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Prince of Happiness “It is the Time”

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Although at first the distance between theirs and Ciblue’s shelter was quite far, but today it felt like they just needed to jump by one leap to reach it.

As expected the shelter was a bit quite, BB sneaked in to spy and give information to the others to start the plan. Silently BB approached Ciblue who was curling up in front of his door.

‘Ssst …’ BB tried to call Ciblue.

Ciblue stirred up and BB was ready to remind him not to make any noise, BB did not need it though, because Ciblue was fully aware about that.

‘We’re lucky today,’ Ciblue whispered, ‘all the keepers are gone, only women, means that much easier to run away.’

‘But still, I need to go and check first,’ BB said.

Ciblue nodded and BB was soundlessly flying around the shelter to make sure that their plan will work properly.

‘Things seem work as our plan,’ BB reported after a few minutes.

‘Ciblue and Nyami still at their cage and ready to leave, there are only four keepers and all of them are women one at the front desk, one at the back and two doing cleaning the empty cage.’

‘So what if we’re doing this now?’ Prince suggested.

The other three nodded.

‘Well I think, I’ll just stand by in front with Shilo, it’s better to release them in quite ways rather than making chaos right from the start,’ Prince said and the other three agreed.

Four started moving, Mono and BB walked to the side of the shelter while Prince and Shilo were going straight to the hedge in front of the shelter to find the best place to spy the whole situation.

Mono silently sneaked in from the open ajar the shelter’s side door. It was quite; just voice of pouring water from the distance was heard. There was nothing to be scared about since the room seemed completely quiet.

‘I don’t like if everything goes too smooth, it scares me,’ Mono whispered and BB chuckled upon hearing Mono’s little complaint.

BB too, he was expecting something exciting rather than something that went well in every part. But it was unlikely because both of them reached Ciblue and Nyami in safe and quite condition.

Seeing their savior, both Ciblue and Nyami gasped, it had been their dream to get away from this place and now it was about to be real.
Mono was carefully and soundlessly trying to open the cage, it was Ciblue first, and without any difficulty he broke the door’s lock.

‘Thanks,’ Ciblue happily whispered.

Mono grinned and moved to the other door; yes, he was about to break Nyami’s door cage but all of a sudden BB warned him that one of the keepers was about to come.

‘You guys, hide! They’re coming,’ BB warned and was flying up to the ceiling, hiding and spying at the same time from above.

‘Wait for us,’ Mono whispered to Nyami when he grabbed Ciblue and hid themselves behind the wooden cabinet but still focusing his eyes over Nyami’s cage.

Meanwhile the keeper seemed did not realize that one of the cages’ doors was broken and their pet disappeared until one of them came out from the side shelter’s door. She was frowning finding something strange with Ciblue’s cage. She was tilting her head, carefully she walked closer and observing, to her surprise, Ciblue’s door was broken!

Mono and Ciblue held up their breath and was guessing what might happen next.

‘We’re getting caught,’ Ciblue whispered and Mono stiffening when she observed Nyami.

And everything went fast, Mono decided to take act before everything was too late.

Mono ran to give Nyami space to escape when the keeper opened Nyami’s door as well as he yelled loudly instructing both Ciblue and Nyami to run.

‘Run!!!’ Mono yelled.

And without waiting both Ciblue and Nyami ran away leaving the keeper in shock,

‘What the … Hey the cats … the cats …!’She yelled as she was running after Ciblue and Nyami who were split apart on the crossing aisle cages.

Another scream been heard from her fellow, apparently BB already informed Prince and Shilo to act as Mono got in to trouble.

‘Whoa … frog! How come there is frog on my desk,’ she yelped and pulled back from her chair, ‘go and catch it,’ she ordered to her friend who was staring to the floor.

‘What are you waiting for Jenna, get this frog away from me,’ the receptionist almost screamed but Jenna was still staring down to the floor.

‘Jesus Christ Mari, look!’ Jenna exclaimed and pointed to the floor.

‘No, you get this frog first; I prefer to have deal with snake rather than frog,’

‘The cat! The cat …’ the other keeper approached them, patting, as she bend down with one hand on her knee and the other was clutched on her chest.

‘What happen with the cat?’ Jenna asked without taking her eyes from the floor before her.

‘Gray and White were run away,’ she replied after regain her breath.

‘What!?’ Jenna and Mari exclaimed in chorus.

Prince and Shilo were using this opportunity to slip away. Their mission to distract the keepers was accomplished and they had confirmed that Ciblue and Nyami had successfully escaped. Before the two of them reached the door, another scream and sound of something falling was heard from the back of the shelter.

‘Girls help! Monkey! Help me to catch the monkey!’

Prince and Mono were looking at each other, in a second Prince quickly jumped from Shilo’s shell, ran forward and yelled to Shilo to wait for them at their meeting point.

The three other keepers look at their friend in shock, she had been battling to catch a monkey and both of them already messed up the space.

Ciblue’s water and food bowl were already rolling out of the cage causing wetness and biscuits were splattering in every direction.

‘What do we have now? Dr. Doolittle’s movie?’ asked one of the keepers in her amazement. The two cats were gone; she saw turtle, frog, and now monkey.

‘Yeah that’s funny! What are you waiting for? Help me!’ she yelled, irritated because her friend only was watching and doing nothing.

With that, Mono found his chance to escape by biting her left hand that kept Ciblue’s broken cage door shut with Mono was sandwiched between the door and the bar.

‘Aaarghhhhh ….’ She screamed in pain and instantly released her grip to the small door and Mono quickly slipped out and ran away.

‘Lena are you okay!?’ All of her friends cried.

‘First aid!’ Jenna yelled as she ran after Mono.

‘Mono, here!’ Prince called and Mono grabbed Prince as he ran fast into the direction that Prince commanded.

Meanwhile Jenna who ran after Mono was attacked by BB. He was frantically pecking at Jenna’s hat causing her groaned in pain.

‘What the … Blimey, now is blue bird too!?’ Jenna groaned in disbelief when she figured out who was attacking her.

That was how chaos happen in Animal Shelter that day, the four of the keepers had to accept Gray and White’s escape and now they had to deal with cleaning the whole place since the place looked like being bombarded.

Fanart by Min.a



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