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Prince of Happiness “Reunited”

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‘Sorry,’ Nyami said with an apologetic face when they finally reached their temporary shelter.

Mono and Prince were the last who arrived. And four of them were examining Mono closely. He had bruised on his front and back due to sandwiched by the bar and door earlier. His nose was also bleeding as well as his right hand.

Mono waved his hand.

‘It’s nothing, as long as we could save you all, all worth,’ Mono smiled and mumbled. ‘If only we’re also able to save Old Captain,’

‘It’s okay, we had tried our best back then,’ Prince reassured.

Shilo nodded and Mono replied with bitter smile. Apparently he was still regretting himself for unable to save his old friend.


Ciblue woke up on the next morning with confusion. He needed a bit more time to be fully awake and realized where he was. Ciblue scanned his surroundings.

Next to him, Nyami was curling near to Mono, Shilo was sleeping under the broken table and Prince was sleeping beside him, meanwhile his crown lied down next to his leg.

Ciblue was smiling silently. He missed the moment, being with his friends and now with his brother as well.

What a blessed…

‘Ahh are you wake up?’ Prince greeted Ciblue in between his yawn.
Ciblue smiled but did not elaborate. He was just looking around his surroundings. He loves being here; being with his friends and his happiness is beyond anything since now he reunites with his long lost brother that he almost lost his hope to meet.

‘Wooaah … everyone is wake up,’ Mono said in between his wide yawn – just like Prince earlier.

‘Not at all,’ BB sleepily said as he pointed towards Shilo who was still sleeping; looks like their adventure yesterday drained out his energy.

Mono followed BB’s finger and smiled when he saw Shilo was still hiding his head; he kicked Shilo’s shell softly but Ciblue stopped him.

‘Don’t do that, let him sleep,’ he said.

Mono laughed;

‘Hey, why are you quite? Say something. Your brother is our family so we consider you too,’ Prince told Nyami as he was only looking around and listening to anyone who was speaking.

‘Ahh I haven’t introduced you guys properly,’ Ciblue said, ‘well, meet my brother, Nyami and Nyami he is Prince,’ Prince smiled widely as Ciblue pointed to him. ‘Then he is our big brother Mono –’

‘Hello,’ Mono greeted with huge grin on his face.

‘– he is our best spy, BB –’

BB laughed as he said hello to Nyami.

‘– last one he’s Shilo, the turtle, and they’re trying to help us to find Mummy.’

Nyami just nodded and “oh-ing” with Ciblue’s explanation.

‘Is it possible to find her?’ Nyami asked.

‘Nothing is impossible,’ Prince cheerfully replied. ‘We have to try every possibility, don’t we?’

Nyami nodded and smiled.

‘We don’t say that we’ll surely find her but we’ll try,’ BB told as he began unfolded their map that full of summaries.

Nyami however, squealed seeing the map BB explained to him about what their purpose and plan in order to find their mother.

‘How come you have any of this?’ Nyami asked in awe.

‘We’ve many friends,’ BB smiled.


Six decided to set off by the next morning and spending the whole day today simply shared each other stories and rest.

‘I think, we’ Prince pointed to himself and Ciblue. ‘Met long after you left,’ Prince began.

Ciblue paused licking his white fur and nodded in agreement.
‘Well yeah, that’s a horrible day,’ Nyami said.

‘How do you end up on the Animal Shelter by the way?’ Shilo curiously asked.

‘I run away,’ Nyami shortly replied. ‘The one who took me was a cruel person –’

Mono chuckled, his guessing about Nyami apparently was right.

‘– I don’t know why but they just like playing around with me but didn’t pay attention on my food or anything. Only their mother who loved me, I mean she was taking good care of me but unfortunately she was quite busy. Actually only her that gave me food, the rest of the family, none,’ he waved his hand weakly.

‘Before she went to work in the morning, she would prepare food for me first and did the same after she was going back from work in the night. Practically I ate twice a day, morning and night. Then one day, she didn’t home also for the next day and the day after, I heard she had an accident but I didn’t know where she was. Day after day none had fed me, the rest of the family was busy by their own then I just … left.’ Nyami shrugged.

‘And you get caught by the uniform guys?’ Ciblue asked.

‘What did you mean?’ Nyami asked in confusion.

‘The guy in Animal Shelter, Animal Control Officer,’ BB explained.

‘Oh …’ Nyami nodded. ‘I was looking for food when they came out of nowhere and took me on the cage.’

‘It’s an old story, for now just think about our journey tomorrow, we’ll have fun!’ Prince happily exclaimed.

‘Why are you always excited if we’re about to move?’ BB asked.

‘Cause I’ll discovered new things. Who will expect that we’ll have such an exciting stories when we saved Ciblue yesterday?’

The other five laughed.

‘That’s my only reason why I left my palace –’

‘Gah… prince’s story again,’ BB said as he flew away uninterested with Prince’s story.

And the laughter grew bigger.

Fanart by Min.a



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