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Prince of Happiness, “Mono’s Tale”

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On the next day, five of them started to set up their plan, drew which place they should go first and which one they should avoid to keep them safe. And this time, Mono and Ciblue took a look in the park Ciblue once live at.

‘Are you sure the one who took Nyami isn’t like them?’ Mono asked Ciblue while he pointed toward Animal Control Officer that used to grab wild cat and dog.

Ciblue was looking at those men in uniform carefully, trying to put his memory together and he shook his head.

‘No, it’s not them I think, I remember they’re look like those ones,’ Ciblue pointed toward people who were enjoying themselves at the park. ‘And small one,’ he added.

‘So they’re civilians,’ Mono mumbled.

‘What does it means?’ Ciblue asked.

‘Eh, oh, they’re ordinary people; I mean maybe they took Nyami as a pet, but why they only took one? They should take you along.’ Then Mono looked at Ciblue from head to toe.


‘You look terrible,’ Mono shook his head and as he was about to sneak out from their hiding place, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Animal Control Officer near by.

Mono grabbed Ciblue harshly and hid him deeper in the bushes.

‘Whoa … a …’ Ciblue was unable to spoke or something since Mono’s hand covered his mouth tightly.

Mono was quite alarmed and watched his surrounding carefully, after a few moments slowly he released his hand from Ciblue’s mouth but then he quickly grabbed Ciblue who attempted to runaway.

‘What the … you hand off me! Hand –’

‘Hush, shut up!!! Listen, come here,’ Mono drew Ciblue closer to him to give better look to the guys Mono referred to. ‘Look at those guys carefully; remember their faces and uniform, okay!? You have to be very careful with them, ‘cause they will take you to the AnimalShelter, what?’ Mono asked because Ciblue was looking at him with question written on his face.

‘The last one, the Animal Shelter, what kind of place is that?’

Mono sighed before explained.

‘It was a terrific place, those guys will take and lock you up in the cage, waiting somebody who wants to adopt you and once you’re getting old and none wants you anymore then they will shut you up.’
‘Shut me up? What does it mean?’

‘They will kill you, get me?’ Mono replied in flat voice as he stepped out from their hiding place.

‘How do you know?’


‘If shelter animal is a terrific place,’

‘My mate once had killed in that place; I saw it with my own eyes.’ Mono replied in bitter voice as he was walking, flatly.

‘Mono, wait,’

Mono turned his head.

‘So, does it mean Nyami in a better place right now?’

‘What did you mean?’

‘Well, as you’ve said, the ones who took Nyami is a civilian and they took Nyami as a pet, does it means he’ll be loved?’

Mono stopped walking and sat on the grass in the curve of big tree’s root. Ciblue followed him and took beside his space.

* * *

‘I don’t know my family,’ Mono began, ‘I’ve never seen my parents, vaguely I remember I spent sometimes on the cage, a human took care of me but then I was transferred into another place. At first I am so happy, so honor, I had pretty big room and fancy stuff. They gave me cloth like human wore. I felt like I was a king.

‘But life doesn’t always like what its looks like, they taught me many things, never care I was tired or sleepy, if I didn’t do their order rightly they will punish me.

‘If they’re upset, they will start on me, hit me, and let me starved or even left me under the night rain. I don’t know what they’ve thinking by treating me like that but they’d laugh with my suffering.’

Mono’s voice did not change from the start he began to talk, flat and no emotion whilst Ciblue listen to the Mono’s story with mix feeling.

He wondered when the last time Mono spitted his story’s out.

It could be said that Ciblue had no idea about what had happen to his new friend. He was still wondering how come human could be so cruel. What does nice it to see other suffering?

‘One night, they’d leave me again outside my cage ‘cause I did mistake in my training, I couldn’t do their order properly, so they skipped my dinner and the rain started to poured down, it became heavy moment after moment, I was shivering by coldness but I kept myself to stay awake, I told myself not to fallen or die.

‘Suddenly I felt someone loosen up my chain; he was Prince. Prince saved me and we’re together since that day.’

‘You left your home?’

Mono nodded and smiled bitterly.

‘Home, what kind of home was that actually? I don’t know but yeah, I had nothing than that cruel place for sure and as you can see who I’m right now. But I’m happier, and I have family, Prince, Shilo, and BB, they’re my treasure. I wouldn’t survive without them.’

‘Prince is your hero then,’

‘Yeah he is, though most of the time he is annoying but I owe him so much, and he’s like my little toy actually, ha ha ha …’
Mono stood up and ready to leave when Ciblue said with full of hope in his voice.

‘I hope the ones who took Nyami is good one. I’d be happy if he meets a caring Master.’

Mono stood silent, he was almost not sure the one who took Nyami was not a typical animal lover, the reason was, and animal lovers would not leave the suffering ones. Ciblue didn’t look like a healthy creature, he is thin, shabby and his face is ugly. How come animal lovers leave that kind of creature?

However, for the sake not to break Ciblue’s feeling, Mono just nodded and smiled.

‘Well, we gotta back I guess, they must’ve waiting for us.’ Mono led the little kitten to go back to their shelter which was their home and Ciblue’s home too right now.

Fanart by Min.a



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