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Prince of Happiness “Coincidence”

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Ciblue looked at Prince in awe; his new friend seemed pretty happy after finding a place to have fun. He wondered when the last time he can be happy like this.

Ciblue tried to get closer to the pond but saw the water waving smoothly; fear attacked him, yet the little cat still wanted to follow his friend who leap here and there among those lotus leaves happily.

Ciblue’s amazement left him unaware with his surroundings. He was too busy looking at his friend until he felt big hands grabbed his body, lifted him up and put him into the small cage.

Once he was aware with what was going on, he was already locked up, he screamed, kicked the cage, tried to get away but he remained still, locked up.

Somehow before his cage was moved away, Ciblue caught a glimpse of Prince running after him, vaguely he heard his friend screaming too.

Ciblue’s fear increase time after time, the van stopped by several times and several cages had been put up. He looked around and he saw many cats, the old, young and also there is a mother and her kids which suddenly reminding him with his mother.

He was about to find his mother, but now he ended up in the small cage and probably he would die soon just like the Old Captain.

Tears formed and boiled his cheeks, he did not try to wipe it though. He let it flew; he cried silently thinking of his mother and brother, Nyami.

Will Nyami find a loving and caring master?

His hope to find and get back together with his family was vanished away along with the van that kept on moving to an unknown destination.

It seemed like years before the van eventually stopped moving, the door opened and Ciblue could see the light, but it was not the one he used to see. It was definitely not the sunshine but he did not know what it is.

From distance he could heard the dog barked, for a split second he thought that his friends came and rescued him. But then he remembered the Old Captain’s story; he smiled bitterly.

How is this possible that they find him here? Although he was pretty sure Prince knew that he had been caught.

One by one every cat had been released. Now they were placed in the bigger and clean place with wire bars to split one into another room.

Ciblue alarmed with his surrounding, his goal was to runaway as soon as he had chance and there he was, the worker about to release Ciblue and he gave enough space for the cat to runaway.

Ciblue run as fast as he could, he just wanted to get the door and found away to come back to his friends. And it just a matter of time before he was caught back and slammed into the empty cage harshly. Ciblue screamed noisily and kicking the bars randomly.

‘Can you please keep silent? I need a sleep,’ a voice from the cage next to him sounded familiar in Ciblue’s ears.

Ciblue spun around to find the source, there lying a big gray cat curled in the corner.

‘Do you love being here?’ Ciblue asked.

‘Here is nice place, you’ve nice place to sleep, food to eat, what else that you need?’ the cat asked back, still didn’t bother to wake up.

‘No it isn’t, they will kill you!!!’ Ciblue raised his voice.

‘Then you will die in peace,’ he replied, there was something in his voice, like … desperation?

‘Do I know you? You seem familiar to me,’ Ciblue furrowed while observing the cat.

Ciblue was pretty sure that he ever met with this cat, but where? Then he felt his stomach was turning over; his heart was beating fast.

Was it him?

Was it really him!?

What a coincidence!

‘A … re yo … u … Nyami?’ Ciblue asked slowly and fearfully.

The cat stirred up quickly and unknowingly hit his head with the bars as he abruptly sat up.

The cat was stunned upon seeing who was in front of him holding the bars with each of his hand.

‘Is that you!? It isn’t dream, is it? It’s really you, Ciblue!? Blimey I’ve never dreamt to meet you again!’ Nyami cried and started kicking the bars excitedly.

The keeper was trying to silence them, but he failed. Ciblue and Nyami were too excited with their unbelievable fate.

The unexpected meeting boasted Ciblue’s confidence about getting out from their locked place. His mind suddenly believed that his friends would come and rescue him and of course he would not just wait for that day to come but he would try his best to get away by himself.


‘What are you talking about?’ Nyami asked when Ciblue explained about his plan to run away.

‘We can do this, Nyami. Who would expect that we’d meet up here? It’s fate! Fate leads me here and we’ll find Mummy together.’ Ciblue persuaded.


Ciblue nodded and he explained about Four and their brilliant plan before he ended up in the same place with his brother.

Nyami shook his head, slowly he said, ‘I can’t say that it’s nice place but we can have our needs here, place to sleep, food to eat, and occasionally there are people who take us to walk –’

‘But we don’t have freedom here; we can’t go everywhere we like. We can’t –’

‘You’ll change your mind once you know how nice living here,’ Nyami concluded.

Fanart by Min.a



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