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My Miracle Chapter 1; The First



Yonghwa just woke up when his phone was ringing in loudest sound.

‘Yes. What’s up,’ his voice came hoarsely and somewhat funny so that the female voice on the other side laughing so hard. ‘What are you laughing at, you wake me up in the morning just to laugh at me?!’ Yonghwa irritated.

The laugh sounds grew louder in his ear.

‘Morning your head?! It’s almost 5 in the afternoons, and you reckon its still morning? Oh come on lazy leader you gotta have dozen of alarms to wake you up.’

Yonghwa glanced to the digital watch on his side table, he smiled, she was right.

‘I slept at 4,’ Yonghwa said defensively it was not clear whether 4 morning or afternoon and suddenly he remembered something, ‘anyway how do you know it’s already 5, are you in Asia?’

Another laughs.

‘I’m in front of your dorm’s door.’

Yonghwa jumped by her replay.


Yonghwa hurriedly pulled an jumper over his sleeveless tee and run up to the front door.

‘Hi hello…’ greeted the girl in white tee and blue jeans her long hair tied in pony tail. She chuckled with how Yonghwa’s looked like. No one would believe if the guy next to her was one of the most popular guys on earth. Messy hair, oily faces plus unshaved with only black training trousers and crumpled jumper.

Mari could not help but bursted into laughter.

‘Is there any funny thing?’ Yonghwa asked in confusion.

Mari shrugged.

‘Where’s the other?’ Mari asked when she found the dorm was pretty quite. ‘My pet,’

‘Dunno, gone for schedule, may be.’ Yonghwa replied while he took water from fridge. ‘Anyway, have a new project, haven’t you?’

Mari shook her head, ‘no, just for holiday.’

Yonghwa pouted, she was always like that one. Holiday every time and everywhere she liked. Unlike him who trapped inside the studio room all the time.

They began to exchange story to each other when Jonghyun and Minhyuk come.

‘Oh who’s coming?’ exclaimed Jonghyun and he almost to hugged Mari.

‘My pet!’ Mari exclaimed as she flew into Jonghyun hug and let the boy lifted her up.

‘How are you?’ asked Minhyuk while hugged Mari who bit unstable after Jonghyun had set her down.

‘As you see, I’m perfectly fine.’ Mari replied with wide smile.

‘When do you come? ‘Jonghyun asked again.

‘Just hours ago. Where’s Jungshin-ie?’

‘He has photo shoot, he said he’ll home by dinner.’ replied Minhyuk.

But it was merely in minutes the one they were talking about shown up. Jungshin came with his usual grin but his smile faded seeing the one who sat beside Yonghwa and under Jonghyun’s arm.

‘Oh, look, who’s coming, blessed you Jungshin-ah.’ Mari cried whenJungshin approached them and she immediately leave Jonghyun.

Jungshin looked puzzle with Mari exclamation and Minhyuk explained it.

‘We just wondering when will you come back home.’

Jungshin “oh-ing” and hesitantly he spread his hand and Mari flew to his in matter of second, sending the other three in to fit laughter.

‘Ahh what I miss you guys…’ said Mari when she breaking free from Jungshin’s arm.

‘So, what make you here, a new project have you?’ asked Jungshin as he threw himself to the couch next to Jonghyun.

Mari pouted;

‘Can’t I visit my friend without working reason? I’m unlike you guys, I’m working on my own, I can quit whenever I want, and anyway, do you guys have any food?’ she said as her stomach growled.

‘Noona* you know us; you should bring food if come here.’ Jonghyun laughed.
*Big sister term for boy to girl

Mari grunted and took steps to the kitchen, rummaged their fridge to find something decent to eat.

‘What do you want for dinner?’ Mari shouted.

‘I don’t want pasta or spaghetti!’ Jonghyun quickly replied.
Mari laughed.

‘Anything, you’re good at cooking.’ This time it was Yonghwa.

‘It is compliment or softer way to made me cooked?’ Mari frowned.

‘You’re indeed good at cooking.’ Jungshin said in low voice as he approached her.

Mari half confused half pleased with Jungshin’s compliment for he had never did before but teased her all the time.
‘Anything I can help?’ offered him.

‘Well, yeah, here then if you don’t mind.’

Mari did not know if Jungshin secretly took glance whenever he had chance to and he thought Mari did not know—and she was. Mari was too focus to gave Jungshin instruction to help her preparing dinner. Within an hour, the dinner table already packed with much kind of dishes but no one in Korean.

‘Waaa looks nice,’ said Minhyuk.

‘No Korean food?’ asked Jonghyun.

Mari stuck out her tongue, ‘you’re Korean, everyday eat Korean, not nice for me to cook something that you’re expert on it, you’ll give me a lot of complaint than compliment.’

Yonghwa laughed at Mari defenses, she was right, he thought.

‘I just remember, where is my ticket?’ Mari asked as she started to chew her food.

‘What ticket?’ Yonghwa asked back.

Mari frowned, ‘your concert’s ticket. Aren’t you gonna give me one?’

‘How many do you want?’ Jungshin asked.

‘How many you wanna give?’ Mari challenged him.

‘I can book you whole if you wanna.’

‘Just one is enough.’ Mari laughed.

‘Sure?’ Jonghyun asked.

‘It’s still four months to go, why so hurry.’ Yonghwa asked.

‘Better save than sorry, I know how crazy your fans are,’ Mari chuckled.

Dinner went lively, it just like family dinner, random topics thrown here and there. Jonghyun did not complain much tough some dishes he did never touch, and as usual it was Yonghwa dan Jungshin who finish everything. Being mother of the group, Minhyuk steppep up to do the cleaning after decline Mari’s offer to help.

‘You already did all the cooking,’ he reasoned.

Mari look at her wrist-watch when four of them lazily sprawled around the living room, Yonghwa started the TV on. She asked Jonghyun to send her back to the hotel but the latter did not moved in an inch and stayed still on couch.

‘Wait I’m still full,’ he excused.

Mari pouted and was about to ask Yonghwa when Jungshin volunteered himself.

‘I need to go to store to buy some of strings.’ He said.


On the next day Mari appeared once again in dorm and once again, only Yonghwa that left alone there. Didn’t he usually busy? Jonghyun came back dorm just when Mari sunk down on the couch next to Yonghwa.

‘Oh you’re here,’ greeted him.

‘Dongsaeng-ah*, can I ask your favor?’ Mari sat up with pleaded eyes looking at Jonghyun.
*Term for elder to younger.

‘Anything…’ Jonghyun grinned

‘You better not.’ Yonghwa cut him across.

Jonghyun rolled his head to face his leader.

‘Oh what this is all about?’ Jonghyun asked to both Mari and Yonghwa.

Mari pouted to Yonghwa as she replied Jonghyun’s question.

‘Help me; I’m about to moving up here.’

‘Moving? To this dorm?’

Yonghwa laughed at Jonghyun’s silliness. And Mari impatiently shook her head.

‘Noooo, I rent an apartment near by, I wanna live here for some time.’ Mari explained.

‘Are you?!’ Jonghyun’s eyes widened.

At the same time Minhyuk and Jungshin came home and overheard the part of Mari said that she wanted to live in Korea at some times.

‘Oh who is gonna live here?’ Minhyuk asked.

Yonghwa jerked his head to Mari’s direction.

‘Awww what a cool, then will you cook for us every time? You can have my room, that’s the cleanest room in this house,’ exclaimed Minhyuk and he went on saying to Jungshin, ‘you don’t mine to share room with me during Mari’s staying do you?’

Jungshin stomach turned over upon hearing the conversation, it could not be happening. However, Mari, Yonghwa and Jonghyun puzzled by Minhyuk’s excitement.

‘What are you talking about?’ Mari asked in confusion.

‘You gonna stay here do you?’ Minhyuk asked.

Mari bursted into laughter and shook her head vigorously.

‘Oh no, of course not! It would be a big scandal if I live with you guys.’

Then she explained about her need of the guys to help for her movement which sent another excitement for Minhyuk but Jungshin still kept his silent posture, since he had no idea what to say or did. Mari will live here, it’s going to be another hard times, he sighed.



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