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Prince of Happiness “The Day”

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‘When do we do the plan?’ Mono asked once Prince woke up that morning.

‘Oh so you’ve decided to come with us?’ Prince exclaimed with excitement.

Mono shrugged.

‘Let’s see when we can start our invasion,’ BB smiled. ‘I guess I have to meet Ciblue now, to tell our plan so he can make preparation.’

‘Good point,’ Shilo agreed.


‘Stop dreaming,’ Nyami said once he – once again – found his brother sitting with nothing but seemed to wait for something.

‘I don’t,’ Ciblue defensively replied.

‘Liar,’ Nyami snorted.

But Ciblue did not respond. And his eyes were on alert by something; he smelt something familiar but he was not sure.

Is it possible …

Ciblue was still thinking when a small scroll fell and hit his head.

‘Ups, sorry, it didn’t hurt I hope,’ a whisper that shocking Ciblue to the maximum level.

‘BB!!!’ Ciblue suddenly cried once he regained his sense.

‘Hey stupid!’ BB flew and hid when the keeper hurriedly approached Ciblue since they heard noise from the cages behind.

Ciblue realized his mistake and nervously snuggled to cover the scroll that was dropped by BB before.

The keeper grunted a little because he found nothing and after checking Ciblue’s cage to make sure it was no problem, he left.

Deciding that the situation was safe enough for him to get out, BB was flying back into Ciblue’s cage.

‘Learn the map and we’ll come back tomorrow morning, make sure you’re well prepared,’ BB told.

‘What do you mean?’ Ciblue confusingly asked.

‘We’ll come to rescue you of course, otherwise you wanna stay here?’

‘No I won’t!’ Ciblue quickly replied, ‘but BB … Umm, I won’t leave my brother alone here,’ Ciblue pointed toward the big gray cat who occupies the cage right beside Ciblue’s. ‘Can you set him free too?’

BB fell silent; he did not know what to say. Rescuing another one maybe would change their plan, but he observed it a little and nodded, ‘I think we can, and it means our time will be very limited, because there is one more that we will save. I need to tell the others about this first, I’ll come back shortly.’

And BB flew out of the shelter.

‘Did you see? My friends are about to rescue us! I told you, I told you they will come, you just don’t believe.’ Ciblue spoke nonstop with excitement.

Though Nyami did not reply, his face lighted up with new color. He had never dream to have chance to get away from the cage he had been locked up for so long. And now the dream is about to come true, but is this for real?


‘Ciblue met his brother? Are you sure?’ Prince asked in disbelief when BB recounted the story at the Animal Shelter.

‘So, we’ll set them free?’ Mono mumbled.

‘Do we need to change our plan?’ Shilo asked.

‘I don’t think so, but we need a little more time since we’ll rescue the two of them. Their cage is just side by side by the way.’ BB explained.

‘But will Mono be able to open the door before the keeper realized?’ Prince asked.

‘You said, tomorrow there will be only four keepers at most who will stay at the shelter,’ Mono reconfirmed.

BB nodded.

‘I think all we need is distraction for them so Mono can open both doors without worry, ahh … I’ll do it then,’ Shilo volunteered himself.

‘What are you talking about?’ Prince asked Shilo.

‘I’ll just appear in front of them. They must be surprise and Mono will have time to unlock the cage,’

‘Then what if they caught you up?’

‘We’ll do it together!’ Prince suddenly said, ‘both of you save Ciblue and Nyami. Shilo and I will take care the keeper; what do you think?’

There was silent pause among them, all of them were thinking about Prince’s idea.

‘Okay, let’s do the plan.’ Mono concluded.

And BB flew away as soon as the decision had been made to come back to the shelter and told Ciblue and Nyami about their new plan.

Fanart by Min.a



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