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Prince of Happiness, “Another Friend”

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BB was checking out his summaries and suddenly he remembered something.

‘Hey, do you remember the Dove?’

‘Who …?’

‘The one you had ever saved from a crazy cat before, did you remember?’ BB asked Mono.

‘Ahh I remember! I rem … mm –’


Followed by another sounds of stuff cracking and something fell down.

‘Ummph … ahh, Mono … help me! Lift up this wood, ughhh … It’s heavy,’ Prince groaned in pain.

‘What were you doing actually?’ Mono lifted up the wood that befallen over Prince left leg.

‘Ughh … I remember the ones that BB talked about,’ he said and rubbed his left leg. ‘Ahh my leg is broken,’

‘Who’s the guy you’re talking about?’ Ciblue asked.

‘One of our friends, I think she knows something,’ Prince replied.

‘Can anyone help me to bandage my leg? Ugh … it’s painful,’

‘Don’t act like cry baby, it’s nothing,’ Shilo said and tapped Prince left leg.

‘Hey, it hurts!’


‘I’m not sure but I think, Little Farm is the best choice,’ the Dove said when Five met her, seeking information about Ciblue’s mother.

‘There are only two cattle and ranch in this town,’ the Dove added.

‘Big House, The Green and Little Farm but only Little Farm has many animals but I don’t think they neglect a little cat, I usually go there to have some corn.’

Ciblue’s eyes brightened with a little spark of hope; his mother is about to be found; what if the Dove said is right? What if the Little Farm is his old house?

But then who actually did something wicked to them? And where his brother, Nyami, was?

‘And by any chance, do you know something about the people who took my brother?’ Ciblue asked to the Dove.

‘Unfortunately my friend, I don’t know. If they just took your brother with no reason, then they could live anywhere in this town. But I don’t think people will take a risk,’

Ciblue was facing his friends, Prince, Mono, Shilo, and BB in question, what did Dove mean by risk?

‘You two are wild cats, which means there is no guarantee if you’ve been injected,’ Shilo replied.

‘What kind of injection?’

‘Some medicines that will keep you away from contagious disease, human usually pay more attention with this matter. Are you sure they aren’t Animal Control Officer?’ the Dove asked.

‘Yes, they aren’t. I’m sure.’

‘Then no chance for you to track him downs. Once you become a human’s pet, they usually keep you safe on their house and rarely let you go outside without them. Ah, what if you try to look for him at the park? I mean, human used to go to holiday with their family and pet, –’

‘If Nyami had been at the park, he could find me,’ Ciblue shook his head.

‘But it’s tempting to try and this town doesn’t have only one park,’

Prince said, ‘they’re definitely not visiting only one place. BB, can you asked your friend to keep their eyes on to whoever brings cat along with them?’

BB nodded and flied but then he came back shortly after,

‘What else?’ Mono asked.

‘I forgot to asked, how does Nyami look like?’
And chorus of “ahhh” were heard while Ciblue described his brother’s appearance.

‘Sometimes BB could be so stupid,’ Shilo said and he hid his head inside his shell.

BB grinned and he quickly drew Nyami’s sketch according to Ciblue’s description. For the stuff like that, BB is the master; he can draw everything and it’s quite similar with the real one. Besides, his – many – bird friends are just like his spy to get any information the four needed.


‘So, shall we leave tomorrow?’ Prince asked to his mate once they were all taking a rest that evening.

BB was checking his summaries and map to get right direction to the Little Farm.

‘How do you think?’ Shilo asked to BB.

‘There should be no problem, but it will be though ‘cause Little Farm is the most distant among the three,’ BB replied.

‘Don’t we only need to go Little Farm?’ Ciblue asked.

‘Nothing to lose to try every possibilities,’ Mono said among his yawn and it’s about a minute they could hear his soft snore.

The others were looking at each other,

‘I’m tired too, I guess we got to sleep right now and let’s see if we could leave tomorrow, good night mates,’ Prince said and curled on his beloved bed that made from old small frog doll Mono had found at the park long time ago.

BB closed his crumpled papers and put it back into his saving place and followed Prince into dreamland and so, Shilo and Ciblue, all finding their own place to sleep. Although Ciblue was the latest to close his eyes since he was still full with excitement about their journey tomorrow.

He was about to go home or finding his home back, he missed his mother, of course, they had never separated before but now it had been months since Ciblue had been living away from her.

Will she still recognize her son? What if she won’t? Those questions were echoed inside his head, and suddenly he remembered about his brother, Nyami, what should he say if his mother asked about Nyami?

Ah Nyami, where are you? I’m about to find Mummy, are you okay?

How I miss you …

That was the last thing Ciblue had thinking before dreamland welcoming him that night.

Fanart by Min.a



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