disappearance.

‘Ahaa there he is.’ Mari pointed toward her bed which Jonghyun was innocently sleeping with peaceful face.

‘What the hell is he doing?’ Yonghwa said and about to wake him up when Mari pushed Yonghwa aside and signing not to do so.

‘He surely tired, he home very late last night wasn’t he? Go out now, let him sleep.’ Mari ordered.

‘Yahh you’re bias…’ Yonghwa protested.

‘Step out!’ Mari cut across Yonghwa’s protest and walked inside the room to fix blanket over Jonghyun’s before she drew the curtain to dim the room.


It has been a week since Mari moved to Korea and it seemed her main job was as CNBLUE’s chef. Beside their breakfast, Mari would prepare their lunch and dinner almost everyday. today was not an exception, Mari just finish prepared lunch when Jungshin woke up.

‘Good morning,’ Mari greeted the—just woke up zombie looking—Jungshin who was smiling before replied among his yawns. ‘Ah, good of you’ve wake up, ‘cause I gotta go, I have something to do.’ Mari hurriedly said and she started to clean up her mess in the kitchen.

‘Something important?’ Jungshin asked as he helped Mari to wash the kitchen wares.

‘Yeah, ah tell Jonghyunie, I keep his food on the fridge, just put in on microwave before eating. Thanks for helping me washing my mess.’ Mari smiled and grabbed his bag from the couch and started to the door. ‘Okay, bye.’

Jungshin leaned against the kitchen counter, silently watched Mari’s back disappeared hastily and not even bothered to wait for his reply for her goodbye.

“What is so important to her so that she is leaving quite hurry?” Jungshin also noticed that Mari seemed to hide something since the day her transferred into her apartment. But what was it? And then again it was not his business either


This afternoon all of FNC’s artists gathered at the FNC’s meeting room, FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, Juniel and many more. They scheduled to meet new The FNC magazine Chief Editor. The scheduled actually on 4 o’clock in the afternoons but it delayed since they also need to wait for FNC’s CEO, Mr. Han. As usual, to kill the time Yonghwa and Jungshin were doing silly thing while Jonghyun was seriously playing games on his cell with Minhyuk. Their merry little time caused them missed the time when their boss came in the meeting room. Four of them hurriedly stood up to greet the first FNC’s person and they froze upon recognize the one who stood next to their CEO.

She was Mari; yes it was Mari, their friend Mari!!!

Meanwhile, Mari winked to them as she began to introduce herself and CNBLUE boys pretty sure they were not hear it wrongly, Mari was now The FNC magazine Chief Editor!

None of CNBLUE boys paid attention to her presentation, four of them were still unable to get rid their shock. But it was only Jonghyun who was staring at her from the start to the end of the meeting, pierced and studied her, tried his best to find out what game Mari was playing about.


‘What this is all about?’

Mari jumped upin hearing a voice behind her once she stepped out from the restroom.

‘Blimey Jungshin! What are you doing here?!’

Jungshin grabbed Mari’s hand and pulled her to the corner so both of them hidden from people.

‘Explain me then, what this is all about, Chief Editor? Bah! you gotta be kidding me!’

‘Why I should explain to you?—’

‘You asked why you should. We’re all known you like forever and I know pretty clearly this kind of job is something you’d never done no matter what.’

Mari did not reply but staring to the tall guy before her. And about a minute later she let out a deep breath before replying,

‘I have my own reason why I took up this opportunity but I can’t tell you, not now. Shall we go out now? People will found us and maybe it’ll create misunderstanding.’

Jungshin fell silent, he had his own thought about this but he had no idea how to spit it up.

‘Is it about Jonghyunie Hyung?’ the question slipped out of his mouth even before he could stopped himself as he let the female slipped out from his grasp.

Mari stopped walking and turned her head, she smiled but did not elaborate then continue walking. While Jungshin kept staring at her back until she vanished in the corner. Jungshin cursed himself to let his curiosity control his emotion, he was mad now, yes he was and strangely he had no idea what the reason behind his madness. And why he was so angry seeing Mari stood beside his boss. It was unlike he dislike seeing Mari stood beside Mr. Han, of course not but for another reason, and the reason, the real reason was… what? He did not know either. Jungshin rummaged his hair before followed Mari out from the restroom


It was almost 11 pm when Mari arrived at her home which was completely dark and silent. Mari let out a deep breath while entering her house and frozen by her shock when she found Jonghyun was sitting at one of her dining room chair… in the complete darkness.

‘Oh my goodness!!! Mari shrieked when her she opened fridge and the light shoot Jonghyun’s sitting figure and she snapped. ‘What the hell are you doing in the darkness, why didn’t you turn the lamp on?!’

Jonghyun kept quiet and simply stared at Mari. His face somewhat irritated and Mari did not fail to catch it so she took sit next to him.

‘Can you explain to me what happening today?’ Jonghyun asked quietly.

‘You and Jungshin are really—’


‘Look, what’s wrong actually? Isn’t it something good that I find a job I like?’

Jonghyun chuckled so hard upon hearing Mari’s reply.

‘A job that you like?! Please don’t be joking. How much did he pay you?’ Jonghyun sarcastically mocked.

‘Lee Jonghyun!’

‘You’re successful writer, and now you willing to be an Editor in Chief? If you only want this career why didn’t you took over your family business? Your parent have publishing company, is that making sense you leave your home for the sake of “job that you like” on top of that, as long as I remember, Mari Lee is someone who treasure freedom so much and of course, being in the office to run round her errand would surely snatched away her freedom.’

Mari fell silent, Jonghyun was right. Her excuse was pretty lame and she knew she would not be to hide it from the guy before her.

‘Well, it isn’t completely I “like”, there another reason too.’

‘Tell me then,’

Mari sighed, fully aware that Jonghyun give up and insisted to dig up what the so called reason behind her decision.


‘I can’t tell you,’

‘Then we’ll sit here ‘till you tell me.’

Mari did not reply but stared flatly into her foster brother, both of them were stubborn and Mari pretty sure Jonghyun did not bluffing.

It was about Mari telling him or sitting acrros to each other for she did not know how long.

‘I think I fall to someone.’ Mari said slowly with small voice.

‘You what?!’ Jonghyun yelled in shock.

‘What the heck with your yelling.’

‘Sorry, but it’s just surprising,’ Jonghyun defensively replied. ‘Who’s that guy?’

Mari was about to reply when her phone rang.

“Yes, Mari’s here, oh Jinyi-ah,”

Jonghyun raised his head in shock while Mari smirked at him.

“There’s nothing actually, I just wanna wandering around and window shopping. And I think Jonghyun is available tomorrow to take us around.”

Mari winked to her brother that gives her— what are you talking about—look.

“Okay, we’ll pick you up tomorrow, see you.”

‘What the hell was that?!’ Jonghyun snapped as soon as Mari hung up the phone.

‘My future sister asked me to go out.’ Mari cheerfully replied.

‘Whose future sister?’ Jonghyun’s face turn reddish.

‘You know I’m a poor Noona ‘cause my pet has nothing to know but how to playing guitar, eating and laughing. He even has no idea how to get his crush on his hand, what I can expect?’

By now Jonghyun’s face was completely red and he could feel the heat traveled across his ears and face.

‘Noona, how… do… you…’ but Jonghyun was unable to continue his question.

Mari laughed upon seeing Jonghyun struggled inside.

‘What kind of Noona I’m if I don’t know what my pet’s feeling? You’re insulting my sense then, well, you gotta drive us around tomorrow, night.’ Mari stood up and bade goodbye to the younger.

‘Yah Noona, it’s unfair!!! You haven’t told me who he is.’ Jonghyun grabbed Mari’s arm prevent her to leave.

‘What doesn’t fair?’

‘You know mine,’ Jonghyun replied in small voice.

Mari chuckled;

‘Pet listen, I’ve never asking you about this, have I? If you wanna know mine, then find it by yourself okay? Don’t forget to switch of the lamp before you’re out. Night.’ Mari kissed his cheek goodnight before left the



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