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Prince of Happiness “First Step”

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Late summer, sunshine always delivers unique smell since the color start to change for the fall about to come mixing with the heat of the summer day.

Here, under the sunshine, Five were walking slowly along the street with maple trees on each roadsides; whilst the wind blew the maple red leaves slowly, creating another unique view as the leaves flying and falling to the ground.

Mono, Ciblue, and Shilo were walking side by side with Prince was riding on top of Shilo’s shell. Meanwhile, sometimes BB was flying alone above them or perched on Mono’s shoulder.

‘It’s nice,’ Ciblue commented.

‘What?’ Shilo turned his head to the ones who just said something.
Ciblue pointed toward the sky above him.

‘I just realize that the world is beautiful,’ he said.

‘And cruel at the same time,’ Mono chuckled.

Five of them laughed upon hearing Ciblue and Mono. Well it is true; the world is beautiful and cruel at the same time, both Ciblue and Mono had been experiencing it.

Ciblue was looking up to the sky, thinking, he should be able to enjoy this moment with his family, his mother and brother, but the fact that he had to face is the opposite. He was walking along the side walk with his friends to try to find his mother’s whereabouts, whereas he had no idea what happened to his only brother, Nyami.

‘What are you thinking again?’ Prince asked.

Ciblue shook his head.

‘Nothing,’ he replied. ‘I was just thinking about my family.’

Five were walking and keep on walking through day and night, fortunately their journey seemed smooth enough, they just stopped by to take rest and when the night comes they would try to find a shelter for them to sleep, and then continue their journey on the next day.


Ciblue was the first who woke up that day. While waiting for the others to wake up, Ciblue was killing the time with walking around their shelter.

They were about to leave the town today. After several days of walking, they were eventually reached the edge of the town. And they would continue their journey to reach up the hill where Little Farm was located.

Before they were leaving today, Ciblue attempted to keep as many memories of the place where he was spending his time as possible.

The park, the town, and a cruel yet beautiful place he had ever known.

‘What are you doing?’ a sudden voice came from behind Ciblue’s back made him turned around to find whose it is.
It was Prince who approached Ciblue with – still – sleepy look.

‘Nothing, just enjoying morning breeze,’ Ciblue shrugged.

Together with Prince, Ciblue started exploring their surrounding, they were at the small park and it was not as crowded as their home before.

Prince’s eyes caught a vision of small fishpond with small pink lotus floating above it. With his long legs, Prince reached the place just by couple of leaps and started to play with the lotus leaves. Prince was jumping from one leaves into another, diving in and up, seemed it’s been a while Prince did not have fun with water like this.

Prince was too immersed with his playing time until he heard horrible scream. The voice was familiar to his ears and suddenly he turned around, tried to find the source. To his shock he saw Ciblue was already on the small cage that was brought in by uniform guys to their van.

‘Ciblue! Ciblue!!!’

But Prince’s screaming was useless; the van was leaving with Ciblue inside. On the split second Prince had no idea what to do but then hurriedly running back to find his mates.

‘Mono, Shilo, BB, wake up! You guys, wake up! We’ve a problem, HEY WAKE UP!’ Prince screamed with his loudest voice but only BB who stirred up and hid back his head under his wing.
Prince leaped up into BB’s and shook him impatiently,

‘Hey wake up; you have to follow them, BB WAKE UP!!!!’

‘Hey why are you so noise!?’ Shilo stretched out his head irritatingly.

‘They … they took Ciblue!’

‘Who,’ Shilo asked, still dazed and unfocused.

‘Those guys took Ciblue, come on guys wake up, BB you have to follow them … you know I can’t fly,’ Prince’s voice came out desperately almost like sobbing.

Shilo and BB look startled and even Mono woke up at once.

‘What do you mean by those guys?’ Mono sharply asked.

Prince did not answer but looking at his mates one to another.

‘Where do they go?’ BB asked.

‘I don’t know, main road maybe,’ Prince weakly replied.

Without asking further BB was flying out while the other three was following him with their eyes.

‘We have to follow BB too,’ Mono said.

‘Can I have breakfast first?’ Shilo asked.

And the other two looked at him boringly while Shilo sighed.

‘No breakfast,’ Shilo whined.

For Shilo, food is the most important thing in the world; he can stay or does everything as long as he fully feed otherwise he will bother the other with his nonsense behavior.

Fanart by Min.a



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