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Prince of Happiness “Little Farm”

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Six set off for their journey with a happy smile. As their plan they started off to visit the The Green, the nearest place from them now.

‘Wow … the air feels different, it’s refreshing,’ Nyami said as they reached rural side of the town.

The other laughed and agreed, ruralise air is bit different with the town they once live.

‘I supposed I prefer to live here rather than back to the Old Collapsed Shack,’ Prince cheerfully said as he leaped here and there.
‘Well, all we need to do just to go that uphill, there The Green is,’ BB pointed toward a big building up there.

The other five followed BB’s wing, Ciblue and Nyami looked nervous as both of them staring at the building. It was true they didn’t know yet whether their mother was there or not, but still, nervousness ate them both.

‘Cheer up, soon we’ll know what is in the place,’ Mono patted both Ciblue and Nyami and the cat was just smiling toward each other.

Apparently as Dove ever said before, The Green is purely cattle. Once they sneaked into the gate they were open mouthed in surprise; as far as they could see was greenery and cows everywhere, on the one side there was one big building that they saw from downhill, probably it was the place for those cows to sleep.
But before they could relieve from their amazement, a big pit bull was barking frantically as he was running approaching Six.

Without second thought they run up back leaving the place. Mono grabbed Shilo as he ran and Prince quickly leaped into Ciblue’sback, holding on to Ciblue’s fur for his dearest life.

‘Ohm … w – ha – at what was that?’ Nyami asked as he was trying to reach his breath back.

Mono patted and he put Shilo down,

‘The dog was very scary,’ Prince said, still trembling as he slipped down from Ciblue’s back.

‘He was,’ Mono agreed.

Nyami didn’t say anything but his face was still as pale as sheet.

‘Definitely The Green isn’t your home,’ BB told Ciblue as he perched on Mono’s left shoulder.

Not only Ciblue but also all of them nodded in agreement.

‘Can we go to The Little Farm right away?’ Ciblue asked, apparently their recent scary experience was still lingering in Ciblue’s mind.

BB shook his head, ‘that’s unnecessary, ‘cause if we’re about to go to The Little Farm we’ll cross the other place, the Big House.’


Six arrived in the square building that quite strange for them. Unlike The Green, the Big House was completely big building until none of Six could explain. The building was occupied by – maybe – thousands of hens.

What these hens do in the big building like this? They live in small seal which is packed from down to above; somehow the view was scaring Six.

‘What kind of place is it?’ Ciblue asked.

‘No idea,’ Mono shook his head, while the other just kept staring upside down with amazement and confusion.

After a while they were inside the strange building and had a little chat with some occupants, Six left the place.

‘I can’t imagine if I live in that place,’ Prince said as they were set down to the road.

‘Actually it is just as same as once I lived at the shelter,’ Nyami responded flatly.

‘At least you weren’t being used by them and your space was quite enough to move; but those hens? I don’t think they even have enough space to sleep,’ BB told.

Nyami nodded weakly.

‘I don’t know why human could be so cruel, they’ve treated us like something unworthy, what they are thinking by placing thousands hens like that,’ Mono shook his head.


It took another hour for them to reach another hill; the sun was about to set. The golden red light was dazzling the late afternoon.

‘Can we rest awhile?’ Shilo asked when they passed a big tree.

The other five turned to him and Shilo was already resting; shielding from the sun shine by the tree shadows.

‘How far we should go?’ Nyami asked.

Mono shrugged as he lied beside Shilo.

‘It’s not far, the house is already sighted,’ BB replied as he pointed to the distant.

BB was the last one who took rest since he was always flying firstly ahead the other five. He then rested and perched on the lowest branch. Among Six, BB had become the fastest during their journey. It was understandably since he was also the leader.

The branch seemed too small for him because it began to swing ups and downs repeatedly and he uses as if it’s swing instead.

It was already night when they arrived at their destination. And The Little Farm was completely different with the previous two places. Located in a quite valley and surrounded by hedgerow, a small cottage stood up right in front of the wooden gate, The Little Farm seemed doubtful to be one of the places Six were looking for.

‘Are you sure we’re at the right place?’ Prince asked to BB that flying low.

BB perched at the low hedges after took a peek inside the cottage.

‘According to the Dove, it is,’ he nodded.

‘Let’s come in then,’ Mono suggested.

Six hesitantly stepped in through the wooden gate, it was quite. They could see inside the cottage through the low window nearby. The house seemed cozy and the light was beautiful.

‘Where do we go?’ Prince whispered as no one approached them like once it did at Big House.

Mono did not reply and BB was just flying around observing the place.

‘I think we better find a place to rest, we’re too tired,’ BB told.
Five of them looked at each other.

‘I found a nice place for us to rest,’ he went on saying and without

Five’s approval, BB led his friends to the place he recommended.
The place was under an old oak tree which the roots were growing outside. It was definitely a cozy place for them and definitely it covered them from whoever that might come around.

‘You’re a best observer,’ Nyami was praising as he snuggled to the Ciblue.

‘No one’s better,’ Ciblue mumbled.

‘You know I’m the best,’ BB laughed as he was flying up and found himself a comfortable branch.

‘Well, good night mates …’ Prince said among his yawn.

And about a second later, there was no other than sound of soft snores being heard in the one of small curve of an old oak tree’s root.


Fanart by Min.a



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