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Prince of Happiness “A Night at the Collapse Old Shack”

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That afternoon rain poured heavily just likes usual summer day. Here, under the Collapsed Old Shack, Prince, Mono, Shilo, BB, and Ciblue snuggled across each other and were exchanging their spying result for today and it was BB who was drawing map and making a lot of summaries for their upcoming journey.

‘Do you have anything that leads us to find your brother?’ BB asked.

‘The only thing I remember is the one who took Nyami is the people who we always see at the park, but still I don’t remember the face,’

‘That’s of course; there are a lot of people. I can’t remember them either,’ BB shook his head.

‘But I remember that old man,’ Prince said and suddenly he danced amusingly like the old man they always seen dancing in front of the fountain at the park.

They have no idea why that old man dancing or what dancing he does but he looks pretty happy so they often stop by just to see and giggling together.

‘If you keep dancing, we can’t make a right plan,’ Mono said among his laughter.

‘Do you remember how or where your old house was? I mean the place once you and your mother ever live together.’ Shilo asked ignoring the amusing situation around him.

Ciblue did not reply Shilo’s question immediately but trying to get his memories together instead. And it was nothing, nothing he could remember clearly about his old house or family.

Back then, Ciblue’s mother was rarely leaving their box. Three of them were spending time together, and their mother protected them from any danger.

‘All I remember, we’re living in the box like the one I’d been left at the park but cleaner and larger. Our Master’s house was big and there are a lot of creatures lived there too.’ Ciblue bitterly replied.

Shilo’s questions had brought him back to the sweet yet bitter memories about his happy life in the past.

‘Cheer up! We’re about to find your family so let’s dancing and laughing!’ Prince patted Ciblue’s shoulder and started to dance again which sent another amusing laughter in that small place.

‘You’d say that your old Master has another creature? What kind is that?’ Shilo seriously asked.

‘I think it’s kind of cattle or something, but he also has fish, duck, and other, but I don’t know any of them.’ Ciblue shrugged.
Shilo nodded and thinking hard.

‘Wait, didn’t you just say you were neglected when you’re baby and you’ve never left your box before? Then how did you know about the other who lived in the same place with you?’ Mono asked and BB nodded.

‘Every time, Mum always tell us which one I should hunt down and otherwise, she’s telling us, which one is our family or not.’

‘Didn’t you think its getting stranger?’ Shilo asked to his fellow, Mono seemed thinking something and BB were writing summaries with his head nodded harmonically with his writing wing.

‘I don’t think they are type of people who will neglect a little cat,’ Prince suddenly said.

‘That’s it!’

‘The question is who did then?’ Mono asked.

Five of them were looking at each other but no one came up with the new idea.

The night was getting late and from the sound outside the rain was still drizzling. Whilst the creatures who took shelter under the collapse shack, started to yawn and found their own cozy place to lie down.

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