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Prince of Happiness “Hesitancy”

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It had been days since Ciblue had been caught up in the Animal Shelter and what Nyami said was true, here he did not need to go and find food to eat. This place was also better and cleaner than the Collapse Old Shack

But Ciblue misses Four, his new family, what are they doing now?
Why they have not come yet to rescue him?

Do they come back to the Collapsed Old Shack?

Do they forget him already?

Although living in the Animal Shelter was nice but Ciblue was still restless, whenever he ate or slept, Four was always in his mind.

‘Take the fact, we’re locked up here, we’ve no chance to go anywhere else but here. Here is our home now. I don’t understand why you’re insisting to go away,’ Nyami said, he seemed to sense Ciblue’s feeling was still eager to escape.

‘No, I don’t and I won’t! My place is not here, I wanna go to find Mummy!’ Ciblue stubbornly refused.

‘Mummy dumped us! Didn’t you remember it!?’ Nyami raised his voice.

‘She didn’t! You’d say she didn’t, it was our master. I know somebody else did it.’

‘Did your friends tell you this?’ Ciblue nodded, ‘Then where are they now? They’ve left you alone, you still don’t get it?’

‘No they won’t,’ Ciblue murmured.


Days stretched into weeks and nothing changed with Ciblue and Nyami. Ciblue still insisted that he had to go away while Nyami stayed with his opinion that this place was their home now.

Time after time Ciblue kept trying to get away and it was number of times when he was fail and Nyami was cornering him with his opinion, about Ciblue’s belief and of course about Four,

Ciblue started to think the same, why did Four take long time to rescue him? He was pretty sure that Prince knew where he had gone. The possibility that Four also left him made Ciblue uneasy, although they were just met short time but he felt their togetherness was stronger than he ever thought they would be, but now for the first time Ciblue was wondering himself whether he set his expectation too high.


Meanwhile, Prince, Shilo, and BB were trying to convince Mono that they were able to rescue their new friend.

‘Ciblue is our friend; we don’t need another Old Captain.’ BB one day said, persuading his friend.

‘Believe us, we can do this.’ Shilo persuaded on the other day.

But Mono was still on his decision; his trauma about losing Old Captain was still haunted him. Mono’s fear of losing another friend in the same place and same way made him to choose to be stubborn.

‘Ciblue must be thinking that we’ve left him,’ Prince said that afternoon.

‘That’s good; at least he isn’t hoping in vain.’ Mono scornfully replied.

‘Why you don’t have confident in us? We can do this!?’

‘Once we tried and failed, we lost our friend,’ Mono shook his head.

‘Dog and Cat was placed in different section,’ BB waved his papers and joined the conversation.

‘So?’ Mono asked, still uninterested.

‘So our chance to save Ciblue is bigger.’ Then BB started to explain their plan which Mono had never been in before.

That night, Mono was struggling with his own mind; one of his sides was telling that he could save Ciblue. And the other side his fear was still controlling him.

What if they try and fail again? But what if he sits still here but he actually can help the other three to save Ciblue?

‘You come or not, we going to go and get Ciblue back here.’ Prince announced their decision before he slept that night.

Mono did not replay but stayed still, staring outside of their shelter. The night came bright as the full moon was appearing beautifully above there, suddenly a flash of Ciblue picture was formed in front of Mono’s eyes. Ciblue used to spending all night along just by simply gazing at the full moon in the sky. Once he said that full moon could reduce his sickness of missing his mother and brother.

Mono let out a heavy breath, should he come with the other three to save Ciblue?



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