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Blue B and the Old Man


It had been weeks Blue B climbed down the mountain and this morning, she arrived at beautiful seashore with sandy coast, clear blue water and smooth waves in one part but the other one was… Was that mud? Blue B did not sure herself.

Moreover, in the distance there something caught her eyes. It was an Old Man who busying himself to plant some trees in mud area and Blue B decided to come to approach him.

‘Hi, hello, may I know what are you doing?’ asked Blue B.

‘Oh, hi… Hello, this?’ The Old Man pointed at what he had done in muddy seashore.

Blue B nodded.

‘I’m planting mangroves, these trees will protect this place from huge waves and also, it’d be a home for many creatures, come closerI’ll show you.’ Offered The Old Man.

‘Oh really? Sure if you don’t mine. Thank you.’

Blue B took the offer and she was very surprise to see so many creatures she never even had seen it before.

There was something like giant clamp; she was not sure how to call it. Much kind of crabs, there also something fish-like but it has tiny feet and many more surprising creatures who catch Blue B’s eyes!

‘Interesting doesn’t it?’ the Old Man asked.

Blue B just nodded in agreement since she could not find the word to express it.

‘May I help you? To plant these mangroves.’ Asked Blue B.

‘Wah really? Don’t you mind to get dirty? Well, here I’ll show you.’ Replied The Old Man cheerfully.

Then both of them started to plant mangroves together and Blue B exchanging her stories, including her previous met with The Crying Earth.

‘Not all the people in the world like them, those who don’t care with the only place they’re living at,’ said the Old Man toward Blue B’s judgement to the human.

‘Do you see me? I’m really concern with my surrounding. I can’t stand to see my place turned bad and let the creatures extinct, so I try my best to do what I can. The more you make journey, you will see a lot of thing you never imagine and experiences those that can help to built yourself to be better and sensitive person about our only one and already dying planet.’ He went on saying.

Yeah, that could not be truer, if only there were more people like the Old Man then the Earth will never cry, Mr. Tree would never upset thought Blue B as she left the place and in her fond hope that she could make another visit one day, to see her growing mangroves she planted.

The sun sets lower and lower as though drowned into the golden sea, Blue B took one last glance, with hope in her mind that the mangroves would grow well so that it could protect the place and the creatures who live there well too.

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