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Prince of Happiness, Finale “Last Destination”

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Shilo woke up when he heard somebody cried above his sleeping place. He looked around but nothing to be found.

‘What was that?’ Prince asked and Shilo just realized if all of his friends already woke up.

He shook his head and looked up to the place where BB was sleeping, he gasped. BB was not there!

‘Where’s BB?’ he asked and the other five quickly looked up to the BB’s sleeping space and looked at each other once they found nothing there.

BB is missing! Their watch is missing!!!

Mono however, he leaped up from their hiding place and frightened at once as he saw a group of human came and approached them. Where’s BB? Mono’s brain was unable to think to escape but stood frozen.

The sound that woken them up must be this little girl’s crying, he thought as the girl was almost running to get to their hiding place before the other did.

‘Look!’ she cried and pointed down to the shock Prince, Ciblue, Shilo, and Nyami.

‘Oh my …’ the old woman squealed as she was kneeling down and reached Ciblue and Nyami all in once and hugged them tightly.

‘I told you granny, they will come back!’ the little girl exclaimed.

Before they figured out what was happening, Shilo, Prince, and Mono were dragged in to the house.

The old woman put Ciblue and Nyami down in front of the old cat that was still in a deep sleep peacefully at the fancy square pillow.

Ciblue stared at the old cat, trying to remember who she was but failed until Nyami approached her and cried out loud.

‘MUM …!’

Ciblue startled and was examining her closely.

The old cat opened her eyes weakly, looking somewhat irritated because somebody disturbed her sleeping time. She stirred up and jumped when saw Nyami that flew into her hug just by a second. Tears started dripping off Nyami’s eyes. It was like miracle that he could see his mother again.

‘Do you forget Mummy?’ Nyami asked Ciblue who was standing there still and no expression in his face but confusion once Nyami broke his hug with his mother.

The old cat spun around and with tears dripping all over her face she hugged Ciblue tightly.

‘I – I h – ha … ve never i – ima … gine I’ll see you he – re again,’ she said in between her tears.

Meanwhile Four were looking at each other without saying anything; they were witnessing a tearful reunion from mother with both of her sons and it made each of them thinking their own family.

‘They remind me with my mother,’ Prince whispered to Shilo.

‘Then go home,’ Shilo suggested as he stretched his head out to have better view of his surroundings.

‘I will,’ the little frog delighted.

And that was how Saturday morning became so bright, aside of the reunion among Ciblue, Nyami and their mother, The Little Farm’s owner also finally found who actually neglected the little kitten.

It was The Little Farm’s new caretaker. She did not want to help the baby kitten so she thought the best way was left them somewhere and told her master if both of the kittens were disappear or dead.

As for Prince, Mono, Shilo and BB, they had stay for two days before they said goodbye and set off to their new journey. Ciblue and Nyami convinced them for not leaving, but Four had their own place, yes, The Old Collapsed Shack, their friend’s last legacy.


‘Wait! It’s not our way home,’ BB said as he was scanning their way.

‘It’s not,’ Prince who sat on top of Shilo’s shell replied cheerfully.

‘Where are we going?’ Mono asked.

‘Don’t worry; we’re on the right way.’ Prince said.

The other three look at each other.

‘You don’t plan something silly, do you?’ Mono asked.

Price stuck out his tongue.

A moment later four of them arrived at the wonderful garden with large fish pond and beautiful white lotus floating here and there.
‘Where are we?’ BB asked.

‘For sure it isn’t Old Collapsed Shack,’ Prince replied as he slipped down from Shilo’s shell.

And before Mono, Shilo, or BB spoke there were couple of frogs approached them hastily and bowing deep towards Prince.

‘Welcome home, Master,’ they said; making Mono, Shilo and BB looked at each other instantly.


‘Well, I‘ve my guest with me and I want you to serve them properly.

I don’t want to hear any complaint, understand?’ Prince commanded with his usual authority tone.

‘Yes Master!’ they replied before leapt up and leaving them.

‘Master,’ BB whispered to Mono which the later chuckled.

‘Are you their master here?’ Shilo asked.

‘I told you I’m prince, but none of you believe me,’ Prince smirked, ‘ a… nd welcome to my palace, a Happy Virus Palace,’ Prince spread his both hands and bowed toward their – still – confuse friends.

‘Welcome to Happy Virus Palace, Sir,’ the first frog who greeted them earlier bowed, he came back again and this time he brought friends and all of them bowed deeply.

‘Well, I’ll see you later,’ Prince excused as he made his way through the greenery alley with his two servants.

Meanwhile the other servants were waiting for Mono, Shilo, and BB to move, but they stayed still. Apparently it seemed hard for them to compose what had just happened into their mind.

‘If you please Sir, this way,’ one of the servants finally said.

‘Ugh … eh … ahh … yeah, thank you,’

As they were all marched they heard somebody shouting, yes he was. Prince was shouting out loud and waving his both hands.


~the end~

PS: thank you for reading, see you all in my other stories ^^

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