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Blue B and the River


Summer had come; it was pretty nice weather although a bit too hot and humid. But it was okay; at least it would not be severe like winter, cold and freezing! Blue B looked around to find out where she was, aah… she arrived a little away from residential area, and currently she stood at the bridge crossing a wide river. The River’s water was not clear instead dirty and brown also smelly?

‘Hi who’re you? I never know you,’

There sudden voice caused Blue B who looked down at The River closely jumped to her feet.

‘Oh, hi… how are you? Ermmm this is my first time here, nice to meet you, my name is Blue Butterfly, simply call me Blue B then okay.’ Replied Blue B.

Blue B walked down from the bridge to the river-bank near by to have a talk with the River. Since many question already trained in her head.

‘So, what’s bringing you here?’ asked the River.
Blue B shook her head, ‘nothing, I mean I don’t know. I was just walking around and arrive here, anyway you look great—’

‘Before,’ interjected the River corrected Blue B’s statement.

Despite everything actually this is—or was just like the River claimed to be—a great river. It was a huge river with uncountable creature lives in, supposedly. But with how he looked like right now, Blue B doubt if there any creature could survive.

‘Ah… yah, before I supposed. But what happen with you?’

‘You see there?’ Asked The River pointed up to the residential area not too far ahead.

Blue B nodded.

‘The human up there who has done all these mess. That area was growing rapidly without proper plan. They don’t know how to dispose their trash and when they’re coming to the dead-end, they will throw away everything on me as if I’m their never-ending rubbish bin. Some of them even threw mattress bed.’

‘Mattress bed?’ repeated Blue B surprised, how come they threw away that such a thing.

‘Unbelievable right? And you know what, when rain comes, the water from river head brings the soil with them, that’s why my water becomes like this. The entire human did, they messed up everything. Even the only place they live at. If only they ever think when the earth collapse they have no place to live. But they don’t, do they? Nowadays, I take it easy too, if I’m overloading, I just flooding my water.’

‘What about them?’ asked Blue B.

‘They never learn though,’ the River shrugged.


Another encounters, another heartbreaking The Earth stories, another experiences too.

Yeah, many human did not care with their environment. They should start pay more attention on it or when they realized it was already too late to regret.

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