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When Rain is Dreaming



‘We believe in you,’ his friends said in unison.

That boy hung his head low, without uttering single word.
And silence befallen on that spacious study room.

What I supposed to do? Just leave?

‘Kev, it’s your dream,’ another voice up.
‘Basket is my dream,’ he stated almost immediately.
‘Then leave,’

He never raised his head, and he barely recognize his friends voice since his head too full with stuff to think about.
Leaving means he has to leave all he has here, family, friends, school. He was working so hard to be accepted in this prestigious school as his family endearing for and he did it.
He was receiving almost all of the prizes in his school from his very first year. He was the role model for every student in the school or maybe on the whole country.
Every parents would tell their children to look up to him, every teacher would asked their pupil to follow his shoes.
That is how perfect he is in every people’s eyes.
Everyone is praising him, everyone loves him and everyone is expecting much from him.
It is true there many eyes waiting for him to fall, to fail and another hurtful expectations but the loves he received is quite enough to cover all of those.
He was on the verge of another successful year in his school when all of sudden his childhood dream bothering him.
Yes. It is basket ball.
And he already feels how people start judging him when the representative of the club visiting him last month.
His school principal looked at him with weird look, his teacher did that as well and his homeroom went to him just after the representative left.

‘May I know why they’re wanted to meet you?’ she asked that day.
‘They offered me an exclusive contract to play with their team.’
‘Well, I know I’m not in any position to tell you anything, but, if I may suggest something to you, I won’t leave this school. Children and parents in this country will do everything just to enlist their name as one of student in here. And you, you have almost all of people out there wanted. You enlisted your name effortlessly – well, I’m not minimize your hard work but you’re not as working hard as the other in here – you shine very bright with all your prizes, you have your look, you have everything. And mostly, the dream is not as beautiful as it dreamt.’

His homeroom knew if he ever dream to be professional basketball player before but he gave up his dream once he pass this school entry.

“Mostly dream is not as beautiful as it dreamt,”
‘And you will live in regret for the rest of your life, knowing you never tried it.’ Another voice retorted him while he mindlessly  quoted his homeroom’s quotation out loud.

He sighed.

What do I do?

‘What do you think right now?’

He shook his head.

‘If I signed, I have to leave the school,’ he stated.

Five heads nodded.

‘We have an international competition to join,’
‘So?’ Tom questioned.
‘If I leave, the team will lost one member Tom,’ he pointed out.
‘I don’t see that’s a problem,’ this time it was John who said.
‘Who will replace me John?’
‘None, five of us can overcome this,’  John shrugged.
‘The team must be six, you know that,’
‘Then we don’t need to show up, I’m tired to be on the spot though. We can give another student chance. It’s unlike we’re the most brightest student in here.’
‘Well said Pete,’ Tom smiled and patted his shoulder.
‘2nd me, maybe it’s time for us to think over. What we do really want in our life and what we’re going to do for the rest of our life. It’s not that late I think,’ Mark closed his book and now faced his friends with full of attention.
‘Well, back to my question, what are you guys thinking right now?’ Pete asked.

And six of them fell quite, thinking the first thing that flashed into their brain.

‘Okay, let’s try with different question, why do you choose this school?’ Pete asked again since there no one replied him.
‘My sister is here,’ Mark’s reason.
‘My parents think this is prestigious,’ John’s reason.
‘Mine is the same, but I don’t mind though,’ Tom’s reason, agreeing John.
‘I just pass it,’ Kevin’s reason.
‘I think I’ll gained something from here,’ Pete’s reason. ‘Now close your eyes and tell me what you see,’
‘You sure like psychologist,’ Tom laughed.
‘That’s the result of reading you know,’ Pete retorted. ‘Now close your eyes, no cheating, tell me what you see,’
‘I’m being CEO of Dad’s company,’ John’s vision.
‘I’m being teacher,’ Mark’s vision.
‘I’m being scientist,’ Tom’s vision.
‘I’m being MVP,’ Kevin’s vision.
‘Then it’s clear this place isn’t your place, escape while you’re still have chance before it’s too late.’ Pete told Kevin.
‘You haven’t told what your vision is,’ Mark protested.
‘Well, I’m being psychiatrist,’ Pete grinned earning squealed from his other friends.
‘Should I?’
‘Well dude, you won’t be any of the MVP if you’re stuck in here okay?’ Mark laughed.



Should he?

‘I’m still thinking of our team,’
‘Just for you know, we won’t always be in the same path, we have our destiny, you can’t just thinking of other, first thing you should think of is yourself.’

“We won’t always be in the same path.”

Just now Kevin had realized it, people have always their own path. Maybe they find partner for something at times but when the things change and it didn’t turned out well, escape maybe will be the best choice.
But did his school didn’t turn well?
His school is good, his friends are wonderful, the only thing that feels not right is when his dream was bugging him recently.

Curse you basketball dream.

Kevin looked up to the low glass window behind him.
It’s raining, the water dropped and some run down through the glass window before him. He  think of  rain, how does the water dropping so fast? How that droplet created wonderful sounds and it’s almost like orchestra.
He chuckled at his own thought,

Yeah it’s when the rain is dreaming

And so is he, keep on dreaming…

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