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Tell me where there are rainbows
Can you give me back my wish?
Why is the sky so tranquil?
All the clouds have come to where I am

I glanced at the clock that hanging on the wall; it said 7:30 in the morning. An hour before my flight back to Singapore, but where is he?

He said he had something to do and left me alone after party and he hadn’t come back yet until now.

The time was ticking slowly but continuously. I kept on glancing to the door, hoping a head will popped out from the door and smiled like usual and tell me where he was and what the problem last night.

7:59 A.M

He wasn’t here yet.

‘Angela −’

‘Oh God Maria, I was about to calling you!’

I frowned what happen?

‘What time is your flight?’

‘I was about –’

‘Okay, just get the flight as soon as possible okay? There a big problem here –’ problem? ‘−you got to be here as soon as possible, I told you once you’re here, I have to go now, and I’ll see you in the office, bye.’

Good, even my assistant hung up on me, I was to say I might be late or oven I’ll over stay but what’s the problem she was talked about?


With heavy heart I pushed our suitcase out of the room. Thank to hotel staff that came on time and helping me out with that big case.

‘I was about to remind you about your flight Ma’am,’ he smiled.

‘I don’t forget, thank you,’


The elevator opened and closed.

Where is he? His cell-phone was off, until now. I’m getting anxious but it was his habit. He always turned off his phone when he was on meeting.

Did he at the meeting all night along? It’s almost impossible.

Another sighed.

Why does it have to be so gloomy today?

‘Good morning Ma’am,’ the chauffeur greeted me.

‘Morning,’ I nodded and slid in.

‘It looked like will rain today,’ he said again before he started the engine.

I didn’t answer instead I looked up through the window and yes indeed, it seemed rain will greet me.

Good news for today.

Have you got a mouth mask you can give me?
I let go and said too much, then those things can’t be realized
Perhaps time is a kind of cure
It is also the poison I am taking right now

I plugged ear-phone on my ears and a song playing, our song, we used to play this song together and in fact we both met because of this song.



But for sure I won’t see any rainbow through my private jet window.
One last call before I turned my phone on flight mode.

Still off or out of reach.

I close my eyes.

And once I open my eyes I’m already in my office with undefined face of Angela as she handed me and envelope.

A letter of resignation.

CEO’s resignation.

‘What is it?’

Angela helplessly shook her head.

‘Kris left,’ she said.



Along with the latter there only one notes,

“You can take over and do well as well as I did before.”

That’s all. Did he think it was all about the company? Then what we were in the past two years? And what about his hard work in the past 7 years?

If I can’t see your smile
How can I get to sleep
Your voice is so near yet I can’t hold you
The sun will still spin without the earth
I can still walk by myself without a reason

Days passed and I finally accept the truth.

Truth when I’ll always wake up alone in the morning.

Truth that I’m the only one who handles this big company by myself.

Truth that he left

Without word.

Yet I can picture him that night. How happy he was, how wide his smile that night and how bright the spark in his eyes.
I want to meet him badly. I miss his voice calling my name. I miss everything about him, very bad.

Can I asked you for once, just once,

Please comeback.

You need to leave
I know it’s very simple
You said that reliance
Was our obstacle
Even if you let go
But can you not confiscate my love?
Just pretend that I only understood at the end

I know it had to be like this; he needed to leave for whatever his reason was. Although it still hard but I tried to think positively, maybe it the best for us. He hates talk too much but wasn’t the impulsive type. He must be thinking his decision million times already.

That’s the reason why I hate him, he always keep everything by himself. He  rarely gave me space to come closer, too look deeper to him.

Why he has to be so secretive?

“I just don’t like bothering you, if I can solve by myself there no point I told you.”

That was his reason when I mad at him one day.

I realized, I have never understand him

If I can’t see your smile
How can I get to sleep
Your voice is so near yet I can’t hold you
The sun will still spin without the earth
I can still walk by myself without a reason
I let go and say too much, then those things can’t be realized
Perhaps time is a kind of cure
It is also the poison I am taking right now

I was at the same hotel and the same room I stayed two years ago.

The room once I shared with him.


I can’t believe that I haven’t over him yet. How could I?

Everything I do remind me of him and now I occupied his office, how could I forget him?

That song was playing again and my mind went back to the days when we were together. Has he any idea how I manage to sleep in the past two years?

Maybe someday he would comeback and explained everything or he would just disappear like the dust blown by the wind. I don’t know.

And after I asked him once to comeback, I did never do that again not even trying to find him. I know him, once he made decision it almost impossible to change and he hated when people invade his life when he clearly wanted to get away.

Yes maybe I know him that much yet unable to hold him by my side. Apparently my presence was not enough to make him stay.

And this is what I’m doing.

Waiting for the day him comeback to me, someday.

Until then I’ll just replaying this song.

*Caihong by Jay Chou

Photo by Sam Wang weibo



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