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Blue B and Mr. Tree

It was hot and windy day today yet Blue B still felt the freshly air around her. Waa… It was like the one she had in her home place.

She was cheerfully walking through the forest, deep and deeper. It been long for her not to see this kind of greenery. Uncountable trees stood up reaching the sky. Golden sun’s rays were breaking through the canopy, made a magnificent light stick.

However, her happiness was not staying longer, about miles away deeper Blue B fond something terrific. It could have been several football fields’ wide forest was gone! Left nothing more than the stumps and bushes gave Blue B another shock for her could not believe her eyes.

‘What had happen with those tresses?’ asked Blue B pointed toward to the stumps fields.

‘Oh those? We’re all cut down,’ replied Mr. Tree—A big tree Blue B met—weakly.

‘Cut you are all down? But why? And why in this deep? I mean, out there in the entrance seems fine.’ Blue B confusedly asked.

Yeah it looked weird; from the entrance everything looked so fine and green.

Mr. Tree shrugged, ‘I dunno, do I? They did almost everyday, not in the same place, though. Ah… Maybe they’ll do again today, there.’ Mr. Tree pointed straight to the distant. ‘I don’t know exactly but I guess, they have done it so none suspect if the forest actually been damage.’ He went on explain that made Blue B more confused.

‘Are you saying that they’re thief or something?’

Mr. Tree shrugged for the second time.

‘Kind of maybe, I told you I know nothing.’

‘Why they’re cut you down?’

‘Many purposes, we were planted to fulfil their need, though.’ Said Mr. Tree lightly but there something different in his voice.

‘Not in this way, this just not right. Didn’t they replant any tree?’

Mr. Tree shook his head, ‘although they did, it’ll need years even decade to make it like today. Well, saying the truth I’m glad if I can do what I supposed to do for them but I’m more grateful I’m still here with my kind, surrounded by nature. I love being here, I love this greenery, it’s something they also needed right? Keeping the greenery alive. But I think they don’t trouble themselves with it. If only they notice that greenery is necessary, to have fresh and pure air, they’ll think twice before touch the forest. Sometimes I don’t understand with the way they were thinking.’

‘Yeah… Me too, human is complicated.’ Agreed Blue B.

Once she was out of the damage forest, Blue B rethinking about her conversation with Mr. Tree. How violent human treat the forest could be and the earth they were living at. Sometimes she thought that human had brain but apparently many also had not and just thinking about their today’s advantage

Aaah… Human, if only you understood Mr. Tree’s feeling or realized about how important the forest for your own life, probably you never even dare to ruin it. You had to pay more attention on it before too late for you to regret it.

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