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Blue B and Fireflies Tale


The more Blue B walked around in her journey, the more she found precious experiences. On this day, she met with generous elder woman who told her very precious tale.

Here is the story, or tale…

There was once a kind yet blind little girl lived alone at the beautiful riverbank. Plenty of people come everyday to enjoy the view and relieve their bad feeling. It was always that blind little girl who listen to them patiently and gave them a wide bright smile when the visitor about to go home. That gave them deep impression for the place and as for the girl, the visitor were bless gift. Because of them, she never felt alone and listening to them was like crossing to the bridge from her dark surrounding to the bright beautiful world.

Meanwhile, the riverbank’s beauty would be nothing when the night comes. People even unable to see their own hands due to the blackness. That was the time for the little girl feeling lonely the most. Every night she prayed for the morning to come early, so she would have another friend to talk to.

It was one dead of the night; she visited by Pixy Queen who deliver abegging message. The Pixy Queen said that she was about to die. But she would rewarded by heaven for her will to listen to the people who come to her with three wills in order and one day extra to make her wills reality.

Even though the Little Girl was very upset but she tried to be tough and smile when made her wishes.

Firstly, she wanted to see by her own eyes the place she lived at for once in her lifetime.

Secondly, she wanted to meet and talk to the visitors who come by for the last time and saying goodbye to them properly.

The third one she could not figure out yet so she only asked for the two first.

What a precious gift that the Little Girl finally sees the beauty of her home place. She smiled and said to herself that no wonder many visitors come every day and what they told was so true, her place was indeed beautiful.

However, when she told the visitor that she was about to left the place, it saddened them, they begged her not to leave and after sometimes she made a promise.

‘I will come back here as a light. If you come here at night and see the light, that is me. So you can tell me everything as usual, I will listen and help you to relieve the pain.’

The promise was actually come from nowhere she could think and just for reassured the visitors but Pixy Queen took it as the last gift for the Little Girl.

After that day, visitor could no longer see the girl around, instead of tiny light who flying around when the night comes. That was her unconditional last wills, she wanted to be a light for that place then the visitor can visit every time even in the night.

Nowadays, if the surrounding was still pure with greenery and river was also clear, you could always summon these tiny lights by singing

“Fireflies, fireflies, come here this water is sweet that water is bitter, fireflies, fireflies, come here.”

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