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Prince of Happiness “The Same Place”

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BB’s heart was beating fast when he recognized the place where the van was parked. It was the same place where the Old Captain died. The horrific place that brought nightmare to the Four and Ciblue will add once more on their list.

‘This can’t be happened anymore,’ BB murmured.

The other three were restless while waiting for BB’s returned. Although Ciblue was their new friend, but still they felt loss with his disappearance, more over the ones who took him was the one they had bad memories with.

No one spoke or moved but kept gazing up to the sky above them, waiting for BB to show up, but he was nowhere to be seen.

‘I guess I will look after BB,’ Mono suddenly said.

‘Where you’ll go?’ Shilo asked.

Mono shrugged, revealing that he had no certain plan.

‘It’s best to wait for BB first here, we don’t know where BB goes, we need to get together once BB arrives to make a right plan,’ Prince suggested.

‘I think Prince is right,’ Shilo agreed.

Mono however wanted to oppose the idea but he knew what Prince said was true, they needed to get together to make the right plan.
The right plan.

Meanwhile, Prince and Shilo understood pretty clearly why Mono was impatient with BB’s disappearance. Mono once had nightmare with Animal Control Officer who took Old Captain and sent him into animal shelter. And now he was about to have another, it was true

Old Captain was their friend, but Mono was the closest one. He needed time to forgive and quit blaming himself with their failure to rescue the old herding.

It felt like a year when finally BB was flying low and perched in front of the three. By looking at his face, Three acknowledged the news he brought was an unpleasant one.

‘Where –’

‘He’s at the same place the late Old Captain had locked before.’ BB cut Prince across.

Prince held back his shocking voice, Shilo hid his head at once, and Mono was staring blankly at BB.

‘Will we rescue him?’ BB asked.

‘He’s young, he won’t ended up like poor Captain,’ Mono said in flat voice and curled himself to sleep.

‘Hey, how come you said that?’ Prince shook Mono’s shoulder. ‘We have to rescue him!’

‘Don’t worry, they won’t kill the small cat,’ Mono’s voice was muffled but still clear enough for the other three to hear it.

Prince was about to retort but Shilo gave him a sign to not to do so and silently asked the other two to left instead.


Mono still had no interest to join in their plan to rescue Ciblue yet he did not suggest anything to comeback or something. On the other hand, Prince sensed Mono’s fear over Ciblue’s matter. Several times Prince had found Mono sitting alone and staring at the sky above for he knew his friend actually concerned about Ciblue.

‘We can do this,’ Prince one day said.

When – once again – Prince found Mono sitting all by himself in front of their shelter, looking at the distant at nothingness.

Mono turned his head and found Prince was already sitting next to him.

‘Don’t worry. Ciblue’s still young, many people will adopt him. He isn’t Old Captain,’ Mono said.

‘Liar,’ Prince murmured.

Both of them shared silence for sometimes.

‘We’ve plan, and we need you to come with us, this time we’ll be success and we’ll find Ciblue’s mother.’ Prince explained.

Mono did not reply but continue gazing up to the sky.

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